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  1. Hi everyone! I'd just like to let everyone know I'm an idiot! I thought I'd be "cute" and post the new ride info and BE FIRST to say it on the forums, because somehow I thought maybe that would get girls to like me or something... Turns out...I'm just a moron and all it does is cause the admins to have to do MORE WORK and it got me banned from the forum.
  2. What I find funny is how both Premier and S&S have come under fire this year for having "late" ride openings, yet some seem to be completely neglecting the probably more important fact that this is Six Flags and Parques Reunidos we're talking here. Neither of which are known for getting rides open on time. Meanwhile, Premier didn't seem to have any problem getting the Sky Rocket IIs open on time at the SEAS parks...
  3. Whichever they pick. I'm sure it will grow on us. I mean, Mystic Timbers certainly doesn't sound as bizarre as it did 3 years ago.
  4. Got some rides in before work today this morning Dback x1 Beast x1 FOF x2 Racer x1 Bat x1 I will say this. Words cannot describe how amazing and complete the skyline is going to look atop Beast's second lift hill. It will also be one of the few places that gives you a good angle of the first drop as well...
  5. I always make sure to ride WT at least once a visit, and I feel many others do as well. Its just that its never the first thing to go to in the morning,for obvious reasons, and certainly not the go to end-of-night ride either...for the same reasons. That having said, it would of course be more appreciated at CGA, or MiA, WoF. And a park that gets it could (if they really wanted to) dub it as the world's tallest*, fastest, invert*.
  6. ^That's what I was thinking. Besides, if it truly was to close down as early as September 8th, I think they'd have announced it by now. For reference, Mean Streak announced 8/1/16, to be closed 9/16/16
  7. Dang. I had always heard complaints of a rattle on DB, (a rattle I for one admittedly hardly notice, even towards and in outeredge seats), but very seldom have I heard anyone say it ruined or even significantly diminish the ride. Perhaps its a matter of expectations? After all, no one goes into riding decades old wooden coasters (Beast, Boss) expecting a smooth ride so its not out of the ordinary when they're rough. I guess you could say B&M hypers often fall victim to their own lofty standards, to where anything short of a perfectly smooth ride seems like a letdown.
  8. ^Zodiac was a double-armed ferris wheel that operated in Coney Mall throughout the 70s-80s... There is an easter egg nodding to that ride as well as several "fallen" rides on Antique Autos. While it would certainly fit the constellation theme, I doubt it would be called that. On this note, its cool that the last 3 coaster announcements for KI will have taken place at night (and have all had fitting themes)
  9. Could not agree more there. I've long considered the stand-up to be an inherently flawed concept. No matter how smooth you make the transitions or comfortable the restraints, the fact remains that human kneecaps just aren't meant to have 3-5 gs of force exerted directly onto them. I think its pretty telling how THREE different manufacturers (Intamin, Togo, and lastly B&M) tried their hand at a standup model and none of them were able to gain wide appeal, or at least, wide enough to justify building more. Hasn't been one groundup standup in 20 years (and for good reason!). B&M still offers the model technically, but I highly doubt that we're going to see one within any time frame worth mentioning. That having said, I feel as if the B&M standups could have been a lot more tolerable had they kept their designs relatively simple and not too big or fast. The Togo standups had an advantage in that regard, albeit less comfortable restraints, and worse transitions. I've heard decent things about Georgia Scorcher at least (the last B&M one to be built), which IMO is what they should have been going for all along. There is enough novelty contained in the standing gimmick itself. There was never any need to ratchet these coasters up to 140-150 ft, with 5-6 inversions, as they did with Mantis, Chang/GL, Riddler. They essentially had built floorless coasters but with standup trains (yeah, I know the heartline is different, but you know what I mean).
  10. I'm also one who likes the flying dutchman model. Or at least, Firehawk that is (the only one I've ridden). My main gripe with B&M flyers is starting and ending in the flying position. I'd take a mild sunburn any day over all the blood rushing to my head and feeling like I'm gonna die waiting on the final brake run for ever slow dispatches. Many criticize the Vekoma flyers for spending too much time on your back and not enough in the actual flying position. While that certainly is true and makes them oxymoronical in a sense, I for one find the lying moments to be just as cool, if not cooler, than flying. As someone mentioned earlier, all the switching from fly-lie. That's what I like the most. One of the best moments on any coaster imo, is when you flip over after the lift on a dutchman and face the ground for the first time.
  11. You know its a stacked year for thrill rides when there's no guarantee a 301 ft drop coaster (KI giga) will be considered the best of them all. It, however, also just goes to show how advanced coasters have become in general.
  12. 1) This looks amazing. 2) Now, I'd HATE to continue the pointless banter of Intamins launched history spoken above but if were really to set the record straight - Xcelerator was the first hydraulic launcher by them. With the Superman and Tower of Terror rides (1997) being their first launched in general (LSM) 3) This looks amazing. Love the theme too...
  13. This is exciting stuff! A less powerful launched coaster would be great to complement the great Ka. OR a wooden coaster of lesser proportion to complement El Toro. Either one would be great fits imo. But there are many worthy options as well! (But yes, I'm aware that "world-record breaking" could entail something as small as just another flat - I'm not getting my hopes up TOO much. It would be great though to see the first ground up full coaster since 2006)
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