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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Great updates! Special when you live in Sweden! I have visited Tivoli Gardens for some years ago, and it's a nice park. But it's fun when you come to Sweden.

Especially this year, when we have got four new rollercoasters! (Yes, I know. Two of them are for children.) But anyway, Tele2 Insane is different, and on Friday I will go to Skara Sommarland and go "Tranan". I live very close to the park.


Can't wait to see more photos!

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Man, that BonBonland park is really messed up. The rides look interesting, but basing a park around farting, crapping, etc. from animals sounds like the work of an insane mind.


Sure would love to go on a TPR trip. I'm amazed at how so many regular members can afford to continually go on them. If I had $2000 or more available, I would definitely be up to a trip, though getting time off of work is the other problem.


Being a noobie to the forum, I'm still at a loss to know what ERT stands for? Is is "Extreme Ride Time"?

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Bakken was today. This park is similar to Tivoli in that they have a Scenic Railway and lot of other random flat rides, but Bakken is a bit more "traditional" in that Blackpool or Indiana Beach sense. It *feels* like a seaside park even though it's not right on the water. (It's close though!)


It's getting late here so I'll just get on with the photos...


At the hotel we had a group dinner... "There's a party in my tummy...so yummy, so yummy!"


Next up! Hansa Park!


At the Duty Free shop we stocked up on some nessesary supplies.


Our journey tonight included a ferry over to Germany.


On the bus we watched episodes of "Yo Gabba Gabba!"


And we leave Bakken with Kidtums getting another credit! I think she now has more internationsl credits than US ones!


The ghost train was quite heart attack enducing. Watch out for the guy in the ski mask!


"Hi, I'm cute....I'm REALLY cute. You should send me something because I'm cute. If you want to send me stuff...whatever...it doesn't matter. Send it to: KidTums Alvey, 24707 Riverchase Dr #7203, Valencia, CA 91355. Send me lots of stuff! I'm CUTE!!!"


It's a good thing she likes roller coasters!


Another credit for KidTums!




Strike a pose!


Big Mike & Josh are having a good ride on the mine train, but I'm more interested in what Divv and Andrew are about to do in the seat behind them!


Bakken has that "traditional park" feel to it. Lots of older style buildings, food everywhere you turn around, and TONS of rides.


So far, all Scandi parks have been KidTums approved!




The Bakken Frog Hopper is KidTums APPROVED!


KidTums Frog Hopper credit!


Jes does popeye, and OMFG Lou! Where did those veins come from? And that HAIR?!!?


These guys look the most calm, but they spun the most!


Right seat - punched in the nuts

Left seat - Castrated by a blast of wind


Steve gained 500lbs getting launched over the hill.


They allowed us to mount our cameras to the ride...let's have a look at some rider reactions to that lift launch, shall we?


DO NOT BE FOOLED by this looking like your "average spinner." The lift hill "launches" you over the top and OMFG with the right weight balance you won't be able to see anything for the next 45 seconds!


Let me introduce you to one of the most insane, intense, awesome, and "EVIL" coasters ever! Tornado!


The "mouse trap" game???


"Yo Elephant...I'm gonna pop a cap in yo ass!"


Yes, that translates into "Afro Cups!"


TPR Takeover of the bumper cars!


KidTums! ATTACK!!!!


Big Mike's tounge gets the Mine Train credit!


"OMG! I just saw Ethel Merman!"


"Let's hear it for our third ride in a row!"


What started out as a "TPR Takeover" at the mine train turned into a mini-ERT session with the ride's owner giving us 2 or 3 laps for everyone in our group!


Yes, that is Robb...playing the role of Mr. Brakeman...with everyone's lives on the train in his hands...and they all seem to be "OK" with it!!!


No, I'm totally serious! There is me being the brakeman through the entire ride!


I got the job!!!


Mr. Brakeman has the coolest job in the world. I think I'm going to apply to take on that position.


Mark demonstrates the "OMFG! My balls are smashed against the lapbar" expression.


Lots of open mouths hoping to catch some Danish flies.


This woodie had some SERIOUS airtime and for being like 80 years old, that was pretty amazing.


After a nice presentation by the park, we were treating to an hour of ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) on their Scenic Railway (the Rutchebanen!)


There's a joke in here about Craig and his two meaty balls or something, but I really can't be bothered to go looking for it.


OMG! It gets better...they give us a pretty girl and FOOD!!!!


We arrive at the park and a pretty girl shows up to greet us. What could be better?


Just in case you forgot what park we were at today.

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OMG! LOL! That was the BEST! That you actually was allowed to be the Speed regulator, and managed to get a complete "safe" circuit out of it.


Also, I thought such faces (left) were only possible in cartoons or After death.

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So are we going to be seeing an awesome POV of Tornado any time soon, or would they only let you take your stills camera on-board??


I have to say, that looks like the best spinner I have seen in a long time!


Glad you are all having a good time over there, and do I spy KidTums on an Adult/Major Family Coaster????!!!!!

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Thanks so much for posting these updates, as they are awesome! I had a hard time not laughing out loud reading the photo captions while I'm sitting in class. Of course it would be much more fun to be on the trip, but at least I have a little entertainment to make it through the night. My class is super boring!


I hope everyone continues to have a great time and I'm looking forward to future updates.

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The picture of Lou's veins is freaking me out. (And this is coming from someone who deals with people's weird veins on a daily basis.) Definitely shows the force of that lift launch!


The ultra-cute picture of KidTums has me fighting the urge to send her everything I own, and also wondering how you keep all those adorable bows in her hair? (Anything I put in my daughters' hair just slides right out. )


Thank you so much for the awesome updates!

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No, I think it's an intiman prototype spinner? I remember hearing that somewhere.


Correct me if i'm wrong.


Yes its an Intamin prototype launched spinner. Gerstlauer spinners don't have OTSRs.


Haha Kidtums I bet you're too innocent to know what all those things that daddy is making you say mean!


Lucky kid...gets to go everywhere at such a young age while I was stuck at home most of the time.

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