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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Party and Robb and Elissa's apartment tomorrow! Everyone is invited and encouraged to make as much of a mess as possible. And the bathroom will actually be their bedroom for this special event.



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Fresh Bread!

Sword of Power!

Passing the Sword of Power between members on a moving train!!!


All that is left is KidTums skewering some stuffed animal with the SWORD OF POWER!!!


Keep it coming guys!!! You're on a roll !!!


Loving every minute of it!!!!!

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Now that I stopped being a little jealous of everyone having fun...


Yo Gabba Gabba is one of the greatest kids shows ever made. Not only was it created by some of the Aquabats but it has Biz Markie teaching kids beat boxing! Oh, and I've seen the Ting Tings and of Montreal doing kid songs on there too.

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Nice trip! Great to see pictures of Liseberg's old HangOver!


I went the new Tranan (S&S Power Eagle coaster) yesterday at Skara Sommarland. A nice rollercoaster, but it could have happened a little more.


I hope it works as it should on the 16th of June when the "Scandi Trip" visit the park. Because they had some problems with the ride yesterday. Once had people walk out of the wagon in the middle of the ride. The car also stayed in the uphill sometimes.

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After Farup Sommerland we made a quick (but fun) stop to Tivoli Friheden.


- Cobra was running!

- It was quite "bizarre"

- SCAD Tower here!

- We had many SCAD Tower virgins in our group.

- Good dark ride!

- Park treated us very well and we had a great time!


We're not even takling about this one!!!


Next stop Djurs Sommerland


If "baby" = Robb then yes, this sign is correct!


SCAD Tower + beer = GREAT night at the park!


"Excuse me...I really gotta use the piss-soir!"


I was based on serial killers...so yummy! So Yummy!


Yup, dark ride entrance..


"I was dropped over 100 feet and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt...."


Hello Steve....Hellloooooooo! Earth to Steve....Hello Steve!


"Looks like we caught a human. You want to eat the spleep or the pelvis first?"


Bill's first reaction was very, very quiet...then out of nowhere he screamed... "MOMMY!!!!!"


Is he... dead?


Split second after the rip cord was pulled.


The concept behind the SCAD Tower is simple - you get harnessed up, they bring you to the top, and they drop you into the net! No wires, so cables, NOTHING! Just a complete free fall into the net.


Happiness Pie!


They aren't posing...they always look this way.


This is the SCAD Tower...one of the most awesome scary rides EVAR!!!


"Needs more lube!"


The spinning coaster that wasn't really spinning too much...


Pinfari - quality coasters!


It wasn't really a head banger, but it had the most intense padding I've ever seen!


Yay! We are all happy to get our Cobra credit!!!


Here is Cobra. The train looks very nice, but unfortunatley the ride is kind of lame.


Yes, it gets two postings. It is THAT awesome!


This sign has so much awesomeness that it's impossible to make just one post about it....


Oh goody! The park entrance.

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Those SCAD towers look so cool, I saw a show with one of those in the Dells, looks like the scandi trip is one hell of a trip, can't wait to see the report on the other mega lite!


Edit: Didnt one of those Cobra coasters kill someone recently? Or was that something else?

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*jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous*


My protest on all things Scandanavian is in full effect. My girlfriend and I went to Panera Bread the other night. She had a danish for dessert, I showed her what I thought of it...


Matt Damon says "Screw you guys, no one should be having fun if I'm not there."


Mary-Anne says "Hi Andrew!"

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^ You're the second person who has asked that question within the last page. Here's an idea...instead of just asking the question over and over...GO LOOK IT UP!


We are on our way to TusenFryd in just a little while! Should have photos from Djurs Sommerland soon. We had an AWESOME day there! Piraten wasn't running *quite* as well as Kawasemi was last year, but it was also a bit colder in the morning and the ride hadn't run all week (since they aren't at daily operation yet), but even still it was an *AMAZING* ride!!!



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Sorry for going back an update, but I've been busy with work this weekend and haven't had a chance to stay caught up with everything.


Fraup looks fantastic. Something about Lynet really intrigues me, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


If KT were to get her driver's license now, what with all the practice she's had, she'd probably be a better driver than a good portion of those out on the road these days. Sad but true.

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