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  1. ^Agreed! Great photo! The air on that drop is insane. I could never bring myself to hold my hands up through it. I would always chicken out right before the drop...
  2. This is GREAT news!!! I have been hoping Cliff's would put in another coaster at some point. It is so awesome that it's going to be a Schwarzkopf! I rode Greezed Lighting at Astroworld and I can't wait to ride it again. Hopefully sooner rather than later!!
  3. Awesome TR Divv! The whole Japan trip was AMAZING. I survived the alpine slide crash pretty much unscathed. TPDave and Steve weren't so lucky...
  4. I got my DVDs today! I ordered Monday. Super fast from Orlando to New Mexico. Will make this weekend an awesome one! Thanks Robb!!!
  5. Awesome back stage pics Erik! Glad you got to ride Houdini!
  6. I would get these for the quality bump and to just have the whole set on blu-ray. If you do end up doing these, count me in!
  7. Awesome photos, Hanno! The backstage tours that Holiday World gave us were great! It was a fun day!
  8. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Both videos are awesome! I agree that Piers definitely needs his own TV show! LOL
  9. My name on it is Bluntroachman. I'm pretty terrible at it too!!!
  10. I really need to visit this coaster! Awesome pictures as always, Hanno!!!
  11. I would have loved to check out the Ghost Train and the Maze of Terror! Looks like you all had a great time!
  12. Since I can never get enough of Tower of Terror, a new drop sequence is awesome news!
  13. How bizarre! Thanks for posting this one Erik! I never got a chance to see this or Body Wars. Now if Martin Short had done the film as Ed Grimley...
  14. 1. What are your initial thoughts? I'm in! 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? That is a nice list of perks! 3. Is this something that interests you? Yes. Since I usually buy something off the TPR store sometime during the year, the store credit is a great benefit of membership for me. Plus all the other benefits are great too! 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? N/A
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