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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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I'm sure if they get enough recommendations in their guest surveys they'll build a 2nd lap in the off season. By build in the off season I specifically am talking about April, May, June 2020.



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Maybe they’ll send YOLOcoaster from SFMM and Maxx Force to SFA and duct tape the two coasters together, call it Racing Coaster 1, and build bathrooms themed to it!

I’d be cool with that.

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Hello all,


It's time for me to ask the questions everyone loves... I'm going to be going to the Summerfest music festival in Milwaukee this holiday weekend and wanted to get the opinions of some SFGAm regulars!


The typical stuff: I was planning on going on the 4th as I figured it may be less busy and there's not anyone I specifically want to see at the festival that day. The possibilities would be the 4th, 6th, or 7th. I guess part of the day on the 5th is a possibility too, but would prefer not to go that day unless you guys think it will be the best day to go.


What rides should I hit early to avoid lines? Any favorite or least favorite seat recommendations would be welcome as well.


I think it's been like 20 years since I've been to this park, so I'm excited to say the least. Raging Bull was the new hotness last time I was here, so I'm excited to check all the new stuff out!


Thanks in advance for any guidance you guys can provide!



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For what it's worth, I've visited the park on July 5th the past 3 seasons straight and crowds have been fairly light each time. (Probably due to everyone requesting off the day before). I've heard mixed reports that the 4th of July is either extremely crowded or really dead, but I've never been on that date myself so can't comment. The 6th and 7th are on the weekend and seem to have the better forecasts as of now, so keep that in mind


Maxx Force is opening on July 4th so if you want to ride it and not wait 4 hours I'd recommend getting to the park before opening and running to it as soon as you get in the park. You will probably encounter some less than desirable enthusiasts, just be aware This is assuming you aren't getting a flash pass of course, which I believe you can get one ride on Maxx with a platinum level pass. They're closing the line at 8PM for the member preview on the 3rd so don't be surprised if they do the same on the official opening.


Going on the first few days of Maxx Force's opening might actually work in your favor. I went to the park the day after Goliath opened and all other rides had significantly shorter lines than usual so maybe the same thing will happen here?


As for seat recommendations, ride Demon in the back car. The first drop is surprisingly great back there

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As for seat recommendations, ride Demon in the back car. The first drop is surprisingly great back there


I'll would piggy back on that with the detail of 2nd to last seat (front seat of last car). It's more leg room, more viewing room and smoother. One of the last "snapping drops" in existence (Bill Cobb did these his Cyclones). Note: this drop was redone on the California Demon in the 90s; Paramount thought it was too extreme. So West Coast Demon has a 45 degree drop while ours retains the 55 degree drop with snap built in 1980. Thank you Arrow for making mistakes.

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Theme Park Review was invited to the Maxx Force Media Day event today (July 2nd) for some exclusive rides on Six Flags Great America's latest and greatest coaster. Maxx Force is a one of a kind thrill machine that uses air-powered technology to launch to launch riders from 0-78 MPH in less than 2 seconds! Maxx Force also has the tallest double inversion, and the fastest inversion on the planet.


"Maxx Force is absolutely revolutionary, taking Six Flags innovation to an all new level of extreme," said Six Flags Great America President Hank Salemi.


Maxx Force Highlights Include:

* A unique air-powered launch system propels guest forward at record speed.

* The worlds Tallest Double inversion at 175 feet above the ground.

* The fastest inversion on any roller coaster in the world with a 60MPH zero-G roll.

* Five high speed inversions.

* A one of a kind custom train modeled after Formula One racing cars.


The media day event was an early start, as I pulled into the parking lot as the sun was coming up. When entering the park you received a Great America Swag bag with SIx Flags sun glasses, and a mini race car similar to the Maxx Force trains. There were many local Chicago and Milwaukee television stations there to film live on ride broadcasts while on the coaster. Marcus Leshock a fellow coaster enthusiast from WGN channel 9 was there and got 3 on air filming sessions that played throughout the morning. I was able to get five rides this morning and they were all pretty amazing.


The launch on Maxx Force is one of the strongest I have ever experienced, and I have been on TTD, Kingda Ka, and Dododonpa! But unlike those launch coasters this ride has a lot of other amazing elements to compliment the launch. The Zero G roll is so amazing and at 60 miles per hour is super fast. The 175 foot double inversion is also a great, and unique moment on Maxx Force. People will likely complain about the long lines for a 25 second ride, but anyone who loves coasters will have a blast on this ride.


While at the event I was able to talk with many of the people responsible for creating the ride and was able to learn a lot about the new S&S coaster! When Great America's train is back up and running next year it will go just under the tracks of Maxx Force making for an awesome view. The coaster also interacts nicely with Raging Bull, as they are very close to each other. Finally lets talk about the comfort of this ride. The seats are super comfortable and the ride itself is silky smooth. If you like rough coasters don't ride Maxx Force because it is one of the smoothest coasters I have ever been on.


Great America and S&S have hit a home run with this new coaster! It is a perfect addition to an already great coaster line up at Six Flags Great America.



Maxx Force entrance sign at dawn!


Media Badge


Maxx Force Toy from my swag bag!


Before you ride lets go over the basics. Btw you only new to be 48 inches to ride MAxx Force!


Check out that super cool front end.


A close up on that intense 0 G role!


The emergency wheels at the top of the 175 double inversion (this inversion i heard referred to as the dog tongue. They are not used unless the rare occurrence that the train gets stuck and needs a push.


They were filming each ride today with a drone which was pretty cool to see!


Another view of the zero G roll as seen from the entrance to hurricane harbor.


A view of Maxx Force from Hurricane Harbor's entrance.


The final inversion before the station.


The view from the station into the launch.


Hanging out with Marcus Leshock from WGN Channel 9 a fellow coaster enthusiast.


The launch made my face look like that, wow was that quick!


A very close relationship with the 20 year old B&M Raging Bull.


A view of the track from the exit.


The train as it finishes it journey and returns to the station.

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Great report Steve! Maxx Force looks like a blast and that launch looks EPIC!


I’m still not sure about considering that final element to be two inversions, but hey, if Six Flags keeps building new custom ground-up coasters, I’ll call them whatever they want.


Does that little hop right after the launch give any airtime?

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I know people are complaining about the length of the ride and I get it. I typically don't judge anything before I experience it first hand, but I think I'd rather take Maxx Force any day over a small coaster like a Skyrocket 2 that people always seem to rave about or firmly defend. I like the idea of 20 Seconds of pure speed and craziness vs. my mixed experiences of uncomfortable hang time barrel rolls. I'm a fan of turns. I'd be a lot more willing to stand in line for an hour (lol year right) for Maxx Force vs. a Skyrocket 2.

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I was really not sure how I felt about this ride, I was afraid the air hill would be nothing, the roll SO fast you may not notice and given its very short length, perhaps a lackluster ride (obvs the launch is epic, Hypersonic XLC was still one of the most intense experiences Ive had) but I feel somewhat higher on this ride now. The air hill does seem lacking (confirm?) but if the ride is intense, as it seems to be, it will make up for the shortcomings.


Regardless Ill be out here in 2020 as part of a great northern trip!

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