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  1. Wow, now I feel stupid! lol I read through the FAQ, but somehow completely missed the first one! Thanks for your help!
  2. So, I have never been to a TPR event before, this will be my first one! The problem is I don't know how everything works. The page says we will get more info as the event gets closer, when will that go out? Also, as far as getting our tickets, are they mailed to us? Do we get them at check-in after showing ID or something? Thanks for your help and sorry for my ignorance
  3. ^Didn't they do that with Space Mountain as well? I have been thinking that Epcot needs some TLC for a while, though it is still my favorite park. I would have rather seen something done with the Wonders of Life pavilion and/or the Imagination pavilion, but this is a step in the right direction!
  4. I cannot wait to experience this attraction!!! Disney gave Busch Gardens a boatload of free advertisement when they released African Cats, I wonder if they realize... One thing is for sure, I know I wanted to ride Cheetah Hunt even more after watching that cheetah power up to full speed.
  5. I've always liked the look of Wild Fire, although I have never gotten to ride it. Siver Dollar City looks like a really cool park. Kinda looks like they might have good food too!
  6. My only regret in life is that I could not have been a bigger part of those one million posts!
  7. I feel like crying! This was an awesome woodie, it's a bummer I only got to ride it three times!
  8. I resent the fact that anyone could call WDW's Fantasmic crap!!!! Go watch SeaWorld's fireworks show and then tell me Fantasmic at the Studios is crap! On a lighter note, when the show first started, I liked it but it didn't feel like Fantasmic to me, and I kind of missed the openings that the Disneyland and WDW versions have. When I opened up the second part, I was awestruck! The great set pieces, amazing fountains, the dragon, the music and the (somewhat limited) pyrotechnics came together for an amazing show. The imagineers have another hit on their hands.
  9. Looks like a reeeeeaaaaaallly over banked turn to me!!! Too bad you'll have to spend a year of your life in line to ride it.
  10. If you look really closely at the artwork of the mine train, you can kind of see how they are going to do the swinging. It looks almost just like the pictures people have posted from that other site. Definitely not an E-Motion coaster. The whole area looks great, and definitely a plus from the original plan. I have heard that Mickey and friends will be getting a new home right on Main Street. I'm not sure where or when I heard this, but I think it would be very cool. Looking forward to 2012!!!
  11. Back in July, I rode the Hollywood Rip, Ride & Rockit. The verdict: it was okay. There was one blaring problem, it was bumpy. Sure, the ride had a lot of positive qualities, but they were all overshadowed by the fact that i was in a human blender for the duration of the ride. 6 months and a killer refurb later... I just got back from Universal, as in today. I just could not wait to write about this. My sister and I have year passes (living in FL), and my brother had a three day pass. We had been to Universal twice already and both times the Rockit was closed. My brother was sorely disappointed since he had never ridden before. So when the news got out that the Rockit had opened again, we planned a trip for his last chance to ride the ride. I had not heard a single word about the result of this "seasonal maintenance", but I sure felt it. Six months ago, two rides on the Rockit would have left me with a killer migraine. Today, we rode it FIVE TIMES. Now, it was not as smooth as a baby's bottom, but it was much, much more enjoyable. All trace of unbearable roughness was gone. This showed me the good parts about this amazing ride...a killer soundtrack, sensational drops, and more airtime than anyone could know what to do with. It was enough for the Rockit to finally forge ahead of Mummy for me, and that is saying something. I was curious as to how this was accomplished, so I took a closer look. It seems as if (though I am no coaster pro.) the wheel structure had been rebuilt. Again, I am not sure of this but that is what I think occured during that downtime. I know it seems short for a car revamp, but I don't know what else could have caused it. What do you all think?
  12. Yeah, this will be about as successful as... I can't even come up with a comparison to how terrible this idea sounds, not even HRP/FMP. Who would even think of putting a seemingly un-themed concrete world anywhere near parks as wildly successful as Disney, SeaWorld Entertainment, Universal, and Lego Land. Most of the coaster models have been explored in the Central Florida area anyhow. Sure we are lacking in "Tall Coasters" but just because a coaster is tall doesn't mean it will be good. The fact that some of the coasters would have to have approval from the FAA doesn't impress me. Another bad idea from the BLG
  13. This looks awesome. I was expecting a normal intamin launch coaster, but this looks insane! I'm hoping that those "airtime parabolas" deliver!
  14. I said it once and I'll say it again, I love classic woodies!
  15. If all trip reports were like this, TPR would be a much better place! Great job and keep up the work!
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