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  1. ^^ That's funny because I've never had a problem with leg banging on X/X2. The problems I've had were always with headbanging and having my shoulders bounce off the restraints. Most of this has happened to me in the outside seats though. When I've sat on the inside I've hardly ever had any problems and even when there was some roughness it was reduced to the point that it wasn't painful which is why I plan to sit on the inside from now on.
  2. The parks website now says "Ninja is temporarily closed". They no longer list an approximate time frame for it to reopen like they did when the website said Ninja would reopen in "late April". Hopefully this is just a short delay.
  3. It should be deserted. Every time I've been there on a school day I have had walk ons or one cycle waits on every ride except for a couple visits when there was a special event I didn't know about. There are no special events tomorrow so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Have a great time.
  4. The outside seats on X2 can be very rough, but I've found the inside seats to be much smoother and not painful most of the time. I can be luck of the draw though too. I've had smooth, non-painful rides on the outside sometimes too. I do plan to sit on the inside from now on since it is very rare for me to have any problems on the inside seats. As long as I don't have any headbanging I can ride X2 multiple times in a row. I have rode it 2-4 times in a row (with no line) many times. On Season Pass Appreciation Day last September I rode it 10 times in one hour with no issues then rode it 4 times in a row later that night with no issues again. I don't have any trouble riding Tatsu multiple times either. I have rode Tatsu 3-5 times in a row, on many visits, with no line, and didn't have any problems on it either.
  5. ^ Thanks for the reply. I have tried that and it still happens every so often. It seems almost random. The problem has started and stopped on about 4-5 occasions since the upgrade whether the history/cache/cookies have been cleared or not.
  6. I prefer the front on Xcelerator too but I have always got very good airtime on the tophat in car 5 too.
  7. Sometimes when I click on the "first unread post" button it skips over some of my unread posts, sometimes entire pages, and starts me off later in the thread. I also had this problem near the time the upgrade was made. It stopped happening for a while and started again in the last couple weeks.
  8. ^^ I agree with you about the outside seat on X2. I used to have no problems riding in any seat but recently I have found the outside to be very rough and sometimes painful due to headbanging. Last time I went to the park I sat in the inside both times I rode it and had no problems. I plan to sit on the inside from now on. ^ I agree about the second raven turn being the worst part too. That is where I've had the most problems with headbanging.
  9. Welcome to the site. I've had similar problems to what you described on X2 recently. I do still like it but it is not my #1 coaster anymore like it had been for a long time. Glad you had a great time. The park has been almost completely deserted like that just about every time I've been there on a school day. You picked a perfect day for your first visit. Sorry you skipped a few rides though. I'd want to try every coaster if I went to a park I've never been to before.
  10. ^ I agree with your first post about the Ninja trains. I was very happy that the Viper hair gel trains were gone on my last visit and now they have put ads on Ninja. While I understand the reasons which have been given for why they did this and agree that it doesn't detract from the ride experience, I also think that ads on coaster trains look really cheesy and it is somewhat sad that the park is in a position that they feel this is neccessary. I hope Ninja reopens soon. About a month ago their website said it would reopen on April 12th. Now it says "late April" but it was still closed yesterday.
  11. ^ At SFMM on 4/16 I saw signs inside the park but nothing actually on any of the rides.
  12. ^^ Regarding #6, I would if I could. Would anybody like to donate some $$$ so I can increase my credit count?
  13. ^^ So you think the number of accidents on Intamin rides is pointless information when this whole topic is about another accident on an Intamin ride? I think it's relevant.
  14. ^^ Edit. The message I was responding to was edited while I was typing my response. ^ My thoughts exactly. This is why I was curious about the ratio.
  15. ^ Very true. I would be interested in finding out how many total accidents B&M and Intamin have each had compared to the total number of rides they each have operating. I'm no expert, but Intamin would have a higher accident/ride ratio wouldn't they?
  16. ^^^^ I didn't mean to avoid all of their rides. I still ride Superman just about every time I go to SFMM and am disappointed that I missed being able to ride Xcelerator by about 5 minutes on Monday. It does seem to me that Intamin rides have accidents more often than many other manufacturers though.
  17. I agree. In my opinion it does seem that Intamin has a very questionable safety record compared to many other manufacturers. I saw a list of all of Intamins accidents around the time that the accident on Xcelerator occurred. I was going to post the link but I searched for it and couldn't find it again. According to the list I saw they have had an average of about one fairly major accident per year for about the last 10 years.
  18. Thanks for the response. When I was there on Monday that was the first I've heard of any deals. I went to the park in December but I was there from 1pm-6pm, so if they were advertising any deals, it is possible that a sign could have been taken down before I saw it. I have almost never seen anyone ride it, even on a crowded day. The ride does seem like a waste to me. An upcharge ride which is not good enough to justify paying extra and has too low of capacity to make free all the time. They probably wouldn't have a capacity problem if they made it free on school days when the park is deserted though. I don't like the ride very much but I'd ride it occasionally if I didn't have to pay. I'm going to have to go back and ride Xcelerator soon. I still can't believe it reopened right after I left on Monday. If I would have thought there was any chance that it would open I would have stayed for that last hour.
  19. ^ Hill Valley was actually the city Marty lived in and Lyon Estates was the housing tract, but I get your point and I agree that the name is terrible.
  20. I think Knott's could use a mega-lite too. Since they don't have a large, traditional, steel, sit-down coaster with a lift hill, this would fill a void.
  21. ^ I just wanted to give the info since I don't remember anyone posting this before. Do you know when it started? The sign with the special prices which I saw on Monday was not there when I went to the park in January.
  22. I don't think the Screamin' Swing is worth paying extra to ride, but if anyone is interested, I noticed a special price they are offering for Season Passholders. $3 for one rider or $5 for two riders. Normally it is $5 per rider.
  23. ^ There are four special events this Saturday. Music in the Parks, Wiz Bang Boom Tour, The Karate Kid Challenge and Girl Scout Day and a May Saturday would be a very bad time to go to the park even on a "normal" day. (cough) Platinum Flash Pass needed (cough)
  24. I completely agree. It is a really great deal for the price they charge. My pass has paid for itself many times over, every year I have had it. ^^ For the most part I have found the employees at SFMM to be friendly and helpful. Sure, there are exceptions, as there probably are at every park, but generally I don't have any complaints.
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