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  1. Several of us got to participate in a photo/video shoot for Sally Dark Rides on Wednesday. And we got lots of rides in the process. Sworn to not reveal details on the 4D Volcanu-Quest for the Golden Idol but I'll say this....It's the best dark ride I've ridden. Very immersive and people are going to love it. Things are still running a bit behind in the park but they're making good progresson construction and detail stuff. . Like everywhere, staffing is an issue too. They still have June 10 on the calendar for opening but that could certainly get pushed.
  2. I almost think they're going to have a bigger problem with labor for the first season than finishing the park. Not only do they have to staff the waterpark but now this as well. Eric Bertch (from the family that is building it) said they basically have all of the 14 and 15 year old eligible positions filled but the 16 and over positions have a ton of openings. With that in mind they aren't going to pre-sell season passes or multi-day tickets for the first season. Optimistically they might make mid-June but the log flume and the launch coaster are lagging somewhat. They just got the launch hydaulics in and it's not totally installed yet. The Carousel isn't on site yet and I don't think the Zulawa Wave "Music Express" ride was either, if they're still installing that one in this phase. There's some great attention to detail in the theming for the various realms but it's got a long way to go. This park is deceiving in looks. When you first walk through the gates it doesn't look likie much but as you traverse the park pathways there's so much more. We didn't see anything other than the loading area for the dark side but based on the descriptions it's going to be very good as it has all of the latest bells and whistles that Sally has to offer.
  3. Pic of the new trains below. One was in the station and this one was parked at the brake run.
  4. Things are on track for this park to open on June 3. Probably going to be some training "soft opening" dates as well. I'm doing a construction tour this Sunday. They have part of their website up and running now as well. Lost Island Theme Park
  5. ]It's because it's technically beyond straight down for part of the first drop. Difficult to explain but there's a few feet of track that are inward from 90 degrees. Kind of a silly claim but it is what it is.
  6. I'll believe it when I see it but lost island Waterpark near waterloo, IA has announced a 200 acre Theme Park opening in 2022. Lost Island Theme Park
  7. Great report...I'm an hour and a half away and I'm guilty of not visiting here enough. Like you I have the SF Membership and go to SFGAm a few times a year and Cedar Point a couple times a year. Granted they are two different animals but SF is really starting to irritate me with poor operations and service. Your report has inspired me to hit adventureland a couple times before the season is over I'll choose quality over quantity of rides.
  8. Hopefully this helps....Last time I was at Union Station there wasn't much in there. I think I Pricelined a room at the Hotel for like $50.
  9. Mabel's downtown has Cleveland Style BBQ. The sauce is mustard based.
  10. Agreed, Famous Daves is OK if there aren't other choices. I'm not crazy about "Cleveland style" BBQ which I tried in Cleveland on one of my visits. I actually thought the brisket at BackBeatQ was better than FD. I'm within four hours of KC and STL as well and I always visit Q39 in KC. Same with Bogarts in STL. Ok...Back to coasters........
  11. Things were a little more normal around the park today. The train was back running (it was down Sunday due to water) and the beach at Breakers was at least partially accessible. Still lots of water around parking lots for some of the employee housing. Valravyn was doing more testing this morning but still not open.
  12. Nothing to do with coasters....Water, water everywhere on the outskirts of the park. Much worse than when I was here last month. Even part of the ADA section of the main lot has some water. Side note....Caught part of a rehearsal for the band that plays for Cedar Point Nights on the stage by Windseeker today. I think they sound even better than last year.
  13. At Cedar Point for Top Thrill Dragster they have a recording the operator triggers that says "arms down" while you're waiting for launch. Some operators keep playing it until everyone puts their arms down, others don't. I haven't seen anyone's arms fly off yet.
  14. Any guesses as to whether they're going to allow the Skip the line passes that some membership levels get on Maxx Force?
  15. A little off the path from the original post but are there still any parks that don't allow single riders in the back row? I used to come across this now and then but can't remember the last time it happened. They always said it was a liability thing.
  16. I'm very often a single rider and not real picky about where I ride. But, I will occasionally request a certain row and with the exception of Valravn I don't think I've ever been refused. More times than not there's another single to pair with anyuway. I drive nine hours to visit CP two or three times a year. Sure I'd always like to sit in my favorite seat on various coasters but I try to be flexible too. I understand the frustration from those that make CP a once or twice in a lifetime trip that don't like being told where to sit but sometimes you still have to bite your tongue and do what you're told. I suppose technically disobeying can fall under the ride instructions section of the Ohio law. I bet if you smile and say please, nine times out of ten you'll get to sit where you want.
  17. The price point they were using in the survey ($249) is too high for a hotel room for that park. Even if it includes some in-park credit it's still too much. some of the survey questions were indeed weird. They asked me some SFGAm questions as well. The way they were worded they seemed to assume i lived hear Gurnee. I don't. Not sure what was up with that.
  18. It was running for early entry on Sunday. Nice. Looks like the noon open is gone!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I think they started opening for early entry about a week ago. Good thing. It was an unbelievable cluster with the noon opening when I was there earlier this month.
  19. SFGAm has stopped using the finger scanners as well, and were taking photos of everyone entering when i was there a few weeks ago.
  20. American Thunder at SFStL on Saturday. I such a headache after The Boss and Ninja this one was a piece of cake.
  21. Is Top Thrill Dragster back running? Wednesday AM it went down. Had the weakest launch I've ever seen, only halfway up the tower. They tried launching one completely empty train after that and it did the same. Didn't sound right either. Never reopened the rest of the day that I saw.
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