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  1. Option 1, with the exception of the font (mostly the shadowing) on the picture text. I feel like if the shadow outline went all the way around instead of just being bottom-centered, it would do wonders for visibility no matter what the background pic.
  2. "Your jacket is now dry!" Well, that's certainly something I never expected to see on a construction wall! Nice catch, and great report.
  3. Hey guys! I got a pleasant surprise this week when I received tickets to Dollywood as a grad gift! Obviously I've heard all the rave reviews over the years here, so needless to say it's incredibly exciting. Looking here for some people to help initiate the uninitiated on matters that you think are important... order of rides, food, shows, shopping, you name it. The rest of my family aren't exactly coaster people, so those latter points will probably be key. (Blazing Fury and Slidewinder might be doable for them, though.) Day of visit will be this Friday (May 10th), park hours are 10am-7pm. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, and you can damn well expect a photo TR sometime next week! Dan
  4. I'm quite certain a smile never left my face the entire day (and well into the night). Thanks so much for doing this! P.S. You need to tell more Shatner and Hannah Montana stories. Just sayin'.
  5. Better than normal sex. (No, seriously, it was a really awesome cake!)
  6. Is it safe to say the tears of ACErs are actually contributing to the overall flood, and therefore said coasters' demise?
  7. I have nothing to add, besides maybe this. Adam, try to limit your nerdgasms to one every half-hour, and drink plenty of fluids.
  8. The 10-day unexpiring Hopper is actually what I got by on for about two years (day trips from the Space Coast); just didn't seem to make financial sense for me to get a full Annual Pass. Is it still an option, or just an occasional promo?
  9. Elissa, the six or so of us remaining by the end all exclaimed the same thing in chat: "SUPER-SHARK! HOLY SWEET JEBUS YES!"
  10. I'd say I regret showing you that video many months back, but I'd be lying. Also, the inside of Adam's head is something no mere mortal should have to witness.
  11. Break Eleventy. So far: Antique planes to the rescue, red shirts dying left and right, royal wedding proposal, and the piece de resistance (and ACTUAL LINE): "You ain't gonna sink my battleship!"
  12. Break 6. So far: Set phasers to mildly bruise. (That's about it. Guns firing and what-have-you.)
  13. Break 5. So far: 1980's video game graphics, 5-inch guns, cameo appearance by Red Skull.
  14. Break 4. So far: Invisible Korean aliens, visibly shitty CGI non-Korean aliens, vague lesbianism, Cedar Point-esque "no photo" enforcement.
  15. Break 3. So far: Non-stealth stealth ships, VHS tapes/transistor radios/other modern technology, Navy rave party, Alien vs. Harpoon, and another summation by Apollo: "This makes even less sense than anything else."
  16. Break 2. So far: Harvey Dent discusses WW3 and EMP's with Apollo Chubbs, who summed it up best: "Nothing makes any goddarned sense."
  17. Break 1. So far: Jets nonchalantly crashing into the sea, Admiral Buzzkill, Koreans speaking English and being subtitled in English.
  18. Damage reported at SFOT from the tornadoes that whipped through DFW in the past hour. Any locals hear any further details?
  19. Behemoth Bash (8/4/2008) was honestly one of the most awesome days of my life. My summer research projects end just in time for this (the week before, I think), so I will absolutely try to be there come hell or high snow!
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