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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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^ As much as we make fun of SLCs, I have to give them credit that they're insanely reliable. I can't recall a time I've ever seen one break down and SFNE's was able to run in single digit temperatures back in 2017.


You can say the same thing about a school bully who beats you up everyday during lunch: "Boy, that hurt, but at least he's reliable."


Getting back on topic, I'll miss Volcano. It was unique, if problematic.

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^ As much as we make fun of SLCs, I have to give them credit that they're insanely reliable. I can't recall a time I've ever seen one break down and SFNE's was able to run in single digit temperatures back in 2017.


You haven't seen Kong break down at SFDK. I have - on more than one visit too. But I agree in general SLCs are pretty reliable and that's one of the only coaster types where I would consider that a negative thing.


You can say the same thing about a school bully who beats you up everyday during lunch: "Boy, that hurt, but at least he's reliable."

SLCs are like the school bully of rollercoasters - kinda like that verbal bully you see on TV or online every day who's very reliable on insulting people every day.

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^ As much as we make fun of SLCs, I have to give them credit that they're insanely reliable. I can't recall a time I've ever seen one break down and SFNE's was able to run in single digit temperatures back in 2017.


When I went to Wild Adventures some years ago, Twisted Typhoon went down numerous times throughout the day for various issues. They had to evacuate from the brake run at least twice while I was there. Even with that, I still risked getting the credit. It went down again on the next train after I got off (the 2nd time I noticed evac from he brake run)....lol



I hate I never got a last ride on Volcano. It was the 2nd invert I'd ridden and first launched one. I was fortunate to have ridden it shortly after it opened, back before I kept track of new coasters. I've still had it as my favorite coaster there since I hadn't been since before I-305 was built.

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Kings Dominion shared some info on what's new for this season.


The Wait is Over- Kings Dominion Opens for the Season This Saturday

Park adds new festival, introduces upgraded food options and shows


DOSWELL, VA. (March 26, 2018) - Kings Dominion kicks off the 44th season with the return of family-fun and thrilling memories on March 30. Guests can experience the return of their favorite thrills include the park’s newest coaster, Twisted Timbers, which combines wood and steel for an unforgettable ride experience featuring gravity defying twists and turns.


In addition to more than 60 rides, shows and attractions, guest can delight in new food and beverage options, new entertainment, and immersive festivals throughout the season.




New Festival

Experience Kings Dominion like you never have before when myth and magic join together to create the all-new Grand Carnivale. Guests can enjoy this new immersive festival every day June 15 through July 7 beginning at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate the sights, sounds, smells and tastes from cultures around the world including India, China, Italy, France and Germany. Grand Carnivale has something for everyone from crafts and games, to delectable food and drink, to live music and astounding entertainment. As the evening rolls in, the Spectacle of Color interactive electric light parade, complete with dazzling floats, authentic music and mesmerizing street performers dazzles guests as it makes its way through the park and ending at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Guests are invited to top off the night at the park’s Carnivale Street Party, a magnificent party filled with international music, magic and merrymaking until the park closes.






New Food & Beverage Options

From Walking Chicken and Waffles to a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, guests can sample new flavors throughout the park. Those over the age of 21 can sit back and relax between the thrills at the park’s new taproom, The Parched Pig. Located in the Old Virginia section of the park, twelve local craft beers will rotate throughout the season and feature the park’s three exclusive beers by Center of the Universe, Kings Brew:


§ Kings Brew IPA

§ Kings Brew Lager

§ NEW in 2019 - Kings Brew Amber Lager


New Shows and Live Entertainment

A total of eight new shows will delight guests of all ages this season from two new shows in Planet Snoopy starting this spring to a brand new acrobatic show, Gravity: A Cirque Experience. Additionally, new live music and entertainment options will delight guests throughout Soak City and the Candy Apple Grove midways with top hits and classic favorites.


Guests can experience all of the fun and thrills this season, including unlimited visits to Grand Carnivale, Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, with a 2019 Gold Season Pass. Registration is now open for the free Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass which grants complimentary admission all season to kids ages 3 – 5. For a complete list of park hours, special events and to get the best deal on tickets and Season Passes, visit kingsdominion.com.

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Taking a weekend trip down to Kings Dominion and possibly Busch Gardens. Started out at the Dominion today. Finally after waiting years I managed to get on my first RMC! I gotta admit twisted timbers does not disappoint. The park ended up closing early at 5 due to rain but I will be back tomorrow. It looked like demo on Volcano continues and the covered shed at the end of the first launch is now completely gone, definitely gonna miss that ride. Not a bad day all in all, rainy but it was completely dead every ride was a walk on

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My guess is that they never planned on removing this ride so I don't necessarily think that they'll be in a hurry to replace it (especially after that last conference call).


Hopefully I'm wrong but I honestly expect this plot to stay open and depressing for awhile.

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This f*cking blows.


At least they are not wasting any time removing it though, better than leaving it sit and rot for a couple of seasons til they figure out what to do over there.

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So here's a trip report from last weekend. It was meant to be a KD/BG trip but we ended up just relaxing and staying at Kings Dominion all weekend. Friday was a cool rainy day and the park ended up closing early at 5pm, regardless it was completely dead so we walked right on to everything. I have to say after years of anticipation I finally got on my first rmc and twisted timbers did not disappoint. The fact that a park can turn a terrible wooden coaster into a masterpiece still blows my mind. Intimidator is still a top 10 for me and I really wish more parks would buy intamin gigas. Anaconda was running rather well and I thoroughly enjoy it, but that might just be because i have a disorder where arrow loopers are my favorite coasters. All in all it was a fun trip with short waits the whole time. I will say though I'm really really gonna miss Volcano. I've had a special place in my heart for that ride since I was a kid and the park really just doesn't feel the same without it. I really hope it has a worthy successor. At least now avalanche might be a little bit more dead


Rebel Yell ehhhh I mean Racer 75 was running well it seems like the park has been doing a good amount of track work the past few years


I might be in the small minority, but Dominator is not my favorite floorless coaster and I actually find it quite rough compared to the other floorless coasters


I'd actually take Anaconda over Dominator any day, but I'd still like to know what they were thinking when they designed the part before the corkscrews


This beast really is the star of the show the park has a really good 1 2 punch now with timbers and intimidator


Losing this beauty does hurt the lineup a bit though


It never stops looking good does it?


Apple Zapple is actually a really fun ride I find it to be way more fun than the average wild mouse style ride


I was a little sad that Anaconda's splash effect wasn't working I'm not sure if it wasn't ready for the season yet or they just don't use it anymore, but I always thought it was a neat effect


I think I might have to go ride the rest of the rmc coasters now!!!


And the trains look really nice too!


Can't forget about this little classic either


I was really surprised to find out kings dominion has fried oreos, BUT I LOVE THEM


One more just because this ride is so good


My only shot of grizzly, I used to really love this ride, but it really needs work it's gotten unbearably rough and I really hope the park notices and does some track work


Hey that ride isn't on the map


And it really breaks my heart to know it never will be again...


RIP Volcano, you will be missed


I'll be back again soon!

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^ Great report! Nice to hear some Anaconda love, glad I'm not the only one that really likes it. Join the cult, people.


On a much sadder note, it really sucks to hear about the mountain coming down. I kinda expected it, but I was really hopeful that they could keep the structure and fill the space with another ride. RIP Smurf-cano. You shall be missed.

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