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  1. Thankfully, one train ops are not something this park has ever been known for, but no idea what it will look like under COVID. The half full trains, I am fully expecting.
  2. New park opening date of April 24 announced today! They moved it up a week!
  3. I would be so happy if they got the shuttle coaster. I miss Tidal Wave a lot at SFGAm, so to have this less than 3 hours away would be fantastic! I would love to have my son experience what launch coasters used to be like.
  4. ^Last Thursday. It was probably the light rain all day that kept it closed. We got on it the time before though. Glad it is running better this year. Very unique ride!
  5. ^If you get on Lost Coaster, consider yourself lucky. It was only open one of the three times we’ve been there. The lift system (or rain) causes problems. Tig’rr we were told cannot run in the rain due to the braking system. Whizzer at SFGAm is also a Schwarzkopf and cannot run in the rain. Beyond its history and an intense first drop, Tig’rr gets pretty rough and is not the greatest coaster around. I don’t know if the new owner will succeed or not either. Having to reopen during the pandemic is obviously very hard on business, and recent owners have struggled. I am glad he was able to sav
  6. Good idea. I felt bad saying no. They were sitting behind us on SH, not next to us, and my son and I had masks on, so I figured the risk was pretty minimal.
  7. Just to bring this back to the park, I took the family to the park today to get our coaster fix since our governor (IL) will not let SFGAm open (except for the water park). Light crowds due to a light rain most of the day, but most of the rides were open, with only Tiger’rr and Lost Coaster closed, Tiger’rr due to rain and Lost Coaster either rain or because it is almost never open anyway. Got on that one years ago thankfully. It felt so good to get on rides again! We were some of the very few weirdos wearing masks most of the day and on the rides. Even though Indiana issued a mask mandate
  8. After reading several news stories on it with the same eyewitness cited, she was ejected over the safety bar, possibly on a turn. Her husband tried to grab her by the foot. Apparently someone else was ejected from this ride and also died in 2009 but the park was not cited then because the rider was behaving inappropriately.
  9. But the new owner of IB is from Chicago, which is in a state that has one of the strictest and slowest reopenings in the entire nation. I am surprised they are not taking more precautions at IB, though Indiana does not have nearly the problem with case numbers as your home state right now, since you insist on politicizing the issue.
  10. Wow. Shocking news. I knew it was not in as good a shape as it used to be, but I am surprised they could not find a buyer. Maybe someone will still come in to save it. We enjoyed our two visits there. Cornball Express has great airtime, Steel Hawg was fun and unique, and we were lucky enough to get a ride on Lost Coaster the second visit.
  11. I have been taking Dramamine an hour and a half before I get to the park for several years and can ride everything as long as I do not go on too many spinning rides in one day. My motion sickness started when I hit adulthood.
  12. The Mindbender accident was due to lack of proper maintenance on the axles. That has been well documented. I read something years ago about the manuals being in German, so the Canadian staff could not translate them properly and did not do proper maintenance. Not sure about this tragedy. It is interesting it happened on a similar ride though.
  13. I don’t know if you had a target weekend or not, but opening weekend (this weekend) is usually not that bad, but October in particular is pretty busy, and warm days get very busy in October. Cooler days are good days to go, but it is generally busy overall due to the waterpark being closed. Arriving at park open will give you a couple good hours to get on rides quickly. The last weekend will probably be busy too. Up to you if you want the ERT.
  14. Regarding Maxx Force, yes, I would go right to it upon entry. I would get to the park earlier than 30 minutes though. Forty-five minutes to an hour would be better, as the lines outside will be long. We usually arrive 45 minutes early. Security lines usually open 30 minutes early, and the park either opens 15 minutes early to queue up at rides before they open at 10:30, or they let you in right at 10:30. It varies for some reason.
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