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  1. Credit Texas Thrill Seekers its being re done in a DC comic theme looney tunes will be removed and it could be 2021 before its ready having to get everything up to code with the city
  2. Be prepared to be beat down that ride is extremely rough I would not ride it even if there was no line
  3. The million dollar question is will it have the turn table for loading, one car that holds 20 seems like a nightmare for load times much like the bob sled
  4. yep said employee is VERY wrong hold on to your undies its coming #sally
  5. Power splash tracks in parking lot of SFOT credit Heather Defate and Texas Thrill seekers
  6. Official announcement Aug 29 but I think WE ALL KNOW WHATS COMING !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Looking at the shipping label why would it go into port of New Orleans and not Galveston ?
  8. In the late 70s early 80s where LOONEY TUNES land is located it was a play area called PAC MAN LAND
  9. Thats a mighty big foot print stretching all the way to the judge I bet its a mack power splash. Maybe someone can get some ariel views of the contruction areas
  10. I heard they have installed brand new AC units on top of "THE CAVE" why would they do that if they are doing away with it?
  11. On the facebook page six flags just posted a video of the train running
  12. I come on here wanting more news on Aquaman and El Diablo not for grammar lessons
  13. I was there two weeks ago and there was "construction" going on at the loading dock now thinking back they could have been easily removing stuff
  14. Yep me and my first wife both blacked out on Titan its first year, IT WAS AWESOME !!!
  15. Does anyone know what the crowds are like tonight for the opening of FF
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