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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Online translators are fun, but there are usually more entertaining than anything else.


Here is my attempt at a translation.



"Coaster-enthusiasts from the US submit themselves to "The Curse"

Sparkling eyes, thumbs up and plenty of adrenaline - The "Fluch von Novgorod" ("Curse of Novgorod") did not disappoint.


45 rollercoaster enthusiasts, mostly from the US but also from France, Switzerland and The Netherlands, visited Hansa-park in Sierksdorff yesterday to try the new attraction.


"Totally crazy", "absolutely insane!" and "simply unbelievable!" were just some of the comments that the coaster elicited from the men and women. "I love it!" exclaimed Elissa Alvey from Los Angeles, who, along with her husband Robb, has organized the trip for the coaster-enthusiasts.


The international group - besides the Americans there were also Dutch and Swiss people plus Australians or Englishmen - was made up of members of the internet-community "Theme Park Review". In the course of their European trip the coaster-enthusiasts, as they call themselves, are now visiting Hansa-Park.


Hansa-Park manager Andreas Leicht expressed that it was a very special pleasure to have this "cheerful crowd" visiting, and he added: "The ride is very popular with our visitors, they (TPR) are the ultimate test for us today." Yesterday the park gave the coaster-fans some Extra-Ride-Time.


"I'm very nervous and tense", Robb Alvey admitted upon entering the building. (Robb, maybe you recall what you actually said...lol). The rest of the group felt the same way. When the start of the first car was delayed because Alvey had to properly attach his camera to the restraints, his fellow-riders began tapping their feet impatiently.


Just a little later the crazy ride was over. "Awesome!" Robb Alvey cheered with his thumb up (Again, what did you say, Robb? Freaky? Cool? Fucking awesome??). "It was absolutely great" he spluttered (spluttered?? There MUST be a better way to say that.) "You get out of the dark, through the wall of smoke, the up the hill, in the loop (screw?knot?) and then the highlight, the 90 degree lift and the 97 degree drop - crazy. And the small hill shortly before the end, simply awesome!" (God this feels almost sacrilegious... translating the words of the great Robb Alvey from poor German into.... well, I'm sure you didn't actually SAY it that way.)


The group spent the rest of the day having a good look around the park. "It is great, and offers something for everyone - we love Sierksdorff", Robb and Elissa beamed (hehe - how much did they pay you? loL) And just like mom and dad two-year old Kristen proved to be a die-hard coaster fan. She couldn't get enough of "Rasender Roland" ("Raging Roland" haha)."




Phew, this was hard. I have to say the article was written in extremely poor German (an intern??) so it was hard to translate it into somehow reasonable English.


If you ever need any English-to-German or German-To-English translation, let me know!

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"I am totally nervous and tense" Robb said...


Oh yeah...of course. I think he`s just not use to this kind of huge thrill-rides that we have here in Germany.


Poor Alvey, be strong...




P.S. Hey Blue Fire... love to hear someone raving about Blue Fire like I do !

(I really think we should go on a Europa Park trip together and break the limits of raving !)

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Today was Farup Sommerland. I'm going to type in bullet points because it's getting late.


- This is still one of my favorite parks in the region.

- It poured down rain for the first half of the day, but the park still manags to be AWESOME!

- The obstacle course was still kick ass.

- Many people did the monkey bars (SUCK IT JOEY!!!)

- Lynet is a WINNER!

- I love this park!


Hanno! DO NOT EAT DAVE!!! He is not kosher!


Everyone is passed out because we unleased evil gas in the bus.


Next stop...Tivoli Friheden!


Snacky Snack Snack Snack Snack....


On the drive it was time for some more "Yo Gabba Gabba!"


"Hey, Joey...if *I* can do this, anyone can do it!"


Jewy, c'mon...even Tom did the monkey bars!!!


and OMFG, we are not joking...it's filled with LEECHES!!! LOL!!!


Looks to be about 1 meter.


Let's see how deep this water actually is...


How many TPR members can make it across the monkey bars? SUCK IT JOEY!!!!


Hey Joey...check this out!


Big Mike balances like a balarina!


Multi-car pile up!


And now for the most awesome part of the day...the Farup obstacle course!


This credit is KidTums approved!


"Aww, what the hell...we're already wet!"


The 'all you can drink' beer warmed us all up at lunch!


TPR Takeover of the dry spot under the awning waiting for the rain to pass!


Takeover on the carousel!


Kristen rode the cars about 20 times. She's now eligible to get her drivers license.


These are the most industrial strength panchos, EVAR!


The sword of power....EXCALIBUR!!!

(Try not to drop it, Dave.)


There it is!


Who has the SWORD OF POWER???




That my friends is the "SWORD OF POWER!!" The goal during our rides on Falken was to pass the sword of power from the front to the back of the train and EVERY person on the train MUST touch the sword of power!


Wait...WTF is that?


Falken was also running great!


To help warm us up, the park gave us coffee and warm bread! Thank you Farup!


Holy Jesus Mother of Airtime, Batman!


Which is sexier Hanno or the squirrels? If you know EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Mr. Signature move & Mr. Happy Happy Joy Joy.


Proof that not just Intamin can do a kick ass top hat!


Quick drop out of the station, and then LAUNCH!


Yay for Gerstlauer flips!


Lynet is still fairly new and is a HIT! TPR loved it!!!


Group photo. We're wet, but it doesn't matter!

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