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  1. It would be awesome if they had the boat swinging out over the buildings edge. Give the Dragon a bit of an "edge"
  2. Not very optimistic that we would ever get any of the other chains big investments, and sadly that area is also a haunt This park does need something big for the next announcement, would that happen, who knows. Would it be more likely a flat over a bigger coaster, most likely.
  3. They will probably just use the pad for some kinda haunt, and decorate it with flowers in the other seasons
  4. I haven't been since my kid was young, but here are some of the policy's on thier website. I do remember they do have a toddler section though. Hope that helps! Under Rides and Slides, Heights and Restrictions
  5. I haven't heard or seen anything public myself, so I wonder how fast the ride came down. The park did have a flea market going on in the parking lot March 11th and there are a few pictures floating around on Facebook and I found it interesting Xcalibur is still standing in a unknown state. Which previously we've seen the arm suspended upright, now the arm is back down in the photo. I do understand it was a fair ride and they are meant to set up and take down fast. So I bet once they had the components needed removed, they probably dropped the arm and removed in a day or so. But that's my guess, sad the park gave no fanfare to it's removal but this six flags after all.
  6. On another topic, City Museum aquires Sea Dragon Now wonder if they will stick it up on the roof along with the ferris wheel. I say this is pretty cool, but will it be functional?
  7. That was fast, wonder what else has been changing over the last few months. Only a few more weeks before the GP will see what is to come.
  8. This I totally agree on. SFStL not being totally controlled by corporate gave them more flex on how they wanted to see the ride maintained. As time goes on the not so corporate feel is pretty much gone now the corporation feel has it's claws deep in the park. Anyway, I think after doing a total reprogramming of the rides original carnival loop and on top of replacing about every part they could of gave to Xcalibur, it was given a decent life and we were all lucky for that investment. But like Danrarbc said, it was only a matter of time. I would love to see a company get thier hands on the rights and drawings to build a new varation of Xcalibur being how unique it is. Bring back the never built giant version along with the upside down hold to a park in the US that is built to modern ride building practices and I would think you would have a hit.
  9. I'm surprised no one has mentioned but you can see the whole ride from Google Street View. You can even see the trains on the track. Looks like a fun ride.
  10. Ah okay, def. didn't see that back there. I haven't got around to messing around with Planet Coaster, still rocking RCT3 Also I would still love to know what those plans would've been, I don't think still that's going to happen but who knows maybe this whole time RMC has been manufacturing the track needed and SFStL is just waiting on the green light to announce it.
  11. ^That skyline looks weird without the elevated train or Ninja in the background. As much as a hyper looks great in the front, just imagine if they install a hyper or even a giga on the hill behind Boss and Eagle. The station could start where Tidal Wave once stood, and use the hill as a awesome terrian and height beast. Better yet let's just get crazy theoretical and have the first Strata in Missouri on that hill. I'd rather have a hyper/giga over a RMC conversion. I think it would be a bigger draw to the park, Boss would def. benefit but in the long run I would rather see a new coaster to the parks count especially since we don't get to see a massive investment very often. Now if money was no cost to SFStL; RMC the Boss, titan track Screaming Eagle and American Thunder with new GCI trains, build a hyper/giga, new trains for Ninja and Batman, and get one of those skyline terrian coasters to replace mine train
  12. Right! Or we had webcams like the Cedar Fair parks. Excited to see how the park will change up that corner, hopefully not just half-done. Also, less than a month to go before SFStL opens, anyone else going in April?
  13. Interesting that with all the options we have speculated on that they would possibly go so close to Boss, and that they would also possibly need to reroute the queue to Boss. Give props if this is to maximize the max amount of space to squeeze in more rides or a bigger ride, but I wonder if they do move the queue will it have a impact on Boss not being open for a few months.
  14. Sounds like the new management is good at throwing in the towel for old or hard to repair rides. To bad there is not such a thing as a ride museum that goes out of their way to buy and operate old ride, especially so many unique flat rides lost to time. It's like how there is museums that goes out and restore old trains and make them operational. I hope SFStL gives us a good ride to replace Excalibur. Not another Wonder Woman terrible replacement. That Highland Fling is still very missed in my household.
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