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  1. Spiderman turning into Mario Kart.... that's my dream... right there. Imagine little balloons on the back of the karts? How fun!
  2. This will most definitely be a GP favorite. Good investment for Carowinds for sure. Though from the (Now very clean and steady) POV, the front half looks pretty good, but the back half looks like a snooze fest. Good job though over all. I golf clap it!
  3. That's funny, the response I just got was a meter and a half, which obviously seeing what Robb just found out, isn't 100% accurate. Lol this just proving yet again, never believe what you read on the Internet.
  4. I just asked on Facebook. I'll let you know if they reply. Damned ride was closed because "it burned" last time I was there, so I never even went into the park. Looks likes it's open again, but good luck to you guys!
  5. OMG Some of you people in the thread, I will never get. I don't understand how people are seriously complaining about color scheme and signs. Come on people, stop the useless complaining. Anyway... I'm excited for this announcement. To me, this is the year Cedar Point said, "Listen everyone, we get it. So you don't like Mantis all that much? We'll fix it. You say our Hotel is aging? We'll fix it!" I really have to hand it to Cedar Point this year. They're really taking great steps to improve their park. It's about quality, not quantity.
  6. I think it's a good fit. It needs SOMETHING done to it, because what they currently have is a HUGE misrepresentation of that country, why not turn it into something that's more fantasy anyway?!?! Plus, it's their biggest movie in years, and should prove to have lasting power. Better to upgrade with something current rather than a movie from the 40's (cough Mexico cough).
  7. Any guesses on whether the team will be the first riders during media day? If LeBron had come to Carowinds, think this would have been the coaster they named?
  8. While I'm not jumping up and down for this ride either, it sounded like you had your expectations just a tad bit too high, to be honest. I don't know what you were expecting from Carowinds, but I think the majority of us saw this coming a mile away.
  9. The entrance is SUCH a Cedar Fair style entrance. This is Exactly what I expected this ride to be. Nothing more, nothing less. Moving on...
  10. Hahaha great photos. Way to finish it off with the splash pictures! Awesome!
  11. Great update so far Marcel! Looks like Sky Scream is a good addition to the park. They needed something else to really attract new customers. Looking good so far!
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