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  1. As always, love your reviews. While I do love many of those 90’s remakes - I totally agree with what you are saying as well! I don’t like the new songs in the live action stuff. (Only exception would be that one song they had Jasmine do). I can’t wait to see this!
  2. Some people just love to complain. Sheesh. Having said that - while I would have loved for an X2 type ride, or a wing rider (Cuz who knows when I will make it to ride one somewhere else), this will be a great ride to add to the park. It is completely different than anything we have already. The majority of people will love it, and hopefully it will eat some of the line to allow me to go on other rides during busy seasons. I will want to ride this.. but I am actually a bit scared. Has anyone been on both Green Lantern in SFMM and Batman in Tx to compare the two? I was diagno
  3. Oh man... photos are not popping up. I love to revisit this as I prepare for my next ship. OK, so the next three are Disney Dream, RCCL Enchantment of the Seas and RCCL Allure of the Seas - but I need a cruise laugh right now. WAHHH!
  4. Some good ole Disney fun: http://hollywoodlife.com/2015/04/01/cinderella-castle-changed-to-elsas-ice-palace-walt-disney-world/
  5. Totally love Gigas... Cannot wait! I had been putting off the Charlotte trip for some time now. I can finally hit the park and make my debut. In all seriousness, the GP definitely won't care. They will all want to ride both Intimidator AND Fury325. I know I do! That is my favorite type of ride. I will love following this one!
  6. I got mine a few days ago. Came in an Amazon package. At first, I was like, wait - I didn't order this! Then it sank in. SO, next time I travel far, and I do travel all the time, via car especially - I will be able to finally sleep comfortably. I have this crazy jump up for every noise thing when we drive... so this should do the trick! Thanks Tim K! *edited to avoid double posting* I am so super stoked that my research did not fail me!
  7. Mine is also Blackbeards Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure! It is just a horrid ride that we have a great time on as a family. The first time we all went - my sister's bf at the time was twirling his finger around making a wooo wooo wooo sound. Then he hit his finger into one of the markers/antennae - and was like "OUCH!!!!". It sadly became so funny we cannot control the laughter. It was a had to be there kind of thing, but yeah - guilty pleasure.
  8. I am waiting on the mailman to bring me the rest of the gift I am to be sending out!! (I got my name late! ) Tracking said tomorrow - so I shall be planning on sending it out! (I am not flaking! LOL) I have not gotten mine yet either...so I am hoping somehow I did not get lost in the bunch being I got my name late? Yikes!
  9. Ok, after some thought, I am in! I like lots of stuff, so it should not be too difficult.
  10. I had the pleasure (believe it or not) of being on Carnival Breeze three weeks ago. I have to say, I was thoroughly shocked. You all scared me so much with the Klassy voyage, that I was beyond terrified. (Family planned the trip, and didn't get any input from others) I really did go into it expecting Komplete Krap though. So it surpassed my standard for the line. LOL But with all seriousness - my cabin crew was awesome, my waiter awesome, and the bar chick over in the casino - awesome. (She hooked up the Mai tai for me, and with one sip my face was numb) I am sure b/c the ship is
  11. I saw this thread, and instantaneously thought... Steven is NOT allowed to enter. LOL Open it up and he was a winner already! I totally wish I could get a coaster shot worthy of a contest. Too bad my photo of Disney's Dream wouldn't count! (I just really like this photo!!)
  12. Ten minutes from me, and I never had any idea this was inside Flushing Meadow Park. LOL
  13. AS USUAL: LOVE IT! I cannot get there for another year at least. Seriously. Tease.
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