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  1. Loving the pictures so far!!!! Can't wait for more!
  2. Hey Big Mike! Glad to see you're back and ready to go! Love ya! --Stef and Wag
  3. We sat closer to the front of the Psyclone train, which I guess would be the back for Colossus backwards and had a bad ride. Later in the evening, we rode in the back of Psyclone train (front of the train going backwards) and the ride was much better!
  4. ^ & ^^ We were there Friday, and Colossus Backwards was running before 5pm.
  5. Adam! Great pictures! I'm happy that we were able to help you get to SFMM, and that you had an awesome time!
  6. Awesome report, Adam! Wagner and I will be visiting next week! I can't wait!!!!!
  7. I don't think that was the same show, at least it wasn't called that in Orlando. The name of that show escapes me, but they had an incredible saxophone player playing holiday tunes while people were taking their seats and the show ended with a massive gospel choir standing behind the pool. I thought it was spectacular, as did most everyone I heard talking about it on the way out. San Diego's was similar to that, but the night I saw it also included a sign language version of every song. Also, the "actors" for the show were really cheesy, and the Orcas only came out once or twice. Our audience was pretty drag. I wish I saw Orlando's version! "Funnest" isn't a word? Where did my English teachers go wrong?
  8. I disagree, I have seen some really awesome Believe shows. I think you just have to get it on a day when the whales are up to performing well. They have minds of their own and may or may not decide to perform the behaviors properly. The chanting is the funnest part! I saw the Shamu's Holiday Night in San Diego last December. It was the WORST show I have ever seen! It must have been different from what you saw in Orlando in 2008. The Sea Lion show is cute, always funny and consistent, but seriously needs something new added to it.
  9. The curved fin is not a sign of malnutrition or sickness. It has to do with them not being in deep ocean waters. So, I can agree that a tank at Sea World is not the ideal environment for an Orca, but ending it's life when it can still live many years, well-fed and be used for breeding and conservation purposes hardly seems fair. I work in a veterinarian's office and deal with euthanasia all the time. No euthanasia is ever fair unless the animal is suffering, and this whale was agitated, not sick and dying. I think euthanasia is an easy way out for the trainers and Sea World parks. It was Sea World's decision to bring these animals into captivity. That doesn't give them the right to euthanize the whale due to aggression.
  10. ^ Maybe he pulled her in the water by her ponytail and then thrashed her around by the waist. I've seen National Geographic videos of Orca's in the wild "playing" with sea lions before they eat them ... if that's what happened, it was pretty brutal.
  11. How is euthanizing the whale humane? Ending a seemingly healthy whale's life does not seem to be a humane action. The whale should just be moved to a facility or pool where he doesn't feel 'threatened' or 'agitated' by trainers and/or park guests. I don't think they can set the whale free, after being in captivity for such a long time, I don't know if the whale would be able to survive in the wild. It's unfortunate to take animals away from their natural environments, but as Robb and Joey have pointed out, the marine mammals at Sea World have a very posh life. Sea World uses these animals for conservation efforts and education. These animals are in no way mistreated. I agree that the animal should not be punished; efforts simply need to be made to protect the people interacting with him.
  12. According to reports, this whale is responsible for two other deaths. Therefore, he was in a tank where trainers were not supposed to be swimming. I agree with Adam, that we should all wait until Sea World comes out with a statement regardign Tilly's fate, but honestly, what was the trainer doing so close to the pool where Tilly was. If no one was supposed to be swimming with that whale, there was obviously some line she crossed to piss it off. I'm in no way condoning the fact that the whale attacked and killed the trainer, I just don't think everyone should jump to conclusions about "killing it". They should just put it in another part of the "Shamu" exhibit where humn in-water interaction is not a part of it. Also, the trainers know the risks of working with a dangerous animal. I'm sure they're required to sign releases that detail the possible attack and/or kill situation. It is not the whale's fault that he acted out of instinct. Whales are just like any other intelligent being. If they're sick of doing their tricks or behaviors or some other issue is distressing them, they are going to act out. They can't use words, only actions. The animal's instinctual reaction does not give an excuse to kill it.
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