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  1. It was built in 1940.... it's wooden so of couse it's rough... I have riden the cyclone 59 times without getting off one day back in 2005 when I was working the Cyclone.
  2. What time was this? Remember that it runs 1 train and dispatchs once every 5 mins or so on Avg.......
  3. Mike, You could come out next weekend or the following one if you have nothing planned......
  4. Guys, Lakeside is running the Cyclone this weekend... If you want to ride it make the trip this weekend for it. Good luck and stay safe out there!
  5. There will be no new ride for CP in 2010. They are all messing with your heads!!
  6. Wow. That place is SPOTLESS. Shane, I will make sure to come visit next summer. This place looks kickass! Looks like more fun then Water World here in Colorado...
  7. You guys should stop moaning until you ride the damn thing. Dont judge it until you ride it. When will you guys learn?
  8. Why dont one of you guys call up B&M and ask them? I'm sure they would love to explain the reasons...
  9. Hey Mike, Why do you post the place where it acturlly is? And Not just the clues???
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