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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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It was introduced in the same year as SFoG's splashwater falls, which is also no longer working.


I worked at SFoG then and it is weird to remember that these were a pretty big deal when they were first opened. LOL

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A park employee just posted on FB. He said that he knew what the park was getting in place of Aquaman. He also said it was going to be the biggest thing the park has ever had, and that we were going to love it. I pointed out to him that the "biggest" thing the park has had so far is Titan, and that nothing of that size would fit in Aquaman's old spot. He replied that by "biggest" he didn't mean size wise. I also pointed out to him that, in terms of popularity, a Mack Power Splash, an RMC Single Rail coaster or even an S&S Air Launch like the one SFGA is getting, would still not qualify as the "biggest" attraction the park has ever had. He said to "stay tuned" and that we were going to love what we are getting.

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They're supposedly re-routing the train tracks in the area as well. Also, both Cloud Bouncer and the 3-Point Challenge are being removed and possibly relocated in order to make way for whatever's coming in.

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If it's the same size as the one in Belgium, it would take up the entire space from the Daffy Duck water ride all the way to the train crossing by Boomtown depot. I'm sure they would figure out a way to make it fit.


I've also heard on a Facebook group that the train track isn't being moved, but that track was removed to cut a road through for equipment access.

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is that a cash register in there?


so it's basically a store to BUY stuff, the only benefit is that it will be less crowded since only Diamond & above can get in?

(and there's places to sit down)


hm. . thought there were freebies in the lounges.

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Some of the tables have cell phone charging stations. They will lone you a charging cable if you don't have one. The air conditioning in here is way better than any of the resteraunts. Ma Hunkle's Chicken is close to the lounge, so I go get my lunch and eat in the lounge and relax awhile. They refill your sports bottle right there in the lounge.

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Being able to isolate yourself from the unwashed masses of non-pass holders and platinum and gold members should be intoxicating enough.


Because $11.99 a month is "enough to keep out the riff-raff"? LOL

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I am very disappointed in SFOT this year. It just seems like a forgotten part of the chain. So many things SBNO or abandoned.

I just went to Hersey Park last week. It too is an older park. It was a very good experience. The park was old but nicely painted. Nice streets. Very clean. Very good shows with attractive talented performers. Good coaster selection. The crew was very Six Flagish. Adequate at best for Food service. Rides op were pretty good but not great. The food was moderately price but tasted good. At one point Crew members walked around the Park with trays of Ice water for all guests. Nice. Free re-fillable drink bottle for $15.00, not $20.00 + at SF. Parking $15.00, not $25.00. Nice new looking clean Trams. Landscaping nice everywhere. An older Log Flume that ran and looked clean and taken care of....


I guess it kind of showed me what SFOT could be if it was either better managed or better funded. I know running one Park is a whole lot easier than a chain of Parks- I get that. But seriously- SFOT could and should look and operate better than it does.


I hate being only critical. I would just like to see something better happen.

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Aquaman update!


Demolition nearly complete.


Loading station and queue now a pile of rubble


Splash pool nearly gone


Only the lift structure, upper trough and supports still remain


I'm still not sure why this guy was cleaning the trough when the ride had been scheduled for demolition

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Some photos I took yesterday. I love these nostalgic banners on the construction fence around Aquaman. Looks like they're getting ready for something "Big and New" in 2020.


Aquaman is now a pile of rubble


The land is being cleared fast


Cyrus Cosmo


Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man


Angus G Wynn




Big Bend


Anyone know what this is?

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That's Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man in the one banner, not Krofft puppets. I have no idea what the last one is. I might have guessed something Krofft or Banana Splits related, but a Google search comes up with nothing like that. Maybe it's a Pac Man ghost?


There are shipping documents connecting Mack with SFOT floating around Facebook this morning.

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