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  1. ^ has a strange obsession with beef. < is actually a vegetarian therefor doesn't care where said beef is. v has a not so secret obsession with Hanson (mmmmbop!)
  2. Thanks for the info. I've got my car booked for the 26th and I'm stocking it up with like 2 gallons of sweet tea for when I head up to New Jersey after North Carolina. If anyone happens to see a girl with those ridiculous tattoos pictured to the left (yeah, they're real) walking around in Carowinds, Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney park say hi! I'm nice, I promise. Oh, and I plan on taking a bunch of pictures with my 1965 Polaroid camera. Be on the look out for those too.
  3. Now that I stopped being a little jealous of everyone having fun... Yo Gabba Gabba is one of the greatest kids shows ever made. Not only was it created by some of the Aquabats but it has Biz Markie teaching kids beat boxing! Oh, and I've seen the Ting Tings and of Montreal doing kid songs on there too.
  4. I have two questions. I'm making a (roughly) 9 hour solo drive to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet up with my dad and his girlfriend. Since my dad is there for meetings, his girlfriend and I plan to visit Carowinds and any other things Charlotte has to offer. First question: I found an awesome deal for a one way car rental from Tampa to Charlotte. (a little under 60 bucks) Seeing as I am under the age of 25 are there any extra fees they tack on because of my age? I know that I have to have a credit card in my name and a valid drivers license. (I have both) I just want to make sure the low price is going to stay pretty low even though I'm only 23. Second question: Since I know nothing about Carowinds...how is it in late June? Should I get there early? I also noticed they have some sort of twilight pass for the evening. Is it worth it do go that late in the day? I plan to either go the 27th or 28th. (Saturday or Sunday) Any help would be amazing. P.S. I plan on going to Dorney Park as well as Six Flags in Jersey...so any relative info on those two parks would be radical too.
  5. I was last there in late May and they did have them. I also went ahead and checked the site and Quick Que is still indeed available for purchase. I actually don't know what BGA is like during the summer, so I have never used one.
  6. When I head up to Jersey in July my dad and I planned on catching a show on Broadway and right now it's a toss up between Jersey Boys (because I love Frankie Valli and well, any music from that time) or Avenue Q. I just don't know which to pick. 3 or so years ago I got to see Monty Python's Spamalot at the Schubert on Broadway and it was absolutely hilarious. Probably my all time favorite musical.
  7. I started learning Korean about a year or so ago out of shear boredom. Now I can't stop listening to overly poppy and catchy South Korean music 이제 막 시작된 이야기 - 동방신기 And if my Korean isn't as bad as I think it is, the literal translation is something like "the story that has yet to be told". I think. I'm pretty bad at Korean. p.s. I don't know if the characters will show up for everyone but, if you were to write it in English letters it would be ije mak shijakdwen iyagi by dong bang shin ki. hahaha. dong.
  8. Yeah, TRS has always been awesome. I have the best time dancing at their shows. You don't really need to listen to the new stuff because you always know it's going to be completely rad no matter what. Bryce Avery is amazing.
  9. I hate not being able to sleep at night. Or very much during the day. Oh, and stop being so humid, Florida.
  10. Oh, Fall Out Boy. I remember seeing them in 2003 at a bar in Tampa. I think I paid 7 bucks and there was about 30 people there. Mostly dudes. Last actual concert I went to that wasn't a local show was The Secret Handshake and The Rocket Summer out in St. Pete. I'm going to try to see Taking Back Sunday for pure highschool nostalgia. I haven't seen them since I was 17. I just don't know if I want to shell out the 25 bucks. Ha!
  11. All of you pictures of Orlando make me want to make the hour drive there. Plus there's something about driving down I-4 and seeing the giant Mickey power line thing. I'm heading to NJ the first week of July to hang out with my pops and the photos just made me even more excited to go to Great Adventure. I haven't been since I was 15! I really enjoyed them!
  12. $96.50 on Polaroid pack film for my 1965 Polaroid Land Camera 103. 2 double packs of type 664 (b&w) 1 double pack of type 669 (color) If anyone knows Polaroid film that's only a total of 60 exposures. I cried a little when they decided to stop making instant film.
  13. I live about 20 to 25 minutes south of Busch Gardens Tampa. I love getting my pass every year purely for the fact that I can actually go all year round. Although, having it being so accessible I tend to avoid the summer months. I hate dealing with the horrible heat and random afternoon storms followed by excruciating humidity during the season. I usually stick to going September - May before school gets out. P.S. Anyone that's been there...are you as cranky as I am that they don't give out free beer anymore at the Hospitality House?!
  14. It's a flux capacitor! 1.21 gigawatts! No, but seriously folks. Is it a FT-IR spectrometer?
  15. I'm not sure how things work in other states but, the county I live in has a program for first time home buyers, people that are getting back on their feet, etc. My two friends who are engaged got into the program and now they have a standard 3 bedroom/2 bath house. (in fantastic stucco/florida development style of course) They basically end up paying about $70k for the house in total and they had to put in 200 hours of their time to help complete the house. But it's well worth it for a $650 a month mortgage payment. It's an awesome thing to get involved with and I think a lot of states have it. I, on the other hand, was the co-signer on a house which is now worth less than what we're paying for. Thanks, Florida.
  16. Every time I see a Ducks hockey jersey I can only think of Emilio Esteves and the infamous FLYING V. Ducks fly together. Anywho. The original New Jersey Devils jersey. It reminds me of Christmas. And boy do I love Christmas.
  17. Gwazi. That ride makes my bones hurt. Whenever I go there I ride it just incase it's going to magically not cause me pain. It always does.
  18. I figured since I'm new! That Elvis in the background later played a game of 9 ball with me. It was awkward. Obligitory bathroom cell phone picture. This is probably the most recent. I have entirely too much fun with polaroids.
  19. Hi! My name's Colleen. People either call me Colly for short or just call me by my middle name McGhee (greatest middle name ever). I'm 23 and I live in Tampa, Florida. About 20 minutes south of Busch Gardens. I haven't gotten a chance to travel to different parks other than the ones here in Tampa and in Orlando and to SFGA in Jersey where I'm originally from. I've loved coasters since my father forced me onto Rolling Thunder when I was little. I'm currently awesomely unemployed due to a 7,000 person lay off and enjoying my government funded checks! I really like beer. I have ridiculous tattoos that people make fun of but, I love. Once a year I go to Philly to work at one of the countries largest billiards expos. I collect old cameras and regularly use a 1965 Polaroid Land Camera 103. I talk to much! Anyway, hi!
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