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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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^I would say that's why, similar to what Thorpe and Alton Towers have to do for their taller rides. At least that's the first thing I though of when I saw it.


I didn't know that Bon Bon land had the first Eurofighter built. Interesting fact there.

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Boy it REALLY SUCKS being on this side of the trip reports

That it does...


What happened to all the "Self operated rides" from when we were there in '05?

The self-operated rides are gone, which is a bummer, but the park has added quite a bit more since our last visit!


The spinner is probably the best of the Gerstlauer ones I've done to date, the log flume was pretty kick ass, the new pirates area with the INSANE obstacle course and "airtime slides" were amazing, it was cool to see another "Tripsdrill Freefall ride", the new indoor section that was nothing but a HUGE play area was cool to see and overall I think the park has really "filled out" really nicely.


I always thought the park was kind of "missing something" when we visited in 2005, but it seems to be more complete now.



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I'd like to say a special thank you to those who gave me a call from Ikealand. I'm going to get in contact with Roach and Fudge #1 so we can start the "Anti-Scandi" group.


Thanks for doing the updates Robb! I'm able to keep track of everyone this way and watch all the insanity I'm missing out on.


Matt "All I ask is that someone saves me a Double Decker!" Damon

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I second that! Thanks for the call! It made my day!


BonBon looked like so much fun! Farting dogs, wild pussy, and general TPR craziness!


Hope you didn't over do it on all the Doritos, Divv!


Looking forward to more updates!


So Shawn, when do you want to have our first meeting?

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awwww it all looks sooooo TPRish!

Sorry I cant be there with you guys this year! But I'll be keeping up with the trip reports!


great to see a large British contingent and the Scandi t-shirts look ace!


Hope you have a good time.



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Question: It's the middle of June, Yet I see a lot of people wearing jackets. How cold it it there?


Lord have mercy.


1. I would start by studying your geography and consider what part of the hemisphere Denmark is in. Not every country has a summer like Las Vegas.


2. You probably could have saved yourself some embarrassment by looking at weather.com and checking the weather here.


Those two points should answer your question.


Terry "These Kids..." Weaver

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I was there while they were filming the video... I opted not to ride that fast spinning thing! When you hit the "boost" button that thing took off for about a minute of high speed looping! Of course when it stopped it always seemed to do a stall move and hang upside down for a few seconds, sending the blood to your head. Looking at that was enough to make me sick! I still have two weeks of parks to get through!


Terry "No ma'am" Weaver

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Today was Tivoli Gardens. The park was AWESOME! They treated us like royalty! (little do they know...heh, heh, heh....)


Our day started off with an hour ERT session on the "Rutchebanen" or the Scenic Railway...the classic traditional woodie built in 1914.


We then got to take a very in depth behind-the-scenes look at the ride, the work area, train shed, and climb all over the coaster...all while it was RUNNING!!!


We had some free time in the park and then was treated to another hour of ERT on Daemonen, the B&M floorless which could only be described as "cute." In fact, the ride is so cute that you just want to reach out and pet it.


But don't let it's cuteness fool you, it is very intense! It's almost like a "Floorless Batman."


After an hour riding, we had some local television crews with us to do interviews, etc and we got some ERT on Vertigo...the parks new INSANE flat ride that pulls 5 G's, flips you every way possible. It's just crazy.


Did I mention the park is insanely beautiful?


Anyway, onto the photos...


And, oh yeah, in case you missed the link on the last page, we made DANISH TV! Check it out:



Here's to Tivoli Gardens for another AMAZING DAY! THANK YOU!!!!


Next Stop... Bakken!


Dinner at Wagamama was amazing!


"OW MY ASS!!!"


Assume the position!


How many TPR members can we get on this rotating disc?


...the TPR takeover in the FUN HOUSE!!!


TPR take over at the bumper cars was pretty deadly...but not nearly as deadly as....


Terry "OMFG, my hymen just popped" credit!


KidTums CREDIT!!!!


"Daddy, I've only been on the car ride 25 times...can I go again?"


Can you spot the camel toe in this picture?


Hot Fuzz Rich is just trying not to think about what is happening to him right now.


You get 1 minute that is 5 g's worth of "Turbo Boost" and then 1 minute each on the joystick to turn the thing every direction possible.


Big Mike says "I rode it...and Jay Leno would be proud of me!"


And when you go into "Turbo" mode, all hair breaks looks!


This...THIS is the most INSANE thing ever!!! It's called "Vertigo" and, you see, you can "control" it with a joystick....


Front seat - every expression from "I just sucked on a lemon" to "Wow! Crap is flying out of my pants!"


Nice photo! I wonder if Hanno took that one?


There goes Lou with her crazy hair again...






Even though Daemonen en is "little" you get a nice view of Copenhagen from the top.


B&M ERT! YAY!!!!


Another park that is "KidTums Approved!"


They look happy, but only because they have very relaxed sphincters having just emptied their bowels.


This machine is pure EVIL! Mum! Dad! DON'T TOUCH IT!!!


Robb's TV interview #1!


"Ok everyone. Pretend like there is NOT a train going by!"


"C'mon on in and check out this giant motor!"


This train is going NINETY DEGREES!!!!


Flanged wheels anyone?


Trainy, Train, Train, Train, Train!


The backstage tour took us all over the ride!


Big Mike misses Katie Holmes.


This lovely woman used to be over one of the tunnels. Now she welcomes us to the backstage tour. Photo op time!


Welcome to your backstage tour TPR!


Guess who they let be the "guest brakeman" for the day?


Who would have thunk we could have so much fun on a ride that is nearly 100 years old!


Would you let this man touch YOUR brakes???


So THAT is what happened to that guy...


Big Mike! SIT BACK DOWN!!!!


Hey Lou! Watch that craaaazy hair!


Theme Park Review loves the Rutchebanen!


Get ready for some crazy airtime!


Helllooooo brakeman...please don't kill us!


TPR ERT is always CRAZY!




You guys ready for some classic woodie ERT?


Another day, another TPR group photo!

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