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  1. Does anybody else think the Time Traveler theme (if it is not in fact being used for this new 2018 coaster) would fit in very well with something like an S&S El Loco, possibly indoors? I could see there being something like the first drop being themed to a "wormhole" or something, and then when you go past some obvious cardboard cutouts of Roman architecture on the block brake runs you realize that you've been "taken for a ride", both figuratively and literally. One of my fears is that, if this is in fact going to be a spinning coaster with similar stats to Blue Fire as the rumors sugg
  2. ^Weren't there a couple of names filed for Outlaw Run before they decided on Outlaw Run as well? And it'll be awhile before I forget that Carowinds filed the trademark name "Centurion" long before Fury 325 before it was officially revealed. In any case, I agree 100%...which is why I'm hoping that this is what's happening with these "names" for this new coaster.
  3. Hmm, so judging by that news article, SDC has also filed for the name "Top Dog", which to me sounds like it would be the "rodeo" theme: So it looks like they are indeed messing with us enthuisiasts. Personally, I still think they're ultimately going to go with the silver mine theme. It would fit in the best IMO (especially with the revelation that the track will cross over Thunderation), it's already been pretty heavily alluded to that SDC would really like to make its own version of Mystery Mine, and judging by the responses for it on this and other fan sites I would be pretty
  4. "Ohhh holy anal sex sheep sh*t f***ing monkey bastard sh*t!" (Manhattan Express) "Oh crap. I actually said the 'oh crap' before we've even left the station. I'm pretty sure worse things are gonna come out of my mouth when we're actually on the tilt..." (Gravity Max) "AAAAAHHH LOOP DEE LOOOOP!!!" (old POV of Venus @ Space World) "This is like something I'd build in RCT and it would tell me people won't ride it!" (Atomic Coaster)
  5. So if this is in fact true, it sounds like this will indeed be like a cross between Cobra's Curse, Mystery Mine, and Verbolten. Doesn't say whether or not the cars will actually spin the entire ride, or if it'll have a backwards section or anything like that. From the sound of it, the silver mine theme won out in the polls, and I agree that was my favorite one too (though I have to admit the time travel one would've been pretty funny & amusing). Regardless, it sure sounds like it'll be an awesome family coaster that will fit in very well with the rest of the park's lineup! SDC is still a p
  6. If you remember, Texas Giant was closed in 2009 before opening in 2011 as NTAG. Same with Wildfire, announced in March 2014, opened summer 2016. Both of these have much longer & high-profile layouts compared to most of the other conversions/new coasters from RMC that were done in less than a year. Here's a post from Screamscape explaining why SFStL hasn't given the RMC treatment to the Boss yet: So assuming CP wants to keep most of the original structure and basic layout pattern of Mean Streak intact (like SFOT did with NTAG), I would definitely put my money on this being a 20
  7. I can think of two specific ones off the top of my head: When I went to CP in August 2008, the lady who was operating Maverick was really enthused and interacting with the riders. She had a pretty funny-sounding high-pitched voice and made all the normal station announcements more interesting, in particular making double sure we knew to put all our loose belongings including glasses in the bins in the station. "I am not saying this for my health - you will lose them on the ride! I don't care if you're blind without your glasses. It's better to be blind for the next two minutes than for the
  8. OMG...the last few pages aren't just a bunch of complaints that it isn't a Mack Power Splash or a Dive Machine with a splashdown??? Run for your lives, the world is ending!
  9. It sounds to me like those photos are teasing a Dive Machine for 2017. Personally, I wouldn't complain if SFFT gets one, I've always felt it would fit in great with the rest of the park's lineup (especially if they do a midcourse vertical drop down the walls of the quarry, that'd be pretty awesome).
  10. Has it even been confirmed that Mean Streak is getting demolished specifically to make way for this new Water Park? Because I for one would have been very surprised if CP really did do that rumored RMC transformation of Mean Streak in 2017 so soon after Valravn this year. It's not like anyone's really gonna miss Mean Streak regardless, and it makes sense for them to go this way with the plans as well - because they can take a semi-breather this coming year and focus on expanding the water park instead, then use any leftover cleared land for a completely new coaster in 2018 or 2019. I t
  11. Last one I had was about me getting to ride a pair of RMC I-Box dueling coasters. I forget the name of the ride itself but the theme was a duel between a White Knight and a Black Knight, so each Knight had a coaster - basically Twisted Colossus meets Dragon Challenge. The I-Box tracks were painted to correspond with their knight, the trains were decked out in their respectively-colored armor, and the stations were painted their respective colors as well, with suits of armor and other weapons hanging from the walls to add to the theming. I remember both coasters were 175 feet tall and climb
  12. For me it would have to be Lightning Rod. Dollywood is still a park on my "must visit" list and this thing just made it even more so. The landscaping looks amazing, and I really like the way they incorporated all the airtime hills and "90 DEGREES!!!!" turns into the big hill and forest...especially that quadruple-down.
  13. I agree 100%. If these had been one-off occurences, that'd be one thing, but if it's happening all over the park and adds up to make a bad visit, it does reflect very badly on the park as a whole (especially if you've already read bad reviews of the park around the same time period on this board). What further compounds the issue is that even "good" Six Flags/Cedar Fair parks can have bad days. Many if not most ride ops at the large corporate chain parks in my experience are high school/college students, many of which would rather be on Facebook than dispatching the trains. A lot of me
  14. There's a lot of threads on here about horrible park operations, incidents, etc. But how much would you say it affects your impression of a given park in general? For me, being only a "semi" enthusiast with just a little over 100 credits, I have so far only experienced isolated incidients of poor operations at the parks I've been too (a number of annoying ride ops, texting in the station, slow loading on one or two coasters, etc.). For the most part I usually try to let those kinds of things slide and just enjoy the park, but I know some people are more easily annoyed than I am, and the li
  15. Even with the sporadic rain policy notwithstanding, Cedar Point in general seems to be pretty hit-or-miss from what I've seen. I've had some really enthusiastic crews that were hauling butt and having a great time with the guests, and I've been stapled to death. It depends on who you get. And I'll have to second SFOT in recent years too. Slow loading seems to be a constant problem with Flying Coasters in general. I first rode Tatsu in 2006 when it opened, and the line was in excess of 2.5 hours. At first I thought this was just due to rider demand, what with it being arguably THE
  16. The "Lagoon Roll" on Cannibal. It was actually designed by Lagoon's In-House engineers, hence the name. Haven't been on it yet, but it looks awesome!
  17. Looks like an awesome ride, kind of like a mix of S:UF/Tempesto and Iron Shark. Also, is that a "Banana Roll" at 0:13 in the video?
  18. That first overbank gets my vote for coolest-looking "90 DEGREES!!!!" on a coaster ever.
  19. The drop right after the Dive Loop (0:35 in the video) looks like it's got some insane ejector air.
  20. Does anybody know what the capacity for this thing will end up being? The cars seat 12 people, and there can only be one in the elevator at a time, so assuming they average one dispatch every 90 seconds (I'm not sure how efficient Lagoon's ops are overall), that'd be...480 people per hour. Yeah, expect some long lines, especially just after opening. I've heard that on Wicked they assign you to rows to help with the low capacity, do you think Cannibal will have assigned seating too? On an unrelated note, my prediction is that the "secret element" will be a Thirteen/Verbolten-style surpr
  21. Fantasy Island in the UK is the only park I've been to that had universally bad operations. I went there to ride their two awesome vekomas in 2006, and found everything closing in the rain, Jubilee Odyssey stuck on the lift hill, Millennium Coaster taking forever to dispatch...but the real kicker is the way the market is integrated into the park, resulting in a lot of shady dealings going on, right in the middle of the park. I've heard many reports that Thorpe Park has really gone downhill under Merlin Entertainments as well.
  22. It seems my computer got a virus. I got back from Christmas vacation and when I turned my computer on it started acting up, looking around for various settings to restore. When I restarted, Windows couldn't start because the System file was "missing or corrupt", and it's been that way since. I've heard about how many viruses add a certain value to the startup registry so that the virus runs when you start Windows, perhaps that's what happened. I'm trying to find the Windows software disk, it says I can attempt to repair the file with it...God I hope I don't have to reformat the h
  23. My favorite football team the Philadelphia Eagles just lost 20-16 to the Dallas Cowboys (a rival team that I hate with a passion) on Sunday Night Football and are now 2nd place in the NFC East. You might say "It's just one game, get over it", but what pisses me off more than anything about this loss is that the Eagles might have won if it wasn't for that 4th down turnover that Andy Reid challenged and lost (which cost the Eagles their final timeout and led to the Cowboys touchdown that put them up 20-13). It looked to me like McNabb clearly made it over the first down line before his
  24. Name: Joseph Frombaugh Age: 20 What is your roller coaster count? -96 What is your home park? -Kemah Boardwalk or SFFT What is the nearest big city? -Austin What is your occupation? -Student About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park)? -Depends on how much money I’m able to save that year and how big the trips I do are - my home parks are pretty standard IMO and I only go to them once a year at most About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? -Also depends on money When you travel do y
  25. ^^Sorry, I thought you meant that if enough people rode bikes to work - pedal or motorcycle - then they'd build smaller parking spaces that could be used by both types of bikes.
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