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  1. these are wonderful! thanks so much for sharing!
  2. Man, what a monster! Love the color scheme, too - looks awesome in the surroundings. This thing looks fun!
  3. when the rumors started flying about a SFMM drop tower, I KNEW this was coming. SICK!!
  4. ummmmm this thing looks ridiculous! i cannot wait to go home next year and get a ride.
  5. great photos. that new boomerang looks fun. really interesting idea in enclosing the first lift. would definitely make for a more interesting lift. blue fire also looks amazing. wish the states would get more small, compact crazy rides like that!
  6. that's exciting! rattler really REALLY needed it. can't wait to see pics.
  7. STELLAR photos! This looks like so much freakin' fun! I really have to make it out there one of these days.
  8. These are fun. I don't think Colossus is that bad either. The only part that really gets me is the bottom of the first drop. Other than that, I don't think it's awful.... unless you ride it backwards.
  9. those new trains are saweeet! LOVE me some Millenium Flyer action. I bet it makes a huge difference on this beast. I rode it way back in '02 and it was crazy rough even then.
  10. :: DROOL! :: This thing is looking BADASS. So excited that the US is getting another zippy, low-to-the-ground racer like this. I love these. Must go back to Florida!!!
  11. So STOKED to see Superman going full speed again... finally! The new paint job is STELLAR and could really pump some new life back into that thing. I'm ACTUALLY excited to ride it again at WCB!!
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