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  1. Construction wall is going up in front of the former Dare Devil Dive...
  2. I rode Firebird 35 x’s in a row! I literally rode for 3 hours straight. 10 rides in the back row and once in each seat on the train. I used to be a 1 and done Apocalypse rider. Yes I would say Fire Bird is definitely smoother.
  3. I arrived at the park around 10:30AM it was dead.... Fire Bird is still a little shakey head BANGy yet way more comfortable ride experience. I rank it 4 in the park (a lot more fun). Roar and Batwing we’re down. Batwing had a train stuck on top of the lift hill, lift chain dangling, and a cherry picker and Crain at the lift hill. SURPRISE Superman and Wild one had 2 train operations. I got 10 rides on each Overall a great day My new Fire Bird T Shirt The Beef Burrito at Nacho Nacho is Yummy
  4. ^ Agreed.... The recent addition of the Star Flyer, New Bathroom and removal of the Sky Coaster (making way for a possible 2020 addition). It makes me think there may be a re theme from Gothem City to a DC Universe area. This is the former Sky Coaster area The placement of the former Sky Coaster would be perfect for a Pendulum flat or a 4D Free Fly
  5. Here are photos of Fire Bird taken today From the enterance It looks so vibrant in person
  6. Love it! Great Coaster... The only acceptable replacement for an Intamin multi launch invert is a B&M multi launch invert. That Volcano stucture better not be removed. Enough said!
  7. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Magnum XL 200 3. Sky Rush 4. Thunder Dolphin 5. Behemoth 6. Nitro 7. Diamond Back 8. Phantoms Revenge 9. Apollo’s Chariot 10. Steel Force 11. Raging Bull 12. Goliath 13. Ride of a Steel SFA 14. Goliath SFMM
  8. I’m going next week. I like thrill rides. Disney’s not my thing. I could go to Parc Asterix. I would be open to taking a train to Germany.
  9. Hi! I’m so excited and grateful to be traveling to Paris! I’ve been given the opportunity to visit for a single day an amusement park. Where should I go? I need your suggestions and wisdom to make the best decision.
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