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  1. I hope they add some kind of shade like tress or a shade pavilion, cause Supergirl area gets awful hot during the spring/summer months. But totally agree @Danrarbc , sparse or not, I love seeing the park finally updating and removing a very dated area of the park and I can't wait to see what progress is done by opening season next year.
  2. Agreed, Screamin Eagle is sorely missed, flying through the trees during a nice fall day is the best Guess The Boss will have to be a stand in this year Honestly in my opinion, SFStL HITP right now is really only for locals, not much for people traveling unless they really want to see the park lit up for the holidays or they just love American Thunder that much. I wonder if the park ever did build something big in the back, like a one of a kind coaster, if they would consider opening the rest of the park during the holidays. (Staff shortages not included)
  3. @CP_RULES Yes, I was standing near the (former) pizzeria. From what I can see, everything is pretty much gone besides some leftover concrete, the outdoor deck seating area, and the queue for Eagle is still there. Also they have the upper section of the Bugs Bunny area closed off down by Old Glory and you can't get past the hill near the pizzeria.
  4. Sunday the 17th of October, I finally got a chance to go back to the park. I got there around 1pm and stayed to ride a few rides, the parking lot was already in overflow and by the time I left with parking being moved to the RV/Bus area. Quite a few flat rides were not operational which was strange to see. All coasters besides Screamin Eagle were operational, I got a glance at the construction area around Eagle which the arcade is completely flatened and Superman and queue gone. Area looks nice opened up, can't wait for next year progress update.
  5. Don't forget 5$ for water from the vending machines Without doubt it is their most lucrative profit outside of the arcade games, the quality of the food proves it . They know people will pay for convenience even if something is cheaper right next door. I think its a ploy so that they can sell you a all-day/season dining pass, the ads are every where in the park. And also just think, movie theaters charge you an arm and leg for concessions because that's where the profit is. The movie companys take so much of the profit away from the actual ticket sales that there forced to compensate for the loss.
  6. The metro east in Illinois; specifically East St. Louis, Chaokia Heights, and extending outside of Belleville crime is rampant and the poverty rate is on the rise. Not very nice on this side of the river.
  7. Looking at the picture you took, yeah I am surprised they didn't try to do more with it, I bet 90% of the GP wouldn't notice a difference until the thing lights up at night. I'm glad they cleaned up the old sign, it's not impressive, but I also understand this is Six Flags which is the "budget" park brand now. The new queue line has came along quite a ways since I last visited, it looks a lot nicer and I'm glad it finally got a shortcut. Sure it's only a small improvement and it's still a hike to get back there, but at least we can cut out the first half when the park is not crowded. I only wish they can remove the haunt next to Batman, it looks so tacky and congested when you exit Batman. Don't forget Ninja Dividers in both Ninja and Batman I believe were the first post season to get the nice dividers, I hope they do fix the caves of the other rides before the end of the 2021 season, cause it really does affect the feel of walking into the station seeing giant grey solid walls. If you can get the over the head restraints down, it can be a fun little ride. It's not a lot, but I always found the flat to be a fun addition to the park, compared to Boomerang behind it. It's now the employees lounge, but I agree it looks real tacky with its old facade, I hope that the building gets a new look to blend in when Catwoman is installed along with opening and clearing of the old arcade/food stand. Boss has its place as I still think it is fun, but I agree it can be jarring at times especially when the train hits the MCBR, and I miss being thrown into the final helix even if it was rough, but that is my own opinion. For now, unless someone else has an insider secret, no one really knows since they halted all work in the area. And glad to hear Freeze was working this weekend. I miss the old Scooby Doo ride, I know the ride was out of place in the DC area and it was starting to have a some wear and tear, but I found it more kid friendly then the more intense Justice league ride. Don't get me wrong, the ride when is working it can be a fun way to get out of the heat, but I don't hardly ever bother since it always has a line. And @bert425 I think the SFStL version is never properly working, as it always seem something is broken, another reason to avoid our version. During my last visit they where also giving out "strikes" to people refusing to put masks up. And saying that these are amusement parks, I can see even WOF enforcing the policy outdoors as the "as long social distance is meet" is near impossible. Every visit to SFStL this year, people has been piled up every place you turned, no one was properly distancing themselves. People in my area only really go to Holiday World for the water park, and I don't know of many people that has touched Six Flags Great America down in southern IL. Most people around here would rather go to the City Museum (which is interestingly now owned by Premier) or go to Silver Dollar City. I agree that Saint Louis is a very run down city, and also the population is not as dense as lets say Chicago. The city is all but to blame for how things turned out, they turned away some big business, and they really need to clean up the slums. But in defense we still have some nice things to be proud of like the Saint Louis Zoo along with all of Forest Park, the City Museum and now the Union Station Aquarium with its Ferris Wheel. If they just clean up the blight, and bring down crime, Saint Louis wouldn't be as bad.
  8. That would be interesting to see other colors for different events, I was wondering before if the same could be applied to all the new LED spotlights around the park and on the coasters. I guess we will have to wait and see what else they have in store.
  9. Definitely different, here is a video I found on Facebook, some higher up at Six Flags sure enjoys that RGB strobe. Not sure how I like the final effect, I would've figured more lights (Griswold!), but let's see how the GP likes : 181633987_476441003565879_9150220756519398532_n.mp4
  10. Surprised they didn't, I guess they didn't want to bother with updating it any more, or else they could be saving that feature for a taller sign facing the interstate? Edit: They have a space on the other side for manual updates: Either way it still looks good, glad to see they are extended the love to all corners of the park. Next up, update the parking gates, give them a more modern clean apperance. That would make the front parkway entrance really stand out. Edit: They also posted that they are fixing up the flag poles in the plaza and are having all flags flying again, but they didn't mention if it would be the actual Six Flags that flew over the United States. Like Danrarbc said, they have all new imaging scanners that is a breeze to walk through unless you have a stroller or handbag thats to thick. If they suspect or can't see whats on you, they will pull you to the side to do a full check. They also have a touchless temp reader that you have to walk through now, and they have a lot more security than I ever remember in prior years not only at the entrance, but throughout the park. Also has anyone noticed all the bomb sniffer dogs at the entrance? Never would thought that would be a problem.
  11. That is very unfortunate to hear, I ain't sure how much impact they had outside of the forums, but at least HWfan will always be remembered on here. I got curious and checked ACE website, and it is not designated as Coaster Classic, rather a Coaster Landmark "A designation reserved for rides of historic significance". So I guess there would be no hurt if Six Flags decided to outsource to RMC topper or Titan Track, if they believe the ROI is worth paying. I honestly believe that most days Screamin Eagle is pretty smooth though, the only downside is the tight squeeze in the trains. Agreed, outside of a few places on Facebook, TPR is really the only place left that we can convene to talk about our favorite parks, even the ones that don't get all the love from the GP. Negative-G (yeah I know, I'm going to get stink for mentioning) I think was the only other forum, but they too shuttered their forums as the cost to run it was too great as of last year. So yes, I really hope TPR will be around for decades to come, we all need a home for our nerdiness I can't even remember the last time I saw promotions for Six Flags in my area, all I ever see is Holiday World billboards and park ticket discounts offered everywhere. (Heck our local Taco Bell sells discounted tickets to a park 2 hours away )
  12. I agree 100% that I would rather see a new coaster over replacing Freeze any day. Just all thoughts coming out of my head thats all, I know the park cant get its ROI if it just goes willy nilly and starts fixing/replacing everything in the park. This aint Premier Six Flags now Agreed, I love hearing back from employees, so employees don't mind my rattling I also agree that I miss hearing from HWFan, I haven't seen him post in a while on this parks fourm. That honestly wouldn't be bad for Screamin Eagle to get some topper track, maybe some new wider trains if/or when they do. But wouldn't modifying the track mean it would lose its ACE status?
  13. Question that arises is how much would it cost, like previously mentioned, for Six Flags to gut and rewire the whole control system to work with the newer Gen LIMs. Its not a question of will it work, but how much green is Six Flags willing to spend on a coaster thats almost 30 years old. Again thats why I think if it comes down to that, I wouldn't be surprised if they have thier finance department calculate a new coaster vs completely reworking a old coaster. (This is not a RMC after all ) And sure this conversation is pointless to anyone but the readers on this fourm, but we are fans that always are thinking of the what-ifs
  14. I've personally never considered Mr Freeze "Reverse Blast" a top attraction, but I understand it has its enthusiasts And I really don't see Freeze going any where anytime soon, it's still a good enough coaster, it keeps the GP happy when it works. But I agree, we are lucky enough for the changes the park is making to improve the overall experience. Hopefully one day we will see the big marquee roller coaster that everybody wants to see, but little touches like getting a new plaza, sign, and now the freakin batmobile is awesome
  15. I wonder if they actually are using the newer gen LIMs by now, I can't imagine Premier still manufacturing the old ones. But from what I understand it ain't 100% the LIMs fault with the design of the coaster mostly to blame, along with the huge power requirements for the ride requiring its own huge transformer. Personally, again, I wouldn't be sad to see Freeze go, especially if they put in a better launch coaster in its place. The amount of downtime and maintenance, coupled with the huge power demands, I wonder how much longer this coaster has at this park. Edit: Also if they did put LIMs in the valleys, I wonder how hard it would be to A: Install and B: to keep aligned so that way it don't get torn up by the train passing though. But I may just be overthinking it
  16. I agree with CP_Rules that it would take either LIMS in the valleys or else a whole reprofile of the coaster before the spike and add a straight track with LIMS to make it up and send back to the station. But the amount of time and money spent just trying to get the current LIMS to even work with their current power restraints, I highly doubt Premier has a solution that would warant a coaster this old (without big dollar signs). It almost would be better to see them remove Freeze and install a new gen Launch in its place by that point. I can totally agree with that, it is very well worn. Speaking of queue lines, Six Flags needs to fix or get rid of all the broken TV's in the park. I swear nothing looks more tacky than those ugly broken TVs.
  17. Not sure much can be done with Shazam, and really though the whole are over there is mostly dead. If you were to improve, my thoughts would be to clear out the old arcade next to it and put in another flat, with another one possibly across from Shazam next to the bathroom and breathe some family friendly fun next to the Log Flume My thoughts exactly, but if they want to take off more than 10 years in infrastructure, they really need to install something to also bring profits in to keep supporting these improvements. The work that has been done I think is enough to warrant a big investment like a coaster, maybe with the increased revenue from such a big investment could than be used to take another 10 years off the park. So I am guessing they stripped everything out of the Batmobile besides the shell for a static display, I wonder how well that will keep up over time. Also on the topic of cars, I also wish they would bring the cop car back, because that always looked pretty cool especially when the lights and hydrant were going. I am actually pretty glad they are getting rid of Superman, that are was always dead with the theming falling apart and the ride looking pretty ugly over the years. Catwoman may not be a perfect choice, but it is what they had, and I am glad to see it in a better spot then over by the old go carts. The old go cart area has so much potential for a bigger better ride in that area, and hopefully a better use for re-profiling The Boss queue line. And who knows that whole area by Screamin Eagle still has so much potential that could eventually squeeze in another Drop later down the road. It rides rough, the trains beat you up, and the mid course brake run takes the train to a halt, but the ride is still mad fun and you can't go wrong with that Also as long as temps are above 60, you should have no problems getting a ride. The last time I went it was in the mid to low 50s and it was running, though with sandbags. The only ride I have doubts on not running is Mr. Freeze, it seems like they are having a lot of early season blues with the spikes LIMS. Well to be fair SFGAm parking lot is way bigger/busier than SFStL, I would imagine with how much traffic they have it would be harder to keep clean especially with lack of workers. Early season blues with the rides LIMS on the spike, it should be fully working by mid season.
  18. I don't think the whole station would need a reconstruction, it just needs a few feet extended in the main station so that way people are not crowded past the turnstile, while the ramps and walkway could be gutted and reprofiled for an easier wider walk up to the station. Also they have that bright white flood from the station still pointed towards the hill, but now they also got those new power hour floods facing the front of it. And great news about Batman getting back something that most of us has never seen. I really hope they continue spucing up all the old queue lines throughout the park.
  19. I think it looks offset to line up with the new shortened walkway
  20. Update on The Batman, it looks like the concrete work is done on the new logo area in the front queue. I would've thought they might have put some grass or flowers around the logo but they went for a full concrete pad: \ CREDIT: ANDREW BRAKE, Facebook
  21. You can still get Season Parking for free if you buy during one of their sales: This is heavily cropped, the full version is here: Passes and Memberships Also Season Parking is free right now for anyone that wants a Season Pass of 4/29/2021: Prices valid only at Six Flags Saint Louis
  22. @jackinbox Just make sure you buy and activate your membership at your home park, lets say you go to SFGAm and had still not activated your membership at SFStL you will most likely be denied entry to SGAm. And then according to their FAQ's : "A very limited number of Membership benefits (such as free tickets for friends) are only valid at your home park. Discounts on food, merchandise, tickets, tours, etc are valid at all parks." Also Six Flags, for years now, have prioritized memberships over season passes as the "ultimate way to enjoy Six Flags". Straight from their FAQ page: Their reason you should still buy a season pass:
  23. Ah yes you are correct, but this is Six Flags after all! How much are they willing to put into theming thier front sign? The plaza is one thing, but to do it again on a bigger scale is another On another note, if they did, how will they differentiate themselves from McDs
  24. I wonder if they will carry the arch theme to the new front sign, something in the vein of the new plaza logo.
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