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  1. This is an incredibly sad event! I'm sorry for all people involved and hope they are coping well. Was just at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Today, and Iron Rattler was closed the entire day. I'm not sure how related it is to NTAG's tragedy but I'm sure it it had something to do with it.
  2. Not at all! Or at least I didn't. I wore glasses the whole time and I didn't really worry. I just made sure they were on fairly snuggly before the ride started and they did fine! It was super comfortable, and I could actually see! You shouldnt have any problems.
  3. Honestly, it only seemed to slow down A VERY TINY BIT right before the freefall over the cliff. And I'm talking, like, hardly noticible. You fly into the brake run. While we were in the station watching others ride, you had a perfect view of the break run. People were noticably thrown out of their seats as they came out of the tunnel and hit the breaks. It almost looked painful, but when you ride, it just feels like a strong pop of air and a small jerk to the left. It really doesnt let up.
  4. Iron Rattler was INSANE!!! Oh my God, it was incredible. The drop was incredibly steep (I've never been vertical or past, so 81 degrees was pretty awesome), and the Zero G roll was awesome. Sitting in the back, you really get pulled out of your seat on the first drop. I only got to ride three time because of some camera issues in the beginning and then some photo shots of models later, but those three times were incredible. It was really smooth and the seats were REALLY comfortable. The line in the station has been separated into three lines: 1 for back row, 1 for front row, and one really big section for all of the middle seats. It was really incredible. Anyone going on the TPR trip this summer is going to have a blast!!!
  5. I definitely understand that I'm lucky. By no means was I trying to say that Six Flags sucks, they are just a little bit unpredictable. I'm happy they are giving the general public a chance to ride this thing before it opens to the rest of the people, and I'm sorry if I came off rude or in any way overly negative.
  6. I just saw that this afternoon. I really enjoy Six Flags, but this is the third time that they have changed the date in a period of 3 days. Its kind of tiring trying to reschedule around them. Oh well, why am I complaining, I get to ride this Wednesday!
  7. So they don't just keep you in the station? Interesting. Well, I am going to there all day so hopefully I'll get in enough to satisfy, haha. I've started having dreams about it, and now I can finally ride it!
  8. How many times were you able to ride Gold Striker, Tmcdllr? Im just curious as to what I should expect that day?
  9. Just found out I was selected to be in the commercial shoot next Thursday, the 9th. I am super excited, and will definitely be back to report how it goes!!
  10. Gorgeous Invertalon! Just a bit of what I do on a daily basis. I pride myself in doing some interesting edits. This is an example of said edit. My eye! Shot with a Nikon Coolpix L110.
  11. Wow this is really incredible! Great work! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next rides.
  12. Honestly, I've always wanted to go to Japan for Disney, but I'm pretty sure it'll never happen. But, when I read yalls reports, I feel like I'm actually there! Tower of Terror looks incredible! Maybe one day I'll make it over there, but for now, Ill just live with reading this amazing report. Keep it up!
  13. I'm agreeing with that one person. I was able to ride it 5 times in a row enjoyably yesterday! Only one jerk that scared me but it was at the very end and it actually was kinda fun! The topper track made the curves that shook feel more like an an up and down vibration than an all around shake fest! I loved it! Definitely riding again when I go back! EDIT: Also saw the new Lone Star Nights show! Beautiful! Had amazing music and a wonderful story! Recomended to anyone wanting to see it!
  14. Thats incredible! I remember my first post on the site! 4 years ago in November! Congrats on your insane amount of web traffic and posts!
  15. MY favorite by far from your channel is The secret of the Lighthouse. It sounds AMAZING! I will definitely check this out! EDIT: I also LOVE the one you did for the Aquatrax! Its very nice!
  16. Ok. If you have time to book a reservation, Segcity in SA is a really fun tour! You get on segways, and basically tour downtown San Antonio! You get to see some great sites, and there are plenty of picture oppurtunities at the River. It is usually about 2 to 2 and a half hours. A lot of fun! Also, I agree with the River Walk. A very beautiful plave. Texas Republic Cafe, Casa Rio, and many others. Also, if you haven't heard of the mission trail, if you google it, it is really cool If your into history, you go to all five missions and all you do is drive down a single road! Very fast and cool! Hope you have fun here in SA!
  17. OMG YESSSS!!!!!!!! I figured it would come eventually but I wasn't to sure. YES(sorry, I guess you can see how excited I am). This might bring this coaster back to its full potential!!!
  18. In regards with the animals themselves, how will the ride affect their behavior(noise from the ride, screams,etc.) affect their health or mental well being? BTW, REALLY excited to see this thing start testing.
  19. Went to Seaworld San Antonio Howl-o-Scream. I almost died. My friend cried, and them shovel dudes were really scary. But, I'm glad I did it. Oh yeah. We got chased by chain saws, guns with blanks, and explosions of fog EVERYWHERE!
  20. Well, Its just in your file. I unzip it, and there is a folder called"MACOSX" and another one that says your file name for the Airshow ride. I click on he Airshow ride, It opens, then I put CARS in tracked ridecars, and Track, in trackedrides. Then after opening my game, it isn't there.
  21. I am pretty sure. When ever I open your file, there is somthing that says MACOSX... do I need anything in there? I was using the other ones, maybe thats my problewm...
  22. Sorry about not getting back. When I downloaded the airshow, I didn't see a readme, so I just assumed putting cars in trackedridecars and track in trackedrides would work, but when I looked for it in game, it wasn't there. It also happened with your cable lift CTR. Just wondering if I did anything weong. Oh, and the Big One cars look great!
  23. Wow! THis is really cool! If some park needed a scary ride, this would work really well. The movie being well know, many people might not ride it, but stiil others will see how it makes them feel. I like this design!!!
  24. Oh my God... That museum is AMAZING!!! How much is normal admisson prices??? I so want to go there! Was it sort of eerie at times since it was only TPR in there?
  25. Thank you SO much. Don't know why I never learned how to do it...
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