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  1. It certainly looks more like the new MK1300 track from Vekoma than any Maurer coaster. But couldn't it just be a new track design from Gerstlauer?
  2. I've finished a theme, I hope you like it. I kind of used tree / forest theming and created a theme that has a kind of grotesque 'fantasy' feel to it, I hope it fits the ride. Here's the link.
  3. Sure, no problem. Would it be okay if I used my new percussion software for this? It's basically 'epic trailer music' type of drums.
  4. It would be nice if I could get a response from SoCalCoasters! It took me a lot of free time to compose that theme, It'd be a shame if it's left unused. Other than that, I've bought some new software (percussion). Everything percussion related (Epic Orchestral / Jungle themes etc.) will sound a lot better from now on. I'll see if I can make some short pieces. And I'm still waiting for new requests!
  5. I'm pretty sure the Flying Island is a Vekoma and not an Intamin, but other than that great TR. This park looks awesome, the theming reminds me of Toverland. They could really use another big attraction though, maybe an Intamin Mega-Lite?
  6. Thanks, I think it's not that bad either, but it was something I composed in only 10 or 15 minutes without much attention to details. The theme for SoCalCoasters is finished by the way! Link I can take some new requests now, so if anyone wants some music for their RCT park or ride, let me know!
  7. Alright, I'm working on the final touches of SoCalCoaster's theme and I made a piece for my own RCT park. It's a small piece, it didn't take a lot of work, but if someone is interested in the theme, you can use it for your own park if you'd like. I'm a horrible RCT player and I never finish anything. I'll also start making some 'generic' music, like Oriental, Space etc. type themes that can be used by anyone, to add to the existing list of RCT 2 & 3 pieces. I might not be able to reach the same quality, but I'll try to fill in some missing gaps. Oh and totally off topic: I visit
  8. I've finished work on the Superman Theme. Link. It was an interesting project, I've never composed anything like it before. I will now start working on the themes for gci2011.
  9. Thank you, it's great that you like it, It's been a lot of work, but worth it. Composing POV music is a lot of fun, because it forces me to be more creative. Here's a 'rough' version of the music finished: Link Now I'm going to work on the details, add in a bit of variation (especially 1:11 - 1:25) and sync it to the ride. I thought it would be good idea to add some tension to the backwards part, after you go through the station, but if that's not what you have in mind than I can change it to be more like the rest of the theme. I've also started work on the Superman Theme for sfga
  10. If you need some music, I'd be happy to compose it for you. I'm quite busy working on the requests I have at the moment, so it's no problem at all that you don't have anything yet. And here's an update on the music for SoCalCoasters: Link After that, (when the train goes backwards through the station) it'll change a bit. The part that's already finished will also be changed a bit (mostly to sync it better to the ride).
  11. Yes I noticed you entered the contest, congratulations on winning it. I love the design and hope to be able to create equally good music for it!
  12. I've got a longer version with a (very short) intro. I've get very interesting (and complex) things in mind for the lifthill. Link Will the coaster be in a park, or is it a 'stand-alone' coaster. If it's in a RCT 3 park, I'd love to compose additional queue music.
  13. That's great to hear! If you need some more music, don't hold back. I'd be happy to compose more pieces. Although not related to RCT, I've uploaded a new piece to my youtube channel ( ). Let me know what you think and leave a comment! (preferably on youtube since I'd like to keep this topic for requests only).
  14. I'm currently working on SoCalCoasters's request, which is taking up most of the time I can / am willing to invest in this, so all other requests will be delayed a couple of days. Don't worry, I will compose everything, it's just that I want to compose something good for everyone, and not something that's just 'ok'. I hope you guys understand.
  15. Good to hear that it fits in the park. I've made a longer version, let me know what you think. It's a bit experimental and I can always make something different. Here's a link.
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