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  1. Went today on Sat. Got there at 11am. Long lines for vaccination verification but entry lines were short. If you have Clear verification, you can skip the vaccine/negative test line. Most people were wearing masks. Maybe 5-10% weren't good about it. No lines for the first few hours for Goliath, TC, Scream, Batman, Riddler, Apocalypse, We used the Flash Pass on WCR, Tatsu, X2, and FT. Lex Luthor was still down. Superman was running both sides inconsistently all day
  2. Interesting. I looked up the Evolv system that six flags is using now. I remember walking through it now. Super fast for security checks. I hope this is the way of the future for all events.
  3. Thanks. I'll remember that if I ever get the cups. I usually bring my hydroflask and have them fill me up on ice and water. Also, this was the first time there was no real security check. We just walked past some police sniffer dogs. No one was working the metal detectors. We just walked through. No one asked me to empty my hydroflask.
  4. Here at the park today. Apocalypse is running but Tatsu is closed. Scream was testing when I parked but closed when we rode TC. Super long lines for drinks because of the heat.
  5. Just went this past Saturday (first time on a weekend for me), and it was crowded. Bought the regular flash pass and got 5 rides in between 12p to 5:30p. You might be able to get a few more as I was with an 8 year old new to coasters and we definitely were not efficient. I would recommend getting at least the Gold or Platinum. The regular flash pass times were 30-60 minutes for most rides. Tatsu, Colossus, Goliath, and X2 were 90-120 mins. I would recommend going early, the parking gates open early, I believe it's 930 or 10. You can buy the flash pass after the security check and before the entrance gates. That will save you some time and allows you to get in the flash pass entrance line. When I went early in previous years, not all rides were opened at 1030. Just ride what is open. I've noticed usually Tatsu, Full Throttle, and Colossus are opened at 1030. On Sat, Revolution was running 1 train and Colossus was running 3. Lex Luthor was closed and Superman was running one side. Also, you can't access Apocolypse from the DC area. You have to go by Tatsu/Roaring Rapids to get there.
  6. Another frisbee pendulum ride accident. This time at Kankaria Park in India. https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2019/07/15/2054462/two-killed-dozens-injured-in-india-s-theme-park-ride-accident-video
  7. Don't forget the A's have 4 World Series titles and the Giants have 3... I will GLADLY allow the BoSox to have their name on the Revolution coaster as such, because that way the only California Baseball team with the most current World Series title is the Anaheim Angels. With Studly Stud Man Mike Trout one can only hope they try to get him a ring before those low-lifes!
  8. Thank you all for the great ideas. Looks like I'll have plans for the next 5 years. For next year, I'm leaning on Dollywood, Pigeon Forge alpine coasters, and Carowinds. Fury 325, Intimidator, Copperhead strike, Lightning rod, and Thunderhead are just too hard to pass up. We've never been on an alpine coaster either and it sounds like Pigeon Forge has 2 of the better ones in the country.
  9. I'll look into those. I should also mention that I was considering Wonderland or Kennywood, but not sure if there are other parks near them worth checking out
  10. Every year, I take my niece and nephew on a roller coaster trip. We've done, SFMM/DL, CP/KI, SFGAdv/HP, and SFOT/SFFT. Any parks you guys could recommend me for next year? I was thinking about Ohio again, but will now wait for KI to build their giga. We'd like to 2-3 parks with ideally a max of a 5 hour drive apart.
  11. Should be fairly light since it'll be Monday. I would guess less than 15 minute waits for most rides. X2, Tatsu, and Goliath will probably be around 30 minutes. Twisted Colossus will probably look long, but if they're running 3 trains, the line moves quickly. One train operations will definitely slow to a snail's pace. Currently, that would be Full Throttle. Ride that first as others have suggested. It's at the front of the park anyways.
  12. I go to SFMM every year and it was the same slow dispatch times this year with the exception of Colossus. Visited SFGAdv in June and was super impressed with dispatch times. In fact, our party missed a train on Bizarro because the operator open and closed the gates so fast.
  13. Acemachine, here's a few more tips It will probably be hot. Expect 90 degrees. They allow you to bring in water bottles, but no other drinks. Vendors inside will fill up with cold water. Or just ask for cups of water. 3.Need some tips on what days to visit - Avoid the weekends and try to go weekdays. Do not pre purchase the Flash Pass. See what the crowds are like first, then decide. Most kids are back to school by then so it shouldn't be too crowded. If you must go on a Sat, you'll probably have to buy the Flash pass. Hard to say which ones to ride first because they don't tend to open most rides the first hour when the gates open. Go figure! I try to see what rides are running as I'm walking from the parking lot and game plan around that. Tatsu and Full Throttle are usually running at opening. SFMM's layout is basically a huge loop. If Full Throttle is running at opening, get on that. If not, go to Tatsu by taking the Honda Express (Orient Express) to the top of the hill. This will get you near the Tatsu entrance. Must ride the front row for the view. You can probably get another ride in the last row before the line builds up. You definitely want to experience the force of the pretzel loop in the back row. In this area, you can hit Ninja,Superman Apocalypse. Continue to get to Riddler, Green Lantern, and Batman. Then Colossus, Scream, Drop of Doom, Goliath. By now you should be in the early afternoon and the lines for Full Throttle and X2 should be shorter. Might as well get Revolution and Viper since you're nearby. Then go for re-rides on your favorites. 4. Is the front row the best for all the rides? Tatsu, X2, Batman are musts for the front. The inside seats of X2 is A LOT less rough than the outside seats. Ride the back for Colossus, Full Throttle (you'll see why at the end), and Goliath. Tatsu and X2 are good in the back if you don't mind the forces and some roughness. Everything else is preference. 5. What would be the best place to stay on a budget? Any cheap motels nearby? Can't help you on cheap. I usually stay at the Embassy. About $125-150/night. They have an excellent free breakfast and the free bus that takes you directly to the park has a stop in front.
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