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  1. It's an interesting looking ride, but I don't see what all the fuss is about it. Such massive lines for a very low-tech ride. Even the animatronics are not as sophisticated as those in other Disney parks, especially those over here in the US. But, it is unusual to see another dark side in Disney nonetheless.
  2. Yeah, a big thanks for the transcript since I wasn't able to see the video. This kid obviously doesn't understand that everyone is on a holiday trip.
  3. Won't play for me. Pops up a window saying, after I translated it, "Measuring internet speed. Please wait." Then two green buttons appear. Clicking the right one just takes me to another blank window with two words on it, which translated, say "Invalid bandwidth". The left one closes the window entirely. In short, the video won't play.
  4. I pushed the one that said "DON'T PUSH THIS BUTTON". Know what happened? It said, "DON'T PUSH THIS BUTTON AGAIN!" So, I pushed it. Then it said, "I'M WARNING YOU! DON'T PUSH THIS BUTTON ANOTHER TIME!". I threw caution to the wind and hit it. That was when reality turned upside-down, inside-out and a turtle landed in my lap. He looked up and replied, "Told ya!".
  5. Glad you thought so too. Very upbeat and danceable song.
  6. Hey Robb, found a great song to use for an upcoming C.E. video. This video is great too, but the tune is definitely something you would find perfect a fast video sequence.
  7. 5 to 6 hours of sleep a day? Ouch. You guys are moving too fast. I'm surprised you're not falling asleep on the rides with so little sleep. Concerning this photo: I can't help but think of the great "Spaceballs" cheer: SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! Hahahahaha
  8. Making an voice MP3 is quite easy. You just need a microphone, a program like Goldwave (which I use daily) and the record your voice. Then edit it and save as an MP3. Simple as that. Here is my entry for the name saying: http://rapidshare.com/files/245395802/Fluch_von_Novgorod_by_Phaota.mp3
  9. Thanks for explaining that. "Extreme Ride Time" would make for a good abbreviation for crazy coasters.
  10. Man, that BonBonland park is really messed up. The rides look interesting, but basing a park around farting, crapping, etc. from animals sounds like the work of an insane mind. Sure would love to go on a TPR trip. I'm amazed at how so many regular members can afford to continually go on them. If I had $2000 or more available, I would definitely be up to a trip, though getting time off of work is the other problem. Being a noobie to the forum, I'm still at a loss to know what ERT stands for? Is is "Extreme Ride Time"?
  11. Like Wood Dragon, C.E. 12 was a blast to watch. Those parks have some weird stuff going on in them, as well as some fun looking coasters and attractions. Except for the one that shifted from the track in the loop and made that really nasty grinding sound. Talk about a ride for your life. Lol. The pissing fairy and crapping donkey are just demented though. Just finished watching C.E. 2 and found it awesome. Great music and fantastic editing, Robb. At this moment, it's my favorite of the C.E. discs I've collected so far. Love all the full POV footage on the second disc. That newer version of "Come On, Eileen" sung by a woman was odd though. Still great, but prefer the original. Same for any 80s song. Can't wait to see the next volume in the series now.
  12. Like others, I got my C.E. 2, 12 and Raw 3 today. Great job, Robb. Awesome discs. I've only watched the second DVD of C.E. 12 so far, but it is a blast. My only complaint, one that I've noticed on all the DVDs I've gotten so far (and please don't take offense), is your tendency to use "Weeeeee!" so much when riding the coasters. It can get a bit annoying. Again, no offense meant, that's just my own P.O.V. on it. I know you get caught up in the moments as anyone would. Other than that, the footage is a joy to experience, making me really wish I was there. Of course, some of the coasters I saw made me cringe. I would be extremely hesitant to get on one that had to have the attendant push the cars up to the lift hill chain, let alone one that has tons of rust on it. There was one coaster that made me fear for the riders when it made this really nasty sounding grinding noise while doing a loop. My reaction was probably the same as those on the ride at the time - "WTF was that?!" Of the coasters shown, my favorite ones were "Kawasemi", "Eagle's Fortress", "T Express" and "Dive Coaster".
  13. That's definitely the case. Had that same stuttering problem before I got a new computer in December of 2008 and now HD video plays perfectly. Yes, I got a dual-core.
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