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  1. ^agreed. One can only wonder what's in the grey building for the queue. I would think maybe a pre-show?
  2. New content from Kings Island!!!! Drone footage of Orion (it is legal) of Orion's layout here : [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Official Park Blog Post In other new's if some dont recall, Vortex's trains (and Firehawk's) trains where sent to sister park Carowinds. Firehawk last year and Vortex this year. Firehawk's became part donors to Nighthawk and well................................... Vortex's have replaced the Carolina Cyclone's trains (or some car's) Source If you go here, WCCB, A news station out of Charlotte with the series Wilson's World stopped by the park. Around the 7:50 mark of the video they show Cyclone's trains...................which in turn are Vortex trains.
  3. I believe they are opening this year as they havent found a buyer for the land yet and it could be the park's last season. I remember hearing something about it a couple months ago but dont quote me on it
  4. I visited the park for the first time in 2017 ( with a trip report for you people that love them) and my first experience at the park wasn't the best in in my opinion. yeah i got on all the coasters and got all the credits but the park didn't really seem to "amuse" me with everything built on top of one another. When I went back in 2018 i had a better time and really enjoyed my visit. I'm sad to see the park go and hopefully the steel coasters can be relocated somewhere close (cough ed hart el loco cough) but it'll be interesting to see what happens with some of the rides. 2017 Trip Report
  5. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1225919054285885442 Trains are all on the track. Wit the webcam being took down, one can only imagine that the ride might be operational soon.
  6. well with a train already on the track one could assume it will be moving soon.............
  7. Just a heads up, it was posted on another sites forum but the orion webcam will be coming down until the end of march.
  8. Last i checked a couple days ago, the diamondback cam was took down, wonder why
  9. For those who dont know, King Louie's Winter Walkthrough will be on 2/15/2020....... just wanted to give a heads up
  10. Winterfest begins next Friday, which means in person views of ORION!!! Anyone else going? Ill be there hopefully Friday and Saturday night and ill try to post a Photo TR from the opening weekend.
  11. Probably going to do the same with what they did with Firehawk. Once the ride closes for good no work might happen until after Winterfest closes. None the less they could end up stripping the mechanical and electrical hardware before and during Winterfest and everything but I dont know how they do it all.
  12. just woke up to the news and im still like WTF. I honestly dont think its that bad of a ride but i understand why its being removed. I remember working the ride in '16 and checking restraints gave me some good blisters on my hands haha. Im sure gonna miss it. Crazy to think in 3 years the skyline has changed with two coasters gone and one replacement. Wonder if with the removal we will see a new coaster in 2021 or 2022.
  13. Love the update!!!!! Was gonna say hi when I saw you when i ran into one of the FYE Coaster guys but didnt wanna intrude haha looking forward to more of your reports!
  14. Just wanted to give an update on the site. For those who didnt get to watch the stream or had difficulty watching the park's live stream (yes i know it was bad, I had people commenting on mine that my stream was better) check it out here: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Onto the pictures! Crane is on site. Actually the larger part rolled right in as I was over taking pictures(: Transfer area and exit out of the Main brake is done. A look over at the location of the final turn into the path of the main brake as well as a close spot of the drop. The lone footer trying to hide. Work continues on the concrete pouring down near Racer SkyHigh Coasters will be in charge of I believe erecting the steel. Don't quote me on that though. Firehawk trains just sitting around Heavy machinery and or track looks to be moved soon as they have concrete barriers down near Banshee. The barriers where up two weeks ago but it looks like they where moved from the road for now. Finally the crane is assembled and just waiting for the tires to be installed then onto the site it will go! Just my opinion, yes I have seen the stats of the ride, I have seen all the comments about the ride on Facebook and everywhere and honestly? I say who cares what the comments say! As a regular that goes to Kings Island almost weekly, I am personally excited to see this project evolve throughout its construction and cannot wait till Spring of 2020!
  15. The park is implementing a new policy on cell phones now. The big 3 coasters now have signs like this in front of their stations (Mystic, Diamondback and Banshee). The new policy is exactly how it was stated above about what happens if someone does not put their phone away. New signs
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