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  1. No such luck. 2 dead and many injured. It smashed off the support and you can see someone go flying off. The video I saw was EXTREMELY graphic, showing up close the rescue efforts. Yikes! - Yeah, I’ll admit I didn’t watch the video that closely.... I’d be traumatized for life. Thoughts are with the injured and the deceased’s families. Awful, awful accident. It was terrible to watch. I turned it off when I realized how graphic it was. Stuff of nightmares for sure.
  2. No such luck. 2 dead and many injured. It smashed off the support and you can see someone go flying off. The video I saw was EXTREMELY graphic, showing up close the rescue efforts.
  3. Wildcat is a one and done for me. If I don't get the magic seat (2nd row) I have a massive headache. I even take ibuprofen before riding in preparation.
  4. AKA its down for the rest of the season. Well I mean yeah. But I was kind of hoping for a small miracle for this season
  5. We were told that they are waiting for a part from Intamin and it would be back up as soon as it is safe to do so. Hopefully that will be soon as I finally got my hubby to actually commit to riding it (his first time).
  6. Also on their website is the long awaited unlimited Fast Lane. Get your's before they take it down again
  7. Wait Bill. Does that make it a 300 ft aquatrax made by B&M? Lol
  8. You had me at "Coaster that's not as good as Skyrush" I love this new entrance area. When I went with some friends in the spring, we got there around opening and the security line was wayyy back up the hill you walk down into the entrance area, making us believe that we were in for a slammed park day, when it really didn't end up being very busy at all, it's just that they only had room for like 2-3 security checks across. Whoever said that "thrill seekers" and other people are going to visit would choose Chocolate World over Hersheypark or whatever, you're drunk. I don't really understand why anyone would care whether the rebuilt food stations/bar are inside or outside the park gate, especially if they won't let you walk around the park holding a drink anyway. If Starbucks is pre-gate, get it then go through security after. If the bar/restaurant ends up being pre-gate, just exit then re-enter when you're done? Also...didn't they file with the planning board a few months ago for an attraction "no more than 220 feet in height"? If those are accurate, that should put to bed any rumors about it being a Giga and not a hyper. It looks fun, but I'm most excited about it drawing people towards it instead of Skyrush. They actually have 6 or 7 security checks crammed in that tiny area! That's how insanely packed it gets in there. Also, yes there are FAA filings at 220 ft so no giga. And Bill also had me at coaster that is not as good as Skyrush
  9. I'm 40 something and have been going to the park since I was 2. That front plaza has been like that since I can remember. Complete with restaurant and stores. I don't get all the hoopla over these "new" things either. They've been there. I am excited to see the park grow and expand. It's long overdue.
  10. Robb you are correct. The Tudor Grill is now known as Hersheypark Place and hosts character meals. There are at least 2 gift shops outside the gate as well as a Dunkin'. I also think that this new complex will be accessible from both inside and outside the park. There are systems that can handle that situation.
  11. We were there yesterday for a few hours too. It was by far the worst crowd I've seen in a very long time.
  12. Thank you for entertaining me while I'm sitting at my daughter's dance class!
  13. It's better that no one mentioned it. I haven't seen a line that long since it opened. There was a boy scout camping weekend at the campground and they took over the park. I heard someone saying they waited 30 mins for dippin dots.
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