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  1. Freeze was open last HITP, for the first time. It wasn’t running both trains but it was open, as long as the temps were good. They also purchased another train from another Premier coaster that is no longer running. The name and park both slip my mind. It’s a red train and has been sitting in the back 40 of the parking lot under the covered tent waiting to get rehabbed. I was told that’s its a 3rd train to keep both sides going.
  2. Riddler has been down a couple of weeks. Really hoping it will be fixed and ready to roll for opening day at Fright Fest.
  3. After they replaced some wood under the tracks on JRS for the 2015 season, it ran good and we rode it a lot more than we did before, which was once. This year, we rode it and I swear the train looked like it was hopping along the tracks. It was funny watching the people in front of us bouncing up and down. The headache that followed was not so funny. I was ruined the rest of the evening, even after taking Advil. One good thing about JRS is that it's a good indicator as to how bad the crowds are, as you pull into the driveway. You can pretty much bet that it's going to be a hellacious, "re-think staying" kind of day, if you see a line. Personally, I think if it got some love from GCI, and keep the layout as it is, it would be a great ride again. But, you are looking at $$$$ that would've been used for a new ride (like a coaster) going to refurbishing it. And that wouldn't sit well with people. Just like with painting the orange tower. Would you rather have a pretty shiny tower or a new ride? Would you rather have a new coaster or fix JRS? I could hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth on announcement day....
  4. Have you been since the new rides have been put in? It's totally different now. That side of the park is crazy. Even on light days. If you plan to ride Riddler without having to wait an hour, Gotham needs to be your first stop at rope drop. And I've not seen a long line on Titan in a long time. Usually only on busy days, when everything has a long line.
  5. Well, no more complaining that we haven't gotten a new coaster since 2008. And aside from the water coaster at SFFT, we are one of the only 3 parks to get any coaster at all. So, I'll take it!
  6. In the latest teaser they show Riddler Revenge, the Larson Loop, the Zamperla Disk'o, and Superman Tower. The other teaser had all Gotham City rides, along with the Larson Loop. Superman is the one that doesn't belong. Also, the new Wonder Woman movie trailer came out the other day. I can't help but feel like one of the new rides will be themed to Wonder Woman. It wouldn't fit in with the Gotham City theme, but would work better by Superman. I wonder if they are going to throw either the Disk'o or Larson Loop (I'd bet on the Disk'o) by Superman and theme it to Wonder Woman. They could remove the old Caddo barge and put it there. Similar type of ride. Or this could all be meant to throw us off and we are getting an S&S free spin and bumper cars.
  7. the park JUST got two brand new rides (both of them amazing), and they rethemed crazy-legs to Harley Quinn. why expect anything from them for at least a year or two? if bumper cars show up, it's a bonus. . I seriously do NOT get the bitching from some people. sheesh. Thank you! Was just thinking that myself. We also got the most expensive ride in park history (even if it is down a lot) the year before. Hurricane Harbor hasn't gotten anything since SFOT received the kiddie park makeover a few years ago. I wouldn't be shocked to see them invest more in it this time around. I'm sure if they put bumper cars back in, they will do something else, too. This park is very secretive about new rides. We'll see what happens on Sept 1st.
  8. I'm about to head over in about an hour. You are welcome to meet up with us and hang out.
  9. I was there for both the VIP and Media days. We met my friend and her son out there, who also happens to be my son's friend, yesterday so my kids could ride it. You got them in a picture on RR. Too funny. We came at like 1pm and stayed till 5. We didn't venture out past Gotham. There were apx 15k-20k school kids there. It was nice and calm in Gotham City. Lol. I'm loving the new additions to that area and it being open again!!
  10. I probably will be going solo, so single-rider lines will be a must (La Vibora, Justice League, and Pandemonium are the only ones that seem to have SR, right?). I just read that there's some WWF thing happening down the street that same weekend, so the park will most likely be jammed and all the local hotels have cranked their rates up four times the standard rate. If I make it my goal to get in early with my gold pass, I'll haul A$$ to Giant, then make my way over to Shockwave and Mr. Freeze, the rest I can just play by ear. I've managed to get a terrifying looking hotel a couple of miles away, so if needed, I could duck out for a break and then head back until closing. Superman Tower of Power also has a single rider line
  11. Thanks for the tip! I assumed that La Vibora wouldn't draw as much of a crowd. I'll try and knock it out early before it gets too packed. LaVibora's line is always long and slow. If you are into that ride (it hurts me). If you are by yourself, it has a single rider line.
  12. Get there eeeeaaarly, run straight to Giant, and then Titan, since you are in the hood already. After that, hit Justice League Battle For Metropolis. Cross your fingers and toes that it is working. Then Freeze and Batman. Then Superman and Shock Wave.
  13. Runaway Mountain has the longest wait time right behind Batman. I really think this VR thing is a horrible idea for this park. Unless they can get the loading processes up to speed this whole thing will be a nightmare. It won't be worth the wait in the humidity and heat. Plus think of all the sweaty faces that are going to be wearing them. JL was a test to see how the park handles high tech attractions, and IMO they didn't handle it well. Yes I know it was the first year and new technology, but IMO it could have been handled better. I'm not sure bringing more new technology into the park is a good move. Fix what you have before you more to new attractions. I hope they choose a ride with low ridership for this experiment. I can see myself avoiding it because of the increased wait time. I would hope they would have a booth set up before getting in line where the rider can get his/her goggles before getting in line, so the ride ops won't have to fool with it. But who knows.
  14. Something I have observed in the past few operating months that I have not ever seen before was a line stretching all the way past LaVibora, to just get into the park. I've been on some crowded days in the past, and have never seen them like that. As I approached the main gate area, I tried to figure out if they were doing something different with check-in. I couldn't. Was it really THAT bad or did they change up something that I missed? Thankfully I have Discover card and was able to skip the majority of that line. But that is only good the first hour-2 that the park is open. Every once in awhile they'd open the side entrance. It makes me wonder if that is what they have in store for us for 2016? I like how they had it for 2015. The lines seemed to flow a lot faster. Now to give season pass processing their own lines.... I really feel the change was a huge improvement to the way they had it in years before. Overall I feel like this season was the best season for the park in a long time. We got our first passes (since I was a teenager) in 2013. It was a tough season with Giant and Shock Wave out of commission for so long. I feel like the park has made a lot of improvements since then. One of my last visits had some of the best operations I have ever seen out there. Especially on Titan, Giant, and Shock Wave. Titan crew had trains dispatched and climbing the lift as the previous train entered the first breaks. My biggest complaint would be some of the food service lines. It took a solid 20 + minutes to get through with one person in front of me at Newman's. When I got up to the window, employees were horsing around. I'm so glad they gave us the bonus days. They were so dead, I finally felt like I could enjoy the park and get some good riding in!!!
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