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  1. I believe the land is flat enough to put any ride there without to much work, the only real hill is under the lift and drop which should be leveled anyway to remove Tidal Waves supports, I honestly don't think land clearing would be a problem. I cant wait to see what Six Flags decides to put in Tidal Waves spot, especially since they are also clearing out the land of the former go cart tracks for Cat Woman's Whip; which I would have thought that they would continue there efforts there. Anybody up for another flat for 2021/2022? I think everyone said that about the 2018's HITP, e
  2. Back in July I said the same thing, a RMC Raptor would fit nicely using RailBlazer's measurements
  3. Plans are some updates to the lighting this offseason. That is great news to hear, I hope this time they can keep it working, I am glad they are getting around to the small things. And the whole thing about Ninja, please Six Flags spend a little extra on new trains for Ninja, it really needs some more love.
  4. While that's a nice view, the back of my mind is saying nope to high time to get down. What do you usually do maintenance on that high up? Are we ever going to get the lights at the top working right on Skyscreamer?
  5. Kentucky Flyer type ride would be a cool addition, but I still think something smaller and more compact like Little Dipper could be a win at our park. But yes I know, this is Six Flags, don't dream to high. That makes sense, I didn't think of all the struggles getting up the hill and the extra cost of regrading of the soil to do so. I guess we have to wait and see what they have in store during construction and what they announce next year, I just hope its not just one ride and done type of thing. I wonder if they are doing anything else beyond Catwoman next year, like any s
  6. I wouldn't think that it would get that high, I know decks are expensive and labor costs are costly, but once the main structure is down (really someone can pull a permit, detach the bridge from the ride, rent a bulldozer and knock the bridge down, all that would be left is cleanup). My idea for what could be a cheap solution is to start from the station's current exit/entrance and zigzag straight down to the ground and concrete walkway the rest of the way to the entrance following the helix (unless there would be a future ride closer and could tie with Boss). But I could be wrong on my thinki
  7. Yes I understand the cost would be high, I mean a 2X4X8 treated pine goes for almost $8.00, multiply that by many linear square feet and add the costs of concrete, structural engineers, and permits that would need to be pulled. The cost would go well above $15,000, heck even $30,000. But with them already having permits pulled for a new ride/demo, engineers already hired, and heavy equipment on the site; I say half that cost is already cut in half. But again I understand that it will not be financially feasible for the park unless they got something that needs to fit in that space, and li
  8. I can see that costing twice of the boss queue since that requires removing multiple concrete pads and walkways and possibly a full station remodel to handle crowds better, Boss on the other hand is mostly wood and some concrete supports. Take the bridge down, straighten or move the entrance before the tracks, follow the helix back and zigzag back up to the station. I mean if they got the equipment and spending money to tear out the go-carts, why not fix the queue in the process. And don't get me wrong, I am just a enthusiast who like's my home park, but I know they most likely won't move
  9. True you have a point about why now not later, I am just curious if any one would think that as a good optimization to that area, I mean we are a bunch of enthusiast's why can't we think of the "what if's". I have no idea how compliant the Boss queue would be for people who are disabled, I have never gave thought to it until now. But I think it would be "better" as in to upgrade to current standards of ADA compliance as the ride and queue were built in the 2000's, and standards are always changing. "SF Corporate is not looking at aesthetics" - I disagree, sure the aesthetics right now
  10. Boss queue is not being changed. That would be a shame for them not to take advantage of all that open land by not moving the boss queue back and using the space efficiently. Why do they need to do that to put in Catwoman? How would they profit financially from moving the queue? What is the revenue increase that will result from Boss having a different queue configuration? Would it be greater than the cost to construct that queue? Benefit would be better space utilization for future use of other rides in that location, plus make the Boss better ADA compliant. I would not think the
  11. Boss queue is not being changed. That would be a shame for them not to take advantage of all that open land by not moving the boss queue back and using the space efficiently. I wish Six Flags Great America is next on that list of removing their go carts, that area is ugly and smells bad of gas. I hope not, the current space is already tight with the Boss queue and now Catwoman, without space optimization I can see it being just as bad as its current location by American Thunder.
  12. No one has yet to mentioned what will happen to the Boss queue line, will it change? I know renders are only giving us a general idea but the way they show the ride queue squeezed next to the tracks makes me wonder if they are keeping the bridge for the Boss. I would have thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to push the queue line back and open that area way up. Also surprised to see the go-carts go, I wonder if they will relocate or disappear like the bumper cars.
  13. I some what disagree, Six Flags Great America went out of their way to buy and restore the Little Dipper from a defunct park, a local treasure to many people who grew up near Chicago. They didn't have to go out and buy a run down coaster, completely dismantle and rebuild and modify the ride to current safety standards. I bet there are other story's like that in other SF parks. Saying it is a museum is a stretch, but you can tell there is still love there for the rides. I wish we a had a Little Dipper at SFStL
  14. To me they look quite good if fake, the footings are strong and in the right areas, it even has a seal of approval. I doubt they would have paid a architect to get the footings accurate just to fool us, saying that there is usually more than one contractor and assistants to site and layout I really could believe someone really leaked this. I think they could have gotten in trouble and possibly found if they showed the other drawings, and reveling who they are. Also note they go to the trouble of covering important details, like ride manufacture and possibly the job and bid number. I d
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