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What's your first ride upon arrival at your home park?

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Regardless of what park we're visiting, we always seem to mix things up depending on what we're in the mood for.


At Great Adventure we usually end up at Nitro first, but not always. The only time we make a concerted effort to get over there is if it's a cold / windy day during HITP since we sort of feel like we're morally obligated to help them weigh down the trains until they warm up and at the same time we want to make sure we get a ride in if it looks like there's a reasonable chance of a valley .


If we get there right at opening we're more likely to head to Joker to beat the crowds, but just this year alone (in about 10 visits or so), I can think of days where we've started at Batman, Superman (it was opening for the day a few hours late and we saw an opportunity to beat the crowds and walked right on to row 1), Kingda Ka, El Toro, Safari and Skull Mountain (long story) so we really never have much of a strategy.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Joker hands down.

Same here. I used to head straight for Superman, but Alan Shilke changed all that. I like to get there before rope drop, then keep in front of the crowds with a brisk walk. This gets me first in line. Since they assign seats, it's the only way to guarantee a front row ride.

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For me I try to make it to Raging Bull or Goliath either one is fine. Usually Im with my friend who prefers the "start from the entrance to the back" type person. That sometimes causes an issue...For me I'm going for the biggest and the best and she is going for what ever we first pass up. For me I dont mind the zig zag walking its worth it when getting to the best of the best rides first. Also its good exercise so what can you lose?

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Cedar Point - it varies depending on what I'm in the mood for to start my day. In recent years I just make my way towards the back of the park and try to get a few rides on Maverick before the crowds come.


Kings Island - I used to hit the Beast first but now I wait until it's warmed up a bit before I take a few rides. More than likely I'll be at Banshee first thing in the morning and then hit Invertigo while the line is still short.

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Dominator, it's right there, if I ever go to KD at opening of course I rush to Volcano but that's like one Haunt night a year. Usually don't ride Dominator on the way out because the park is closed by then. The location does tend to eliminate much variation in when I ride it. Biggest variation is when I ride Dominator, eat on dining plan, maybe go up the Eiffel and leave.


For SFA it's usually RoaR followed by Mind Eraser, habit and max. difference combined with late-day shrinking crowds strategy.

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Usually Coaster, at Playland(PNE). Then after a few rides, I head to the back of

the park, and start riding my usual family rides, like the Skywheel; Gladiator; the Carousel...

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