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  1. I had a couple really funny experiences I shared with my sister at Busch Gardens Williamsburg back in July. We were riding InvadR in the back row, and as we soar into the turn after the first drop, someone’s hat flies off of their head into the unknown. His friend next to him still had his hat on by the end of the ride. Towards the end of the day we decided to go on the rapids along with a family of four, and these two girls were freaking out over their makeup getting ruined on the ride. One of the girls says her eyelashes are coming off, and the other girl shreiked “Mine?!”
  2. Just rode my first new coaster of 2019 yesterday in the form of Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee! I found it to be a lot like White Lightning despite it being a different manufacturer, and even though it was a little rough the airtime and inversion was a ton of fun!
  3. I mean if you ride Dominator in the front row it definitely does have a lot of headbanging. Dominator is such a fun and intense floorless but it may need to get some TLC in the near future.
  4. I got to ride Sheikra, Valravn, and Griffon last year and honestly, the vest restraints didn’t feel much different from the normal OTSRs. I’m super excited for Yukon Striker and I hope to return to Canada’s Wonderland in the near future!
  5. Wow, World Waterpark seems like a really nice indoor waterpark, and it looks enormous. I would definitely love to visit Edmonton Mall at some point in the near future!
  6. Really sad they removed it, but we kinda saw it coming considering it was SBNO for most of the 2018 season. So glad I got to enjoy this ride in 2014 and 2016 for a total of 3 rides. Loved the launches, the inversions, and the unique setting. I hope they end up bringing something better into the space in the near future.
  7. Having lived in Raleigh for about 7 years with a single mother, trips to theme parks like Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, and Carowinds only occurred once a year for me. I fully support the addition of a theme park in that area as the growing population could easily support it. I would be fine if it was a smaller theme park as well like some of the parks in Pennsylvania, however a corporate park would probably not work out business-wise. Maybe the local FEC, Frankie’s could build a Gravity Group mini woodie or even an SBF Spinner.
  8. I think Nighthawk’s scrapping would be a much more careful process considering it is surrounded by water and many other rides, whereas Firehawk is practically in a field.
  9. 1. Three of my favorite coasters have to be Kumba, Montu, and Afterburn, always love old-school B&M loopers! 2. I visited 13 different parks in 2018, by far my biggest year! 3. Cedar Point was obviously my favorite, but I was very surprised by Holiday World and SDC! 4. Steel Vengeance 5. I’d say Valravn exceeded my expectations a lot! The vests didn’t bother me at all! 6. Cinnamon Bread 7. Time Traveler was definitely an incredible ride! 8. Well I know I’ll be visiting SeaWorld Orlando next month. 9. If it counts, Montu, but if not, Thunderbird. 10. I ro
  10. That GCI model is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait for something like this show up in a park!
  11. Being a student at the University of Florida, here’s what I plan to visit in 2019: Definitely: Walt Disney World Some park(s) in Europe (studying abroad over the summer, haven’t decided on Germany or Denmark yet) Probably: SeaWorld Orlando Universal Orlando Resort Fun Spot parks Busch Gardens Tampa Carowinds Possibly: Wild Adventures Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags Great America Canada’s Wonderland
  12. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Voyage 3. Lightning Rod 4. Twisted Timbers 5. Skyrush 6. Intimidator 305 7. Maverick 8. Ourlaw Run 9. Storm Chaser 10. Kumba
  13. Before this year I had not ridden any, but now I’ve ridden five! Here are my rankings: 1) Steel Vengeance- Pretty self-explanatory. Some of the best airtime on the planet, outstanding inversions, fantastic drops, what more can you ask for? 2) Lightning Rod- Most people think the launch is pretty forgettable, but I actually really love the launch! The first half mainly consists of several overbanks with some crazy laterals, but the quad down is just plain mental. Each moment of airtime is absolute bonkers and I adore it! The half loop is pretty fun too and reminds me of Fury’s treble
  14. Twisted Cyclone looks like a fantastic RMC! Honestly I think the hate came because the original ride animation was actually quite different from the final product (which isn’t really much of an excuse anyways cuz all RMCs are incredible), but is definitely a coaster and park that I have to visit, especially now living in Florida!
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