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  1. From my understanding it’s been crowded the last two weekends. I haven’t made it there recently with everything going on in my family but hope to this weekend for a bit. hopefully one day the stars will align and both zachs, Coasterbill and brit, Joe and whoever else can all make it to KI at the same time. Tired of meeting y’all up there one by one lol
  2. Thanks for letting me know the day before you would be there. Next time though I’ll plan to be there the whole day instead of just showing up for a ride in the morning on Orion with you. I had to make sure you didn’t bad mouth my new toy. Glad you guys loved it and the park changed in your opinion. I forgot to tell you Coney BBQ is typically pretty good as well.
  3. It’s like they hate website traffic. They had the camera off for the Orion top off and now they have had the camera down/turned away from vortex so people can’t watch that
  4. I can’t do Media day, not in any clubs to be able to this year.
  5. If it’s not done today it will be done tomorrow early. Looks like one a couple pieces left. Anyone else on here doing the Orion First Rider Auction?
  6. Went as a kid never went back. Only been back to Chicago twice since I was a kid and didn’t have time to hit six flags
  7. Going back to this park for the first time since I was about 7 so 25 years ago. That is the last time I had been to any Six Flags park. Give me any and all information you can regarding tickets (where I can get the cheapest), game plan for rides, and how does their skip the line system work. We have to go on a Saturday. We are going to see Rammstein in Chicago and decided to add this day on so we will only have one day. Thank you in advance.
  8. It’s really not bad. For us we enjoyed being there early before having to deal with the sun. Took a nice rest mid day then finished the day out strong
  9. I noticed they started having a lower number of guaranteed passes after the day I was there on the 17th it was the first real bad day it had. A few days later it didn’t open until 7 hours after opening. I think it definitely has to do with those two days being so bad. Honestly the only thing I didn’t like about 7am opening was that the skyliner didn’t start until 7:30. We had early slinky dog FP+ for both days
  10. It sucks this came about after my trip. The amount of rides on tier one severely limited my taking advantage of the fast pass system lol
  11. Not going to do a big review this time around for our trip. Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge were amazing and it cemented Hollywood Studios as our favorite. We were there on Friday the 17th on what was by far the worst day for downtime. We had group 33. 3 hour wait in the queue at one point and it took 4 tries to finally ride at 7:30pm. On Saturday I went back by myself and pulled group 9 and pretty much walked right on the ride at 7:14 am. The ride is phenomenal. Even with all the hype and anticipation I had it still blew me away.
  12. I’ll Revisit this thread and read the ride report next month. Trying my best not to spoil it for myself before I go. I can’t wait for this trip over a year and a half in the making
  13. I won’t be at coasterstock, it’s always the same weekend as Rock On The Range/ Sonic Temple. As long as you bathe properly/ deodorize and don’t try to tell me I’m wrong for liking one coaster over another then I am very easy to get along with. I can’t stand people that show up to events smelling horrid.
  14. catch a ride or two = drink a beer or two I should have hit you up when we came to town this last time, but the trip was kind of last minute. When were you here? I spent 4 days in a row at the park a couple weekends back and then this weekend I was there Saturday.
  15. Anyone that’s not an entitled enthusiast that feels the need to overly critique this coaster and can enjoy it because its going to be fun regardless of stats feel free to reach out to me when you make your visit to ride it. I live nearby and would love to come catch a ride or two with you when you’re at my home park.
  16. I am very excited for the announcement. Unfortunately I won’t get to watch it when it happens but for good reason I’ll be front and center at Iron Maiden tonight. I will never be disappointed with KI getting a big coaster. I look forward to my phone blowing up from all my friends messaging me about it.
  17. We had a trip scheduled from December 1-7. I am glad we changed our dates to January earlier this week. I want no part of the madness from the opening of the new ride.
  18. To the ones that want good BBQ in Ohio if you make your way down to Cincinnati there’s a place called Eli’s go there.
  19. For the regulars, we are going on a Sunday in two weeks. Should we go straight to Copperhead strike or have lines for it not been long?
  20. Coasterbill you’ll be happy to know my 3 and a half year old keeps saying she wants to go back to Cedar Point to ride the SkyRide it’s her favorite.
  21. Nice report sir, sorry meeting up didn’t work out for us. We loved being able to ride the Monster Trucks well three of us did, my youngest hated it lol.
  22. People being upset or nit picky about Kings islands new addition next year are hilarious to me and I’ve already had a few friends that aren’t enthusiasts reach out asking why they are building another diamondback. Lately I’ve been sending them the video eltororyan made (thank you) and then sending them video of fury vs intimidator at Carowinds. I can’t wait for this no matter the stats or the name or colors but if I am seeing things right the next two elements after a 301 foot drop top put at 173. That should lead to some good pops of air and by the time you hit that weird turn around towards the end you should be carrying good speed for some force entering and exiting it. While the ride seems short by giga standards it should pack a punch.
  23. After now having visited Cedar a point twice with small kids I can honestly say we love it and think its way better than our home park for kids (Kings Island) there is so much for kids to do especially with the addition of Forbidden Frontier. We loved that new area. Outside of Disney it’s been our favorite for the kids
  24. go to the bottom of the page, and click the yellow button from main post: If you voted last year, make sure you click the yellow "Not Done Yet" button Man am i dumb. Thank you.
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