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  1. I got a SHEDDER!!! Never thought I'd get excited about office stuff!!!
  2. I saw The Wolfman this past weekend, and I am not so sure about it. I think I actually like the old one better. I did like the gore in the new one, but it took forever to see it (the gore). I guess I was expecting more. And there is something about B&W movies that really gets me..especially Horror movies. Night of the Living Dead (1968) still freaks me out-so much that I either have to watch it in the daytime, or have every light on in my house. Then I bought Zombieland--I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee. I thought the entire part with Bill Murray was hilarious. Right now I'm just waiting for the new Nightmare on Elm Street to come out...and I guess they're re-do-ing Hellraiser..AND they are re-making Halloween 3-it's not going to be like "The Season of the Witch," it's supposedly going to be a continuation of the Michael Myers saga..at least I hope so!
  3. I never felt safe on carnival rides...but also, the rollercoaster at Santa's Village in Dundee, Illinois..it feels like you're going to fall from the seat..not a fun ride.
  4. Big Mike!! Thanks for the Christmas photo/card!! Sorry I'm late getting the "thank you," out to ya..Nice to hear from you!
  5. UGH!!! I know what you mean...tonight we're getting snow that isn't going to stop until Thursday midday--well I have to work all this week..so now I'm thinking that unless I stay in town (motel) that I won't make it to work at all this week..they're calling for an icy mix from Wednesday through Thursday..and of course the days that I'm off, it does nothing!!!! Weather man just said Blizzard Warning--freezing rain--yippie!
  6. I live in Potosi, Wisconsin..I live 2.3 miles from the Mississippi River..it's a beautiful area and right now we're waiting for about 3.5 inches of snow and by midnight Wednesday we'll be snowbound!!
  7. I agree with everyone's pet peeves--here's one more..People who chew tobacco and then spit it out in line or where ever..majorly gross!
  8. Yikes! The Beast isn't that great?? I've never been on it..I wanted to go out there this summer..is it worth it??
  9. Well.. I live about an hour from the Dells...so--I have to ride Avalanche again next summer. But I'm also planning a trip to Ohio. I really want to re-visit the Columbus Zoo and ride the Sea Dragon. That was the first rollercoaster that I ever rode. Then I was thinking about heading down to Kings Island and going on the Beast (I've never gone..glup ).
  10. I had a coffee with William Wegman when I was in college-we talked for about a half hour. Met John Taylor from Duran Duran about 11 years ago..would love to see him again!!
  11. I work in a nursing home passing out medications. My boss told me to come in early this morning, so instead of going in at my usual time of 9am, I was there at 7am..only to find out there was nothing for me to do! So instead of passing pills, they made me do treatments..which totally sucked because I've never been trained to do that!! They keep throwing me into jobs around the nursing home that I don't know how to do..THEN, criticize me when I can't do it. I tried to explain to them that I don't want to do a treatment that could hurt someone or do it incorrectly and make something worse. They just don't get it. Last week I tried to get into work after that hellish snow storm we had...well, long story short, I achieved getting my car in the ditch and had to call in..I live about 25 minutes (on a good day-dry pavement) from where I work. Not asking how I was, the D.O.N starts bitching me out saying "You choose where you live, you choose what you drive." I was so pissed that I'm sure my veins were popping out of my forehead!
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