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  1. Magic Mountain really seems to care about Viper, with the recent major refurb, the wheels it seems like they really are trying to keep the last megalooper running. I applaud them, Vortex and GASM were my #1 and 2 coasters, because I can't lie I really love arrows and I worry about Viper, but it seems like it might just be around for another while!
  2. I would imagine the lift motor is going to support Anaconda's final years. Where is that piece of track from?
  3. I don't think there is enough solid evidence yet to really say if the leaks are credible or not, but if they are I'd be a little disappointed. I can't complain about getting a new coaster, but with something as legendary and unique as Volcano I think it deserves an equally unique and amazing replacement and I just don't see that out of a small wing coaster.
  4. It would be nice though to see a park retrack an old arrow, or put enough money into one to have it see the future. I understand from a financial standpoint, but having a park with a great blend of Modern and classic rides provides a very well rounded experience. I'd love to see arrow loopers revived with modern technology. Seeing where they were headed towards the end with rides like Tennessee Tornado makes me wonder what they could do now. It's a pipe dream, but one can only wish
  5. I thought Nitro's temperature limit was when the trains froze to the track.
  6. Been #1 for me since I was 14 years old. I just don't get all the hate for old Arrows. Sure they are a little jerky, but I think it adds to the charm. I just don't get the same enjoyment out of a B&M looper as I do an arrow and I'm really gonna miss it. I know they can't all be saved but I think Vortex was the best of the big arrow loopers and was worth being preserved.
  7. They aren’t real fans. They are just saying they are fans and that it’s their “number one coaster” because they want attention. Vortex actually is my #1, and it's been that way since I lost the Scream Machine back in 2010 which was previously my #1. I love arrow loopers. To me they aren't rough at all and I absolutely love the old school inversions,especially the loops. Plus with Vortex it combined an awesome first drop, with all my favorite ride elements. I really wish there was a company that still built coaster like arrow. I know there never will be, but I can always hope. For, now I will hold on to hope that both Vipers and the Loch Ness Monster can hold on for awhile longer. Anaconda isn't that great and I know it it's gonna be the next one to go.
  8. I don't think Beast is ever gonna close, unless the whole park closes.
  9. You'd be surprised the turnout of enthusiasts and just locals that had stories to tell was incredible Vortex really meant a lot to a lot of people. I'll never understand why many people find Arrow coasters to be so rough. I get that they can be a bit jerky, but I enjoy it it feels out of control like a coaster should. I can think of many rougher rides. I remember in Rolling Thunder's final year at Great Adventure it actually bruised and cut me more than once. Regardless I love the classic arrow looper and each one is harder to see go because eventually they will be extinct.
  10. Yeah, I believe it was taps, but it could be heard even from the front of the park. It was a bittersweet moment. The lines Sunday were really long at the end of the night the line spilled through the extra switchback set up and out down to the bathrooms by windseeker. Even so Vortex churned through people so it was only about 40 minutes. And that was 40 minutes I was glad to wait.
  11. So here's a bit of a trip report. I made it out to Kings Island this past weekend to be there for the end of Vortex. With the exception of about a half an hour breakdown on Saturday, she ran beautifully the whole weekend and Sunday provided beautiful weather for the final rides. I took my last ride around 7:30 just after sunset right before she went down for good. I might be in a very small minority, but Vortex was my #1 coaster and I'm really gonna miss it. The weekend started gloomy as the old Arrow's final days rolled around I'd really love to have one of these banners She still looks beautiful, even after all these years Saturday provided a great opportunity for rides, as the rain kept most people away. Sunday proved to be a beautiful day, the perfect way to send Vortex off. This was my last front row ride on that final morning I'm really gonna miss these views Still the best drop on an Arrow looper As the sun began to set her time was running out It was time for the last ride As I made my way through the queue I got to watch the last beautiful sunset over Vortex I might be smiling, but on the inside my heart was heavy knowing this was going to be the last time. And with that she rode off into the sunset. After the final rides the park played a salute over the lift speakers and it made me tear up just a little bit. Goodbye, Vortex forever #1 in my heart
  12. With Kings Island's Vortex closing it makes me wonder how much time the point's arrow coasters have left. Are they gonna be in it for the long haul, or are they gonna go the same route? CCMR, Corkscrew, Gemini, Iron Dragon, Magnum. And to think 4 of the 5 are the same age or older than Vortex. I could see Gemini going first as it's been rather unreliable this year from what I've seen. With the exception of Magnum I think the others could go any year. As long as Magnum stays around though I'm happy.
  13. Why is it though that the Loch Ness Monster is still doing so well? if a steel coaster has an average service life of 20 years and it's been open 41 years, it's interesting.
  14. I'll be the first to admit, vortex is actually my favorite roller coaster. As a kid I grew up with Great Adventure's Great American Scream Machine. I was crushed when it closed. Arrow coasters never hurt me and are actually my favorite roller coasters, so for the past decade Vortex has filled the void in my heart. I thought losing volcano this past year was hard, but this downright tears me apart, there will never be another like it.
  15. Thanks, it means a lot. It's hard to understand if you haven't experienced it, but I'm going to push forward. Roller Coasters have been my passion since I was 11 or 12 years old and it's not something I'm ready to give up. It's gonna take time and a lot of work, but I plan on getting back to riding eventually.
  16. Went to the park today, the cranes are still all around wonder woman, honestly I'm curious as to how long it's gonna take to get it back open. Just made a quick couple hour stop to pick up my membership pin. In other news this has been a really high and low year in terms of coasters for me it started off on a very high note with multiple trips down south and culminated with a big trip to Cedar Point. Unfortunately, right around that time I developed what doctors say is an anxiety disorder after having a really bad panic attack. It just so happened this happened while I was at Cedar Point. Ever since then I have been unable to ride coasters as it triggers this intense anxiety that sometimes leads to panic attacks. As an enthusiast this is a nightmare and something I never even knew could happen until it did. So now, I am taking my time trying to get back into the swing of things. In my first trip to Great Adventure since all this started I could barley bring myself to even ride the Runaway Train, which is crazy because up until all this began I could get on any coaster without an ounce of fear. Today was my second trip since this began and I pushed myself to do the Runaway Train twice and Skull Mountain once. By the second ride on the Runaway Train I felt a bit more confident. I am really hopeful in beating this and getting back to doing what I love because not being able to ride all my favorite coasters sucks, but any progress is progress. So for now I'm gonna keep taking weekly Great Adventure trips and push myself a little bit more each time.
  17. You forgot vortex. There seems to be increasing comments on Millennium Force's bumpiness. I noticed it has a noticeable rattle to it, but it doesn't take away from the ride at this point. That said, I wonder if Cedar Point would replace the track instead of removing the coaster. It's not nearly to that point yet, but I'm talking about when it does get bad enough years down the road. Millennium Force is pretty iconic to Cedar Point, but I've also noticed that each year I visit there seems to be less and less of a line. I don't believe vortex was considered a megalooper. In a sense it is considering the similar elements, but the only true megaloopers were Shockwave, Scream Machine, and Viper the triple looping coasters. On the other end of things while rides like Millennium force may develope a slight rattle as they age I don't believe it will ever be bad enough too make the ride disliked even by the gp. It is interesting to see how certain rides hold up and others don't, for example World's of fun only had Orient Express for about 23 years and at that point the ride seemed to be falling apart, breaking constantly and even having a train come off the track. Loch Ness Monster was built right in the same period and has lasted substantially longer
  18. Considering I didn't get to ride steel vengeance going back is required, hopefully I'll be good and back in a month or two.
  19. So I took my first trip to cedar point during the past few days. After years of waiting I finally made the trip. Unfortunately my anxiety disorder has been acting up really bad recently and made for me to be rather sick the whole trip so I only got on a few rides and unfortunately had to put Steel Vengeance off til the next trip. Some quick thoughts though. Millennium force is fun, but was a let down for me and I find Intimidator 305 to be way more fun. Magnum on the other hand exceeded my expectations. I made sure to ride car 1 row 3 as I've read over the years and it honestly stands as my favorite hyper now even though my thighs are a bit bruised. Hopefully I'll be back and feeling better in a couple months for steel vengeance.
  20. Another interesting situation is how 2 of the three arrow megaloopers died a rather long time ago while Viper is still chugging along.
  21. I'll be hitting Cedar Point Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Kings Island Wednesday and Thursday and finally Dollywood, on Friday and Saturday. Should be a fun trip!
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