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  1. Not only is it probably too expensive, why would they RMC Eagle with goliath in the same park, let alone so close to it.
  2. The launches feel much different. Maxx Force feels instant with a lot of track to go before you go up. TTD feels like it accelerates forever. There is quite a bit of track with no acceleration on MF before you go up....faster acceleration for sure, but I prefer the TTD launch because it goes on forever in comparison. Visually TTD looks better as well, there is a lot of space between the launch and where you start to go up, obviously the height too. That being said MF is a fantastic ride that has a very good shorter layout, and silky smooth. Launch goes to TTD, overall ride, I think MF may have it.
  3. Do you mind pointing the direction where we can see or read something about this? I'd be interested to check it out. I'm pretty sure this is not verifiable information at this time. Jason McClure mentioned it at Coastermania, and didnt say where in the peninsula it would be going, but it has been assumed it is going where Sandcastle was.
  4. Isnt it already the world smallest dueling hybrid, which would make it the first park with three hybrids?
  5. Copperhead Strike having sensor problems all day, goes down for about 20 to 30 min at a time. Just like it cant tell when a train passes over a sensor, so down to one train now......
  6. I'm in. What to bet on.....if there is one?, what kind? Where? My point is simple. The plan of a coaster every 2 years at CP is extremely lucrative, so I am on the 2020 train for sure.
  7. I guess I'll just keep posting statements then. 2017 accommodations flat, just like I surmised. But wait they state that that is the primary source of out of park revenue. So no, I cant quantify it because I am not their accountant. But if their primary source of out of park revenue is accommodations, would it be safe to say that their primary park with accommodation would effect this line more than say a secondary contributor to this number. And I would consider accommodations the Marina as well, people go in and out all the time. Yes gas would count too, just like the omelette at Perkins would. After all, you wouldn't be eating that omelette if you weren't at Breakers.
  8. Alright, there is no point to this. There is another line on financials towards the top that you are referring to that was $177 million in 2018 that is accommodations and other add on spending. How do I know out of park spending is for accommodation. Because they said it. It will post it here again. "Out of park spending up 6%, duty to higher hotel occupancy levels and higher rates." That's it, they said it. Of course I cant prove from cedar point. But would it stand to reason that if you property that has 1600 rooms would effect that more than say, a campground at carowinds that is significantly cheaper per night. Or a 320 room hotel. It is just a guess, and yes you could argue against it. But come on, be reasonable....of course that bump came from CP. That's why they spent the money on renovation and expansion, that's why they are putting more hotels on other properties.
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