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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Well...nice to hear that you liked "Fluch von Novgorod"...though it`s not finished yet. Some germans are raving about it, others say, that it`s "just" a good ride...

I really ask myself if some of you may worry about being in Germany without being able to visit Europa Park (and riding Blue Fire for the first time...)

Well, Hanno wasn`t that excited about it (compared to others) so, that may make it less sad that some of you will have to wait until next year, right ???

So, have fun and thanks for the nice coverage (as usual...)


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EDIT: The two "scenic highway" coasters were awesome, especially considering how old they are. I was sitting in the back of the last one when the brakeman asked everyone if they wanted to go faster. WE FLEW! I was holding the lap bar for dear life as I almost vaulted out of the car on a double down drop!


damn. that makes me even more sad/jealous to think they're getting rid of that opportunity.

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Here is the new coaster. "Fluch von Novgorod." If you think you can pronounce this correctly, record yourself saying it and send an MP3 file of your pronunciation to Dan! mrt0ad13@aol.com The winner gets a bag-o-crap!


I will never miss an excuse... I mean opportunity, to email Dan--especially on his birthday!


Mine has been sent in. Having listened to the above entry (how could I ever forget such a charming voice ), I doubt mine is a winner...

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really, really awesome trip report. but i don`t think that i would trusted in such a brakeman OK... maybe i would.


and for all the people which can`t imagine how fast the lift from tornado is, in this video you can see it (on second 33 you see how its pushed into the first drop):



Holy cow! First it looked like it was just gonna roll out nicely (or non powered at all), but then suddenly it just went off as if it was just a marble in a pinball machine. And over the hill just like THAT? Looks like a Super Chain Cheat in RCT3 made real!



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"Fluch von Novgorod" is not that difficult to pronounce... Honestly, German is so easy to pronounce if you know the super basic rules. Not like French...


-v=f (usually)


-d=t (at the end of a syllable)


=g=k (at the end of a syllable)

Then other than the umlaut letters, it's essentially the same as English.

I won't ruin the fun with a phonetic pronunciation here, though. >:-)


Beside the point. Sorry.

Great pictures as always. I'd love to visit there sometime. Where is it in Germany?

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i`m looking forward to hear more of your spelling


They are really catastrophically, in a kind of good way really laught out more than loudly. its sounds more like a language from alien out of STARTREK or someshit like this.


really can`t wait to hear more


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We took over the Schwarzkopf looper.


Yeah, ok, that caption sucked...sue me!


Don't tempt me. I may do just that. Not for an insane amount, though - I ain't greedy - just enough for one of next year's TPR trips. I think that's reasonable for the amount of mental anguish I experienced due to that lackluster caption.


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FrogHopperReview.com would be a cool website! I think she'd talke about how she didn't get more than 2 credits on Grand Carousel on Terminator Salvation: The Ride Media Day.


From what I can see, it seems like a lot of the mainland Europe Parks are very nicely themed, have an uber-wide variety of rides and attractions, and have very different but very cool additions that make them really cool! I really should consider the next Europe TPR trip, I think it'd be nice to get away from the typical American park for once and try something new.

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