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  1. Hey,has anyone been on people search.com? It was freakey because I typed in my dads name and it said how old he was, and where he has lived. It was wiered.
  2. Smartestcoasterkidever,did you get my pm?(please say you did)
  3. Um, the guy who did the drawing(forgot name)great job!I would like a drawing but your PM button is not there.
  4. astro


    Dude, the crips and bloods,? they are one of the worsts gangs ever.
  5. I noticed in one of the inverted coaster pics that it wasn't finished
  6. Okay,heres how it works,oh and if this already a thread, sorry about that. I looked but could not find one like this,and again sorry if I missed it.ANYWAY,this is how it works,you tell a joke then the next person rates your joke. Then they tell ajoke and it gets rated and so on.I will go.Oh the rate are 1/10. A guy walked into a bar and said ow.
  7. Things that you do,do with your might,things done by halves are never done right. Kumquat.
  8. I knew Danny Heep who played on the dodgers and Mets. oh and since i live in san antonio, i met the Great Day SA Lady,Christina Gurerra.
  9. I was in the ditch behind our house with my bro on our bikes. we were riding down hills and on one of the hills i flipped off my bike. i got 2 strawberries,and my knee cap popped out of place. Yeah, i know gross
  10. The rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I had nine,COUNT EM',nine bruises,1 cut and a major headache.
  11. Delete the first post. O.K, does anyone know how to send pictures in an e-mail please posthow or pm me.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do it please tell in a post!!!!
  13. I am not allowed to download packs,iguess i am not going to win this this one
  14. I want to but i am not sure how to put photos online,can someone tell me how?
  15. sorry , i am a new guy and haven't gotten to see everything around this website
  16. no Have you been on the Black Mamba?
  17. Yes. Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe In Calafornia/Nevada?
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