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  1. Construction wall is going up in front of the former Dare Devil Dive...
  2. I rode Firebird 35 x’s in a row! I literally rode for 3 hours straight. 10 rides in the back row and once in each seat on the train. I used to be a 1 and done Apocalypse rider. Yes I would say Fire Bird is definitely smoother.
  3. I arrived at the park around 10:30AM it was dead.... Fire Bird is still a little shakey head BANGy yet way more comfortable ride experience. I rank it 4 in the park (a lot more fun). Roar and Batwing we’re down. Batwing had a train stuck on top of the lift hill, lift chain dangling, and a cherry picker and Crain at the lift hill. SURPRISE Superman and Wild one had 2 train operations. I got 10 rides on each Overall a great day My new Fire Bird T Shirt The Beef Burrito at Nacho Nacho is Yummy
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