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  1. The Helix front car is now in the shopping mall Nordstan!
  2. Awesome! I really look forward to ride it in May. Thank you Loefet for the great update from the Media Day!
  3. New video and POV of AtmosFear! http://tv.expressen.se/nyheter/inrikes/1.2401381/se-nya-superattraktionen-atmosfear
  4. Skara Sommarland has invested 17 million SEK this year and they announce three new rides. Spinner - Roller coaster with spinning cars. The track length is 240 meters and the top speed will be 43 km/h. Rodeo - Crazy carousel with Western theme. Fyren - Small free fall ride with a drop length of 6 meters. (From Gröna Lund?) More information in Swedish http://feed.ne.cision.com/wpyfs/00/00/00/00/00/14/77/45/wkr0005.pdf The official site of Skara Sommarland (new!) http://www.sommarland.se/nyheter.php The new rides for 2011. The new park map.
  5. The first POV of AtmosFear! http://www.gp.se/gptv?path=gptv.abcdn.net/TV-ARKIV/Goteborg&playfile=12270_Premiartur_i_Lisebergs_nya_varsting_134268.pls&autostart=1
  6. A new video from Liseberg about AtmosFear! ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and embedded this using the "youtube" button in the posting tool. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  7. An update from Liseberg's facebook! Check this video out! "The Blast" The stairs down to the basement. The exit. The walls have been painted. Screws, screw nuts etc. One of thirty-six seats. Lighting effects? Text on wall. The gondola. The gondola. The line. The gondola.
  8. Liseberg has published some new photos of AtmosFear on their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=17022&id=119312944764947 The gondola is gone. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album) The tower from the basement. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album#!/photo.php?pid=346729&id=119312944764947&fbid=148907295138845) The stairs inside the tower. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album#!/photo.php?pid=398300&id=119312944764947&fbid=157740130922228) Up in the sky. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album#!/photo.php?pid=398302&id=119312944764947&fbid=157740164255558) The catcher! (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album#!/photo.php?pid=398301&id=119312944764947&fbid=157740160922225) Test drive of the catcher. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=346730&id=119312944764947&ref=fbx_album#!/photo.php?pid=411343&id=119312944764947&fbid=159966900699551)
  9. I have found two old video clips from Liseberg at SVT's website (Swedish television). This one is from the park's 40th anniversary. (1963) http://svtplay.se/v/1989375/oppet_arkiv/liseberg_1963?sb,k103034,1,f,103036 This video contains a short POV of the Vekoma inverted roller coaster HangOver, and scenes from the inside of the Gasten Ghost Hotel (Spökhotellet Gasten). (1998) http://svtplay.se/v/1987589/oppet_arkiv/spokhotellet_gasten?sb,k103034,3,f,103036 Enjoy!
  10. Two days ago, me and a friend of mine did a spontaneous trip to Liseberg. I had only my mobile camera with me, but here are three Balder photos: Balder! Balder again! Two Intamin roller coasters
  11. Twister - a new wooden roller coaster at Gröna Lund 2011! http://www.gronalund.com/sv/Attraktioner/Alla-attraktioner/Twister/ More details soon.. Twister!
  12. Here can you follow the construction of AtmosFear: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=17022&id=119312944764947
  13. I passed Liseberg earlier today and saw that they have begun to rebuild the Liseberg Tower. I think it will be a great ride! The entrance and the former Liseberg Tower. The rebuilding has begun at the top of the tower. The top!
  14. Great update and nice photos Loefet! I'm going to Gothenburg soon to run Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet). All runners get free admission to Liseberg, so I think we're going to the park when we are there. That weekend, the new wheel in the harbour will be opened. I hope that we can take a ride in the wheel. Anyway, no news for 2011 yet? GP wrote for two weeks ago that Liseberg would present more details about "the new ride" in two weeks. Now these two weeks have passed and there is no press release so far. But it's Monday tomorrow and a new week, I hope for the best! A friend's friend knew all about "the new ride", but of course she has duty to keep secret. But she said that something big was going on!
  15. A video clip from the newspaper GP (Göteborgs-Posten) when Liseberg took down the Christmas star from the Liseberg Tower. Nice view over the park! http://www.gp.se/gptv?path=gptv.abcdn.net/TV-ARKIV/Goteborg&playfile=12270_Folj_med_pa_helikopterfard_over_Goteborg_115289.pls&autostart=1 The construction of the new ovservation wheel in the harbour in Gothenburg has started. This is a photo from today. http://www.gp.se/nyheter/goteborg/1.348092-hjulet-rullar-pa
  16. Liseberg has now announced more news for 2010! * A new ride called "Flygande elefanter" (Flying elephants) for kids. * The old carousel "Ponnyexpressen" has been replaced with a newer one. * "Radiobilarna" (the Bumper cars) have got new cars. The older Volvo cars have been replaced with police cars and "Bandit Rock cars" ("Bandit Rock" is a radio station which plays rock music). * Pandavision, the 3D-movie, is now only a memory. The new 3D-movie is called "Sammys äventyr" (Sammy's adventure). I don't think any ride has been removed from the park. Liseberg announced the news today at their homepage. They have also got the prize "Sweden's best exhibition in 2009" for "Evert Taube's World". 50 days left to the season premiere!
  17. Okey, sorry for that! It's as I said, just rumors I have heard.
  18. Yes, there is future plans, but we will probably have to wait a few years. The article in GT is quite plausible, because Lisebergs management confirms the plans. The southern parking lot and SAAB gearbox factory is interesting! I also heard rumors that they might want to build a "adventure bath", because Gothenburg not have a large such in the current situation. Yeah, this year Gothenburg get a big Observation Wheel. Because Liseberg will manage the wheel, so it's actually a new ride for this year. Even though it should not be in the park. As Loefet said, there is space on the top of the hill. Maybe something new there? But if something big is going on, Liseberg is stupid enough to not promote. They built Balder, Kanonen and Uppswinget rapidly. It was big news. Of course they have invested in other rides and things the last two years. But it's the big and the different rides which creating headlines. Gröna lund bet big on Insane last year, both in money and marketing. You could see and read about Insane in many papers, sites and reclames. Now they have realesed their future plans with drawings and everything. It looks nice! I hope Liseberg soon presents something. Anyway, today GT had a article about Liseberg. "Vänsterpartiet" want to do Liseberg self-sufficient. I don't have time to translate the text, but I post it for the Swedish people. http://www.gt.se/nyheter/1.1842803/liseberg-ska-bli-sjalvforsorjande Finally, the motives on the "Gold Pass" and the "Annual Pass" reveals nothing new. But they are nice! (see below) "Liseberg's golden pass 2010" "Liseberg's annual pass 2010"
  19. Yes, I also thought so. But no new ride have been announced yet, so I started this topic anyway. But good that you write a bit fuller! I think you're right, the 10 year anniversary day attracted many visitors. As you said it was 90000 visitors that weekend. I was there on Friday, but then it was almost no public, which was strange. It's fun that the whole Gothenburg has been a major tourist season even in the winter. Mats Wedin has really done a fantastic job. We'll see what happens in 2010. Interesting that the Liseberg stuff are silent... In the future they want to expand on the "South parking lot". Maybe they want to build something big there in a few years. In 2013 Liseberg celebrating 90 years. In 2003 when they turned 80 years they built Balder - a huge success! Maybe something big about three years?
  20. The Christmas season at Liseberg broke all records. 560 000 people visited the park in November/December and they celebrated 10 anniversary with the Christmas season. Next year they want to open up the upper part of the park, and have more attractions open. Great! Anyway, it's very quiet for the summer season. Not a single news has been mentioned. Last year they got Hanghai and Rabalder, both family rides. In 2008 they opened the kiddie ride "Cykelturen" and Evert Taube's World which is like a museum (even if Liseberg don't want to call it for a museum). In 2007 they bought Uppswinget, a little more thrillride! In these three year have Kulingen, Rainbow, Tornado and Cirkusexpressen been removed. I like Liseberg's mix of rides, but I'm very curious to see what happens. They always tend to publish their news for next season early, but this year is different. Btw, Liseberg's boss Mats Wedin leaving his job at the beginning of 2011...
  21. Great pictures! Skara sommarland is almost my neighbour, and of course I have went Tranan. It's a different and fun feeling. They are very proud at Skara Sommarland that this rollercoaster won the price for "the best new product in the world" by IAAPA. They need it when the park actually has done a boost. And it's great for the region here! As Gröna Lund and Liseberg, Skara Sommarland also has plans for the future I have heard....
  22. Hey! I found this video in the Swedish media. It's a dance group with the name Bounce. They are known to just show up and start dancing in public places. This clip is from Gröna Lund in Stockholm. Check it out!
  23. Does anybody know if the park will be built? I think it has been relatively quiet for a while...
  24. I was at Gröna Lund on Tuesday and went Insane. It was broken when we came to the park and they had problem with the coaster. But we could go it in the evening! It's very scary now than it was at press view. It goes much faster now, and they have removed a brake. We were only upside down once at the press view. But now we spin around after the brake in the middle, and got the balance when we hung upside down! It was scary!
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