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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Today we hit two parks - Sommerland Syd and Legoland.


Sommerland Syd isn't a very big park, but it seems like a nice place for locals to spend an afternoon. It's mostly a water park with a few rides. Seems like a perfect place for a school outing, etc.


They are also home to the world's first Vekoma Invertigo which oddly enough was great!


Next was Legoland Billund which is the "original" Legoland (well, after they left Hansa Park) and it's probably the nicest of them all. It's at least bigger than the other two I've been to and seemed to have the most attractions.


Their "Robocoaster" ride was very impressive being all indoors and not only allowed you to select the level of intensity, but also allowed you to select what maneuvers your Robocoaster arm did.


EDIT - Theme Park Review featured in German Newspaper! Check it out:



And we'll end this update with a random chainsaw bunny group photo!


Next stop...Farup Sommerland!


"Sorry Team Big Mike, next time...REMATCH!!!!"






Once you get to the fire your team needs to work together to pump the water and aim the cannon.


The Fire Academy is one of my favorite attractions of all time. The concept is quite simple. You get into a team of 5 people and all teams jump into a fire truck and race to the fire!


And then your off on your own customized ride of torture!


Then you get to choose what you want your program to do!


First you choose the intensity level 1-5.


The Robocoaster attraction, "Power Builder" was awesome!


Big Mike needs food badly!




That is one UGLY fish!


We should tell her "Big Mike has crabs!"


Big Mike hits on our bus driver in the tunnel of fish.


Lego fish.


Lego A380.


KidTums gets another kiddie coaster credit!


Lego naked guy.


Big Mike and his hero, Indiana Lego.


Yay! Extreme Racers take over!


Rapids ride with a huge drop! (Yes it had Lego water.)


Legoland is TPR approved!


"Legoldmine." See, it works because the "go" is part of Lego and part of Gold.


Here is a "never in America" type of moment. Let's just take a look at this for a second. These are kids baking bread over an open fire. Now, let's just think about this concept from the American lawyer's perspective. "So you want to have a bunch of kids stand around an OPEN FIRE and give them something RAW that could make them sick if they eat it? SURE!!! Let's put that in our park!" (This is why I like going to European parks!)


"This is a ride sign. Our goal is to have every ride in the park index to have a ride sign. Take pictures of them. DO IT!"


Credit whores? Yup.


We have found Lego Danish Mexicans.


Next up...Legoland!


Why does everyone today look like they are going to "nun school?"


Oh goody...a non-looping Pinfari to kill us a little bit more!


These expressions are using a lot less lube.


These are expressions of pleasure. Pure pleasure. Like a lap dance or a night where you need multiple tubes a lube. That kind of amazing pleasure.


Yay! The Vekoma is open!


"It's cold, it's rainy, I saw people eating people...what's next?"


Someone's gotta fix that kink in the water slide!


Yes, that is a human powered looping bicycle ride.


You know...maybe this wasn't such a good idea!


It's funny because it sounds like "Ham"burger, but it's a "Hand"...like a human hand.


And not just normal cannibalism, politically incorrect cannibalism!


Yes, you are seeing this correctly, the log flume is themed to cannibalism!


Well, we're already a bit wet, so why not do the water ride? From the outside, the water ride looks quite standard...but let's have a look at the bizarre dark ride section...


Let's see...it's cold...it's a bit rainy...what ride should we do first?


Hellllooooo Vekoma Invertigo. We'll get back to you later.


Apache Stein looks like one of those trails you probably won't make it back from! =)


Driver! Follow that sign!!!!


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.... Read this sign...READ IT! Read it out loud! When you figure out what it says...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com

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I'm not "techy," either. I don't know how to create an MP3 voice file, but if I were so inclined, I wouldn't expect "someone" to "tell me how." I would do exactly as Robb suggested - google it. Then, if I couldn't figure it out on my own, I would nicely post in the "Ask Alvey" thread for some technical assistance, detailing what I had tried to help myself, and where I got stuck. I wouldn't just expect everyone to bend to my level of incompetence.


I did try to google it but only found who to turn cds into MP3. I'm not expecting people to bend to my level of incompetence, I'm just asking for help. Anyways, I'll just find another way to get a Bag-o-Crap. So even though I started this conversation I just want to end it now and use this thread to talk about the trip. Thank you.

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Heres the article in english. Not a perfect translation. I used the Bing Translator.


Had fun in Hansa Park and were particular attention to the "curse of Novgorod (li.)": the Group of the Internet community "theme park review" decided to their European travel stop on the Baltic Sea."" "" Photo: gereckt van Bruinessen Lumibrite Sierksdorf - eyes, thumb upwards and plenty adrenaline in the blood: the "curse of Novgorod" misplaced its effect not."" 45 Roller coaster fans-mostly from the United States, but also from France, Switzerland and the Netherlands yesterday visited the Hansa Park in Sierksdorf, to test the new attraction.


"Total mistaken", "absolutely abgefahren"and"simply incredible" were just some of the comments the big roller coasters elicited the men and women."" "" "" "I love it", cheered Elissa Alvey from Los Angeles California, with her husband Robb organised the trip of roller coaster fans. ""


The international occupied group, in addition to the AMIS were there also Dutch, Swiss, Australian or British, it was the theme park review Internet community. "" Within their European travel made "rollercoaster enthusiasts, as they themselves call now station in Hansa Park." "


Called Hansa Park Director Andrew light accessing the munteren force as a great pleasure and added: the is popular with our visitors, they are today for us the ultimate test. "" "" Like had the the roller coaster fans therefore a so-called "extra-ride-time" (Engl. extra Fahrzeit) admitted. ""


"I am totally nervous and tense," confessed Robb Alvey when entering the main building. "" Similar was also the other group members. Is then moved the start of the first car in the length because Alvey only his camera professionally at the temple festkleben had began the fellow travellers already impatient to scharren feet.


Only a little later was the wild ride again already over. Jauchzte dissipated, Robb Alvey with gereckten upwards thumb. "" "It was absolutely class", sprudelte it out from him,"you come from the dark out through the smoke wall, then the Hill high, in the loop and the role and then cometh the holidays: mistaken the 90 degrees elevator and the 97 degrees departure." "" And the small hills shortly before the end, simply class! ""


Spent the rest of the day the group, to look around at the Park. "The is great and offers something for everyone - we love Sierksdorf", strahlten Robb and Elissa Alvey. "" And just like MOM and dad showed the two-year Kristen as real roller coaster fan: you could get not enough of the furious Roland. ""


Of C. van Bruinessen

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While I'm infinitely disappointed that there wasn't a repeat of "Orki the molestation whale versus Elissa!"




... I do find some sort of sick pleasure in the "unacceptable amount of wetness" look on her face

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^It's great that these international theme parks have such a unabashed sense of humor. Whereas here in the US everyone is terrified that they may 'offend' someone.


People need to not take things so seriously,(or personally) especially when your at a theme park, you should be relaxing and having a fun time.


This trip report gets better everyday!

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