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  1. Elissa Panic Meter Adjective Rankings: 1. Scary 2. Crisis 3. Dilemma 4. Wild Mouse (when used to describe a particular alternate route through the French Alps) 5. Dicey This is science. There is no debating it.
  2. There was the steak vom schwein and the meter long currywurst!! What a great trip! Both of the last two that you posted (I'm just behind in reading). Oktoberfest was one the most FUN places I've ever been! I can't wait to go back some day...
  3. This was such a good trip! So many TPR tours stand out... but every time Chuck posts a new update in this thread, I find myself smiling and caught up in total wanderlust remembering how much FUN we all had! Even when "Adventure Tour" found a whole new meaning at Satan's Lodge that night... and Banshee nearly poked my eye out... I still look back on it and do nothing but smile and laugh! John and I even did a pre-trip to the two trips PLUS the add on! Crazy stuff. I miss you guys!
  4. I agree. I feel as if special thanks will be in order at her HS graduation. And again in college. And again when she's appointed President of a Fortune 500. I think she'll grow to appreciate us some day. We will definitely be on our best behavior. Because we would never say or do anything inappropriate. Not us. Never!
  5. Mwahahahaha! Mwahahahaha! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm still alive!! *Definitely* Joey! I love this thread!
  6. I don't remember! I just know we bought it as a joke -- we didn't expect anyone to actually drink it! Good times!
  7. CHUCK!! This is GREAT! You even got me to post... which is as unheard of as -- heck, I don't even know!!. I miss everyone. Except for Joey I miss the trips! So many of my absolute favorite memories could end up in this thread!
  8. I didn't think I could like TDR Pooh any more than I already do. But I'd ride the hell out of Chuck's version!!
  9. I'm pretty sure I heard these words once in a dream like 20 years ago... and never ever again since Always love your TRs, Chuck! I miss Japan. Such a great trip R&E managed! Despite the fact that Japan keeps trying to kill us with typhoons and earthquakes and volcanoes and yakitori and awesome trains and Braddock and the Compass to my Heart and ARGH I love it so much... ... ...
  10. OMG I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw this! Where the heck is Dave and why hasn't be commented on this awesomeness yet?! When are we going back?!?
  11. We really weren't going to spin the rapids ride!
  12. Just sent to me from fan who visited the park today... New themed construction wall has just gone up at the back of Far Far Away. I do love the humor they put into the sign on the carriage! There is a lot of heavy machinery behind the wall already moving dirt. The construction wall is at the end of the street in Far Far Away. The green area and the triangular parking lot. Let the speculation begin...
  13. Another quick update just sent in from our friends at USS! Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios Singapore Resorts World Sentosa opens 3 December 2011!! The final hoarding walls were removed from Sci-Fi City this morning... And the EVAC photo op is now open for guests! Yep - they have TWO full-size Transformers (so far) in Singapore!!
  14. A fresh round of teasers from our "friend of TPR" in Sentosa!! At just over two weeks until opening, test and adjust is quickly wrapping up! No word yet on public soft openings but I'm excited to see the finished product! Too bad I have to wait until Hollywood opens theirs... On to the photos! Apparently they weren't done with the attraction entrance! They added a full size Bumblebee to the marquee! The detail in the figure is incredible!
  15. ^ Probably Dan. While I'd love to take credit for that one, it wasn't mine What a weekend! Thanks so much to everyone for making it great and to R&E, KBF, and SFMM for making it all happen
  16. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... more sugar free decadence please P.S. Even I'd do that for the hot Swedish instructor
  17. C'mon... Aren't all the food torture pictures enough?? Decadent sugar free desserts ftw!! Looks like a fantastic time! After your birthday cruise, this just makes me anticipate October that much more!! I'm jealous And any time out with Russ is offensive. Guaranteed!! Tell my "boyfriend" and his "sister" I said Hi!
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