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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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OK I need to stop sitting here feeling jealous of these trips and plan to go on next years Europe trip. That spinner looks really good. Is it a good thing that I am getting jealous of a two year old who has travelled more than me???

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A few things...Europe parks are amazing as usual and KT is going to be so pissed to go back to US parks where she can't do anything. As for her bows... Www.thebowlady.com amazing bows!!! We're about to head out of Hansa now and it was another amazing day! The new coaster is Amazing!!! And KT rode a million more rides and the giant roller skater!

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Grrrr....Im jealous beyond words. I should so be there. I had originaly planned to be there.


Stupid expensive summer wedding.


Ok, Im happy about the wedding but I still feel like Im missing all the fun.


I may have to join the anti-scandi crew where I can be all bitter and jealous.

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Yes, Kristin is the second cutest little girl in the United States (and somedays, when Sammi is being evil, I would even give KT top spot!!). I loved that she is getting to ride all that stuff.... how I wish I were with you guys!!


Loving the updates....



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We're about to head out of Hansa now and it was another amazing day!

Gee Dan... how'd you spend your day?


Umm... let's see... NOT riding the Star Flyer at Hansa Park.




I hate you guys SO much!!

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really, really awesome trip report. but i don`t think that i would trusted in such a brakeman OK... maybe i would.


and for all the people which can`t imagine how fast the lift from tornado is, in this video you can see it (on second 33 you see how its pushed into the first drop):


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OK, since I paid for internet access, I might as well make some comments on the trip:


Amazing Fact We Learned: The difference between a bacon cheeseburger and a cheeseburger is apparently...BACON (Thanks Hanno!)


Amazing Fact #2: Ice cream is cold (Thanks Hot Fuzz Rich!)


Phrase That You'll Only Ever Hear At Bon Bon Land: "Yeah, the vomiting rat is still over there".


Most Insane Thing Ever: Letting Robb be the brakeman on the coaster. Seriously, this was so awesome. And had he killed the train full of riders, there would have been more room on the bus for the rest of us!


Ride Of The Trip (so far): Tornado. Absolutely insane, especially the way it THROWS you over the lift and launches you into the most insane spinning twisting speedy ride experience ever. There is no way I could marathon this, as the spinning was very intense. Robb and I have almost altered the fabric of space and time with teacup rides in the past, and I still don't think it was anything as intense as this. I predict that there is no way one of these will ever be built in the US, unless they figure out a way to brake it ever three feet or so. I'd love to be wrong about that, though, as I'd love to have one of these somewhat closer than a day away by plane.


Song Of The Trip: The Snack Song. If you're on a trip in the future, you'll be singing this.


Thing That Probably Made Trip Participants The Happiest So Far: I'm guessing that NOT having to play Elissa Bingo is right up there! Deep South/Texas and West Coast Trip participants will not be so lucky...


The trip rocks hard thus far, and we haven't even gotten to the godliness that is Balder yet. I've taken about 700 pictures so far, and four or five of them might actually be good. Look forward to many photos of Ice Bat in front of random objects in the future...



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There are rumors circling on the ECC mailing list, that this season might be the last with brakemen's at Bakken on Rutschebanen. Since there are some new trains coming next year that will make the brakemen's redundant...


Maybe that's why they let him "drive" the train, so it didn't matter that much if he had crashed it...



We had a great time when we visited Bakken little over a week ago.

I can agree that Tornado gives a brutal ride, and it suffers bad from neck slashing due to it's twistyness, but since it's a spinner then not all rides do that...


Looking forward to the report from Hansa Park...

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As with Dave sitting right across from me right now, I paid for 'value' internet access and had a few minutes left. I also wanted to to comment on how incredible this trip has been so far!


We may not have done a 'large' park but the atmosphere, people and craziness along with some of the most imaginative attractions around have made the trip worth every penny and then some. Stay tuned for Hansa and Fluch Von Novgorod updates! Can't wait for Sommerland Syd and Legoland tomorrow!


Oh, in addition to the amazing company, parks and cities, snack time will be a favourite time.


^Unfortunately, the rumors are true (for various reasons) but the other improvements coming will only continue to maintain the park's traditions and uniqueness.

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Today was Hansa Park...the "original Legoland." The park today, however, looks nothing like a Legoland (it was like 30 years ago!)


The park though, is undergoing many changes and has vastly improved since our last visit in 2005.


New this year was "Fluch von Novgorod" which is the first ever Gerstlauer launched Euro-Fighter!


It's kind of part Mystery Mine, part Revenge of the Mummy. We are told that many of the effects and theming won't be installed until this fall, but what they have already is still better than 90% of the theming on most US coasters!


Anyway, onto some photos...


Elissa got another McDonalds credit! "These French Fries turn me on! Oh, french fries...do me!"


Next stop...back to Denmark!


Rich is just hanging out in the swanky German McDonalds.


We found this cardboard cutout of Big Mike in the middle of this little German town! he's so famous!


"Oh, good! I needed to buy a new afro."


German Graffiti?


Hansa Park has added a ropes course attraction much like the one at Toverland. It looked awesome.


"Two men enter...One man leaves."


By the end of this trip, KidTums will be a card carrying member of the NRA.




KidTums will soon be starting "FrogHopperReview.com"


OMG, my ass has totally been lifted off the ground.


All TPR members love to bounce!


The bouncy bubbles are totally amazing. They are like part trampoline / part bouncy castle...completely awesome!


Big Mike is DAMN sure!!!!


Again, guys, it's the "Crazy" Mine, not the "Mentally challenged" Mine.


Being constipated on the Starflyer is a very dangerous thing


There aren't many rides out there that have the potential for poop to start flying out of my butt. The Starflyer is one of them!


The world will end on October 6th, 2009.


Holy Clamshells Batman! I actually FOUND the topless mermaid attraction!!!


This bizarre "double Bayern Curve" is themeed to a mexican village....yup!


The park really is beautiful. It reminds me of a more compact Heide Park.


"Ok, time to find out who's going to eat the cracker!"


OMG is that bacon wrapped asparagus? Between this and the topless mermaid attraction I'm never leaving this park!


This is a public service message from TPR to all theme park operators. This is an AMAZING idea. A totally padded childrens play area in the MIDDLE of the restauraunt. Where the parents can eat while the kids play. Why don't more parks have something this awesome? WHY?!?!?




Craig is still here trying to figure out how to get the raft to move from point A to point B.


When you wear your TPR pancho chicks will come flying at you. No, seriously, it's like one of those tennis ball machines...but with chicks.


Guys, it says "Crazy" Mine, not "Retarded" Mine.


The banana boat ride = awesomeness.


"Hey Wes! I'm having sex with a giraffe!"


KidTums rode the Roller Skater and she freaking *LOVED* it.


Ladies, please, do me a favor and take Hanno out and show him a good time. (and when I say show him a good time I mean have dirty nasty fun with him that will make his pelvis sore for a week.)


If you can spot the "coaster porn" in this picture, email dan and tell him where it is - mrt0ad13@aol.com. He will send you $10*


*This is totally a lie.


Can someone please remove that flag out of my head? Thank you!


We took over the Schwarzkopf looper.


Yeah, ok, that caption sucked...sue me!


That shiny stuff you are seeing is the acid theming eating away at the riders flesh.


This is the part of the ride that will receive more theming at the end of the year. Honestly, it was already awesome!


Gerstlauer zero-G roles are really, really sexy and make even sterile men horny.


WTF is a Wolkow?!?!? Is that a cow on a wall?


It's a pretzel turn...kind of like on Magnum...but with a LOT less suck!


Vladmir says "Rock my world Lou and I'll give your pants a funny tickle."


This airtime hill delivered airtime faster than Jeff Johnson can spank four naked babies.


The indoor part of the ride features these creepy animatronic scarecrows. The whole opening part of the ride before the launch reminded me a lot of Mystery Mine.


Red head Swedes & bus drivers are your friends...so be nice to them.


Candles = theming!


Here is the new coaster. "Fluch von Novgorod." If you think you can pronounce this correctly, record yourself saying it and send an MP3 file of your pronunciation to Dan! mrt0ad13@aol.com The winner gets a bag-o-crap!


The park president came out and gave us a presentation about how they are going to make the park kick even more ass.


The park made us a sign! They get bonus points. We love these guys!


Welcome to Hansa Park...do something stupid.


In order to get to Hansa Park you need to walk over the bridge "Astroworld style" from the parking lot to the park.

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If you think you can pronounce this correctly, record yourself saying it and send an MP3 file of your pronunciation to Dan!

... ... ...

If you can spot the "coaster porn" in this picture, email dan and tell him where it is


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Great trip report so far, and Hansa Park looks really nice. A lot better than it did in 2005, and Fluch von Novgorod seems like a great coaster even with the theming incomplete. I didn't think there was any theming inside the buildings, and it looks like it should be great when it is all done.

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Terry's Notes on the two launched coasters on the trip so far:


Tornado: "Ow. Ow. Ow!" Intended to be a surprise for you, but there needs to be a sign that says to hold your head back to keep some of the pain down from that violent launch! Evil!


Fluch von Novgorod: Surprise launch done right. You think you're going one way, but uh uh. Out you go! And to think they were apologizing for the missing special effects; the tower was awesome with what they had. You don't need to add much the dark and you have no idea where you're going. Makes me want to come back when they finish and see what they have in store.




EDIT: The two "scenic highway" coasters were awesome, especially considering how old they are. I was sitting in the back of the last one when the brakeman asked everyone if they wanted to go faster. WE FLEW! I was holding the lap bar for dear life as I almost vaulted out of the car on a double down drop!

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