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  1. Yeah, some bot posted about world of warcraft crap on here and I didn't know whether or not to press the report button, so I waited awhile, came back and it was gone. Anyway, where is the Airshow ride at???
  2. Yay! they deleted that stupid spam. I seriously can't wait for this thing. It looks really cool!
  3. How do I download RCT2 Scenery... Im such a noob... I can do RCT3 just fine though.
  4. What is Airshow going to be? Is it on an extened coaster or what? Just wondering because i'm really interested in it.
  5. These are really awesome! Makes me want to beg my parents to go back. I think thats a cool part of Disney. You see it on tv and it looks so crazy and like its only your imagination. But you get there and its just amazing!
  6. Another question, I have downloaded the Griffon CTR with water channel and catwalk scenery, and starting right now(after having it for about 4 days), whenever I build the first section of covering for the watersplash, the section of track that dips into the water first disappears. It does it on the entry and exit side of the splash. Can someone help?
  7. Does anyone know of any CS that contains B&M's Automatic opening gates? The ones at the front of the staion on floorless and vertical drop rides???
  8. Definatly Eurofighter, use Dasmatzes (sp?). On his, you can use upward and downward banked turns. Euro fighter sounds like your best bet. A compact layout, plus some swooping drops, and you'll be good.
  9. Is this your own CTR or did you download this somewhere??? BTW, your ride is AMAZING!!! Seriously, like its awesome!
  10. HOLY JESUS I LOVE YOU !!!! Thanks so much. My gratitude is overflowing!!!!
  11. Just wondering if you could possibly make it a zip file. My comptuer is retarded and won't run winrar or winzip. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know of a set that hs LIMS, like I have Sodapopdudes Turnspike, but that is a vertical set, like for a Mr. Freeze rollercoaster. Does anyone know of any horizontal ones?
  13. Wow. So far, very good story line. Ill keep my eye on this one...
  14. broke the tophat, and right before hitting the ground, they travelled to an...
  15. ^ Me either. From what Ive seen, the park looks amazing! Good job!
  16. People watching is pretty fun if your bored at a park, or really anywhere. Antoher thing is when you go places, bring clothes pins and go up to random people and put the pins on their clothes without them noticing. Tried it, REALLY hard.
  17. Uh, I think it was sort of both, as in, I had the general idea of what I wanted it to be, and I sort of throw things in as I go. The thing(though a wild mouse) is MASSIVE! Truly its not that large,but when you have to theme the whole thing, it really grows on you.
  18. Voted. I will come back every day! Is that your daughters picture (on the hood) with your r i n g s ?
  19. Okay, so I started making what is (hopefully) going to be a haunted wild mouse coaster. This is my first project, and I didn't realize what an undertaking it was. I have the coaster already built, and I have Jcats Screamworx and Jcats Darkride sets, but I don't know where to start. Should I do the effects( ghosts, particle effects, fire etc.), or start the walls and then go from the ground up to the effects. Help will be appreciated.Thanks.
  20. The moment I saw "Persian Kamel" on the sign, I was thinking, "yay! A ride on a Persian Kamel! *sarcasm*". Good report! I liked All your pictures!
  21. I do! One of my coaches introduced it and he takes kids out to do it with him in groups! Ive gone a couple times and its really fun!
  22. Any form of sugar. See, I'm type one diabetic so sugar is the one thing you can't have but want all the freakin' time! PS: 100TH POST!
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