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  1. Yeah. A few of the stores are already open. Bass pro has been open for quite awhile. I went to the theater last month. There were only very few stores open then with entrances on the outside. I don't know what else has opened since then though.
  2. Awesome! They're reopening the huge mall this year and now this. It's only an hour from my house. Yay!
  3. It was a fun little park when we visited on the west coast tour. The apple fries (is that what they're called?) were good. The boat ride was fun too. All the theming was really neat.
  4. I got... Masters of the Universe Classics Orko figure Goonies T-shirt Smurfs DVD The Lorax DVD Hello Kitty DVD Betty White calendar Peanuts chess set Cookie Monster stuffed animal Slippers Epic Mickey A whole slew of bobbleheads from my mom? $50 barnes & noble gift card $50 iTunes card I got my boyfriend... An Aladdin genie watch replacing one that got burned up as a kid A quilting book A Monster High stuffed doll A fushigi ball A very nice ink pen The Fire Within Cirque de Soleil DVD set A bunch of little magic tricks A new laptop
  5. I love stuff like this! A thread like this was how I first found TPR.
  6. Loved the update and would love to see more like it. I enjoy seeing your take on attractions like this because I know you'll give an honest unbiased opinion even though shows are not your favorite.
  7. I have to say that some of the best times I've had during TPR trips are actually things like the beach parties on the West Coast trip or hanging out in hotel lobbies or watching shows starring Trevor or bus ride antics or group meals. These are the things I remember most about the TPR trips. I knew when a bunch of us were just hanging out in the bar at Indiana Beach on the MidWest trip in 2007 that TPR was definitely the right place for me. I just wanted to say too, that I love this thread. It's awesome getting to hear about the trip from the organizers' point of view. I totally agree! The crazy side things that we all do on the trips is what makes them so amazing, whether it's toasting to Ezra, invoking the turkey, drinking beer on the beach, watching a one-man version of Space Odyssey, getting to meet a baby otter up close, visiting a jelly bean factory or doing a scavenger hunt in Disneyland. The coasters are awesome but moreso are the experiences with the people, the friends you make, the food you eat. I knew I would forever be a loyal fan of Robb, Elissa and TPR after that first Midwest trip. You all truly are amazing people and I hope to be able to travel with you for years to come and look forward to the next unexpected amazing experience that I will have on one of your trips. I'm starting to look forward to the culture experiences just as much as the parks. I'm so jealous that I didn't get to make it on the Europe trip to be able to have that awesome experience. This thread has been awesome. I love the behind-the-scenes Elissa perspective.
  8. Parade, the magazine insert that comes in newspapers, has a cover story on "the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando".
  9. I haven't been in years. The last time I was there they still had the coaster that came from King's Island. I wouldn't say it was "big on thrills", it's more of just a small family park. It's kinda like a Beech Bend with older rides.
  10. Here is my entry... On coasters and slides Is where Summer fun begins At Holiday World
  11. Sad. I've been going to Kentucky Kingdom since it first opened. The Rainbow was already gone last year which really made me sad because it's one of my favorite flat rides. The Break Dance there is pretty awesome and would make a great addition somewhere. The only thing that was busy was the water park, all the regular rides were just walk-ons all the time. If they decide not to send the rides to other parks it would be cool if Beech Bend here in Bowling Green could get some of the rides.
  12. The card looks great! I think more contests would be a good idea as well.
  13. I'm so sad about Brittany Murphy. Clueless is one of my favorite movies.
  14. Beech Bend has announced their plans for 2010 in the local newspaper. Lots of stuff to be added. 1. 275,000 gallon wave pool 2. 1,100 foot lazy river 3. Four story play structure with seven water slides and dump buckets 4. A family-sized teacup ride 5. A quad runner kiddie ride 6. A new amphitheatre It's funny. When I try to talk to people about the amusement park around here they just scoff and ask me why I would waste my time there. Nobody in town seems to go. They haven't gone since some of the major additions like the Kentucky Rumbler. they just remember it as more of a carnival-type place. When I explain to them that they have an awesome wooden coaster there, and two other coasters, they look at me like I've grown another head. I think this new addition will draw a lot more locals and surrounding area people in. The expansion of the water park is a wise decision.
  15. The only thing that could even come close to making them better would be three wolves and a moon.
  16. My boyfriend has ADHD and he is better at waiting in the lines than I am. TPR trip ERT and Gold Flash Passes have spoiled me.
  17. I'm scared. I just saw Son of Beast, awesome, great and favorite used in sentences together. I am now expecting a swarm of locusts to descend upon the lands at any minute.
  18. Some of the ride ops are slow, some are rude. Some are slow and rude. A few are okay. The best part of the park is the water park. Deluge is the best ride in the park, hands down. Sorry, to me Chang does not compare to Mantis, it's much better than Mantis. It's their best coaster and the best stand-up I've been on. The wild mouse is AWFUL, the most painful mouse I've ever been on. And to my knowledge ever since I've been going to the park the bridge has always been there. The only things in the closed section of the park were Mile High Falls and Twisted Twins. You also missed the Break Dance which is the best flat ride in the park now. They have some shows too which are HORRIBLE. The last time I went one of the shows was a group of 9 year old girls singing Grease songs. It's very disconcerting to hear little girls singing Grease Lightning. And it really ticked me off that they took out the Rainbow, it was the best flat ride in the park.
  19. He-Man's Sword of Power!!!!! I hope someone said "I have the power!" It's great because it would NEVER be allowed on a U.S. roller coaster.
  20. My boyfriend looked at me strangely when I busted out laughing after reading that. And then I thought about it some more and I think I threw up a little.
  21. If you're going by looks I would say the scariest would be the Acromantula, but judging by what they would do to you the Dementors are the scariest. Dementor- wraith-like creatures who can suck the happiness and soul out of a person, make them feel like they will never be happy again, feed on peoples' happy emotions, and force them to recall the most horrible memories they have had in their lives Acromantula- an enormous, sentient, talking spider that makes a unique clicking noise as he moves in search of prey Basilisk- giant snake that can kills you when it looks you in the eye The Whomping Willow- a giant tree that can whip it's limbs around and beat you to death The Hungarian Hornback- dragon
  22. Glad you're doing better. My father died of a massive heart attack at 43. It's not always your weight that causes such things. He weighed 150 but was a smoker and had a very stressful job. I went into nursing as a result of the whole situation because I didn't like not understanding the situation. I now work in an ICU. I checked my cholesterol a couple months ago and it was great, so I was relieved.
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