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  1. No mention of Starlight Spectacular on the website... gone?
  2. YAY Some details about this design: - kept the old logo as it is - the top menu is simplified as much as possible - menu has pull down sub-menu for faster navigation - the large image banner has top stories from three categories: green - "Theme Park Review Updates" red - "Park News, Trip Reports etc." blue - "Announcements" - bottom banner displays older stories - Facebook Livestream pulls up once button is pressed - option to select social media platform pulls up once "Follow Us" is pressed - disclaimers not yet added COMMENT S.V.P.
  3. Sorry guys, no big update yet. I feel like it's not ready yet. Here's a progress shot of D-War. I'm gonna have fun supporting this beast ...not
  4. Year 2002 - Construction Boomerang Bay construction Another look at the entrance and hotel construction. The entrance will be divided into 3 buildings. The main entrance. The season pass processing and designated entrance. And the hotel entrance. Please comment. I think I am going to be kind of slow with the building so please be patient. It also does not help that my graphic card sucks.
  5. More press release on ride details. Paramount will purchase rights for some of the movies and dramas in Korea to suit the general Korean public. Translated from a Korean Theme Park Blog If you want to know the story line behind these movies/dramas, check them out on imdb or watch them!
  6. Year 2002 - Pre-opening and Construction Paramount Movie Park Korea is a theme park and resort complex that will open in Incheon, South Korea. The entrance through Paramount Mountain View from the ticket booths Here is an article translated from Korean
  7. The reason why CW is so neglected is because it faces no competition from surrounding attractions. Honestly CW is the only theme park in Ontario and most people have no choice to go to CW and they want to visit a theme park. I think the idea of CW for CF is that no matter how much neglect they put into this park, people will still crowd. I hope they broke out of this ideologies during the attendance drop and will hopefully have something for future years. CP = roller coaster capital of the World CW = flat ride capital of the World Good job CF, you made another slogan... Still miss Paramount
  8. I am going to guess that CP had contacted Funtime about a 400 feet tall Star Flyer however did not fully contract the deal. Instead CP chose Mondial and that's probably what triggered Funtime's lawsuit. Ah... I love America.
  9. Funtime... Jealous much If this is the case every company that produces a swinging frisbee type ride should sue each other. (Which is practically every flat ride company....) I think that Mondial's ride is a totally different concept. It may look similar but it's a totally different ride. And no wonder Cedar Point chose this over a star flyer. It has a sturdier design, higher capacity, and it's Mondial. Glad to see more Mondial flat rides get built. Funtime should be sued for making outrageously large low capacity thrill rides that usually become extra charge rides in parks.
  10. ^Actually what stopped the Arrow Suspended Corkscrew Coaster was the fact that the train required a lethal amount of centrifugal g-force in order to stay perpendicular to the tracks. That was why in the model the corkscrew was about 1/3 the size of the actual drop and the train zipped through it. Very interested about this project since this could definitely compare to the Intamin Prefabs.
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