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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Hey guys. Just wrapped up coasterstock and I highly recommend attending if you haven't before. What a great event! One of the coolest events was a lights-on tour of Flight of Fear. I figured a few of you may want a glimpse of the coaster that is otherwise unphotographable!


The corkscrew at the very end of the ride


Looking down the return tunnel into the bowl


A twisted mess of track




You can pick out the giant cobra roll that is the first element after the launch


Maintainence dept humor?


The old OTSRs are just rotting away along the side (no sign of the old King Cobra cars!)



Floor view of a whole lots supports


A look straight up to the ceiling




That blur is a train plunging down towards us


And a look up the launch tunnel from the back of the building

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Coasterstock this year was a blast! Being my second time there, this year's event absolutely blew the first one out of the water. Getting the tour of the Flight of Fear show building was especially cool by itself, but the moment they surprised up with sending trains was icing on the cake! Got to meet some awesome folks along the way as well.

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For anyone who is a frequent visitor or familiar with Kings Island, how are weekday crowds at the very end of May? I'm planning on visiting on Thursday May 31 and am wondering if its going to be crowded enough to justify getting Fast Lane. Of course I'll play it by ear and see how crowds are when I get there, but if lines for major rides are 30 minutes or less for then I feel I won't need Fast Lane. I plan to be there all day with a friend who's never been but I've been there once before so the only new thing for me will be Mystic Timbers.


I will actually be there the same day. From what I've heard on here, FL+ is pretty essential to a good King's Island visit. But, it would be nice if the park was chill and we didn't need it.

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Coaster Stock was great this year… Glad the weather behaved for the ERT both nights (we didn’t do morning ERT or the mid-day events/tours) compared to last year where due to storms we lost over an hour of ERT the one night.


Mystic Timbers is still running as good as it was brand new, which is awesome. Wondering how it was going to hold up, even short term. Still love that ride, so much fun!


Beast was running fantastic as well. First night due to haze/low clouds it wasn’t as dark due to light pollution in the woods, but Saturday night it was clearer and a bit darker which was awesome.


Still one of my favorite events… A low key, nice crowd that doesn’t hinder by being too busy. Wish the park would allow re-rides during ERT, but that’s about it. Especially considering how dead it is at each ride.

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Is anyone at the park today? We are on a bit of a road trip and are passing by. Since we have platinum passes we figured we would stop by. Just curious about the wait times? I checked coaster queue but I’m not sure I fully trust it to have the most current wait times lol.



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If they auctioned off a chance to burn those OTSR's instead of just letting them rot they would have enough money for a new coaster!


Yea, the otsr trains made this ride brutal. On a side note, we did a tour of flight of fear a few years ago, and they had a bunch of the old train cars from the ride just sitting around. I wonder what happened to them?

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It's so interesting to see those Tomb Raider seats just lying around! Ugh, what I would give to experience that amazing ride again...


Also, does anyone happen to know more information about Flight of Fear's train situation? I find it so strange that the coaster opened with 4 six-car trains, and now they only run 2 five-car trains. Kings Island as a whole has pretty great operations, usually operating every ride at full capacity, and Flight of Fear is one of the more popular coasters in the park. Why would they only convert 2 of the trains to lap-bars only and shorten them? It seems bizarre.

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I don't think those are the old restraints, they look like the seats for Tomb Raider/Crypt based on the color and shape. Could be wrong, though!


You are definitely right. Those are HUSS restraints, for sure.


Good catch! You can tell from the pics a few posts above that Flight of fear had green restraints. I never even questioned it. I just saw discarded OTSR seats in the flight of fear bowl and assumed they were from that ride.

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Today was a great day to be at the park. Unfortunately we only made it there for the last hour and a half, but park was absolutely dead! We walked right onto Mystic Timbers twice, Diamondback, Firehawk, Flight of Fear, Banshee, and Invertigo. I definitely don’t think I’ll be riding invertigo again lol. Last time I rode it I almost passed out and today it just was painful and made me so dizzy lol. The coaster queue website said the lines were really short and it was right!

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Id love to ride FOF with the lights on


I was able to do that a couple times in the early 2000's at a Coaster Enthusiast event, and it was cool, I guess. Still, I think it's a better ride BECAUSE of the lights being off, so I'm glad that's the typical operation.

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Anybody heading to Kings Island tomorrow? My husband and I have season passes this year and will be there for a few hours at least. Is the 30 minute early entry worth it? It looks to be a nice day for a change in the area and was also wondering if school groups would be there?

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