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  1. Hello everyone, I'll "finally" be heading to Orlando after a 4 year absence . I know the park made some mask & social distancing adjustments for COVID in 2020 & 2021 but am wondering if the "Single Rider" lines will once again be available as I will be doing a solo trip. Thanks in advance as I found no information on the SEAS website regarding "stand by" lines other than paying for Quick Queue.
  2. For those that are interested.... Carowinds Skytower cams back on-line. FINALLY!!!!
  3. Hey all, Anyone know what they are doing to Millie today? There appears to be a crane lifting some maintenance guys to the beginning of the first drop.
  4. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Planning a summer visit to BG Williamsburg but they haven't updated website to reflect Quick Queue pricing, does anyone know roughly what I can expect to pay for a QQ Unlimited around mid-June at the VA park? BG Tampa shows QQ pricing starting at $19.99 but increases as the calendar days change into summer. Just wondering if VA uses the same pricing protocol. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm not too familiar with Sea World Parks Quick Queue and just wanted to ask a question... How likely is it that both IG and IB will be on the QQ unlimited list for 2020? As it stands, the webpage for QQ on BG site does not include IG. Is that because it's simply too early? I'm so used to the Cedar Fair way where they entice you to buy season passes with Fast Lane as soon as the new coaster is announced to boost sales.
  6. This has probably been mentioned before but I find it interesting that both CF Ohio parks now have gigas with grey supports and blue track.
  7. CP needs to get mote creative, BBQ and Bluegrass screams KD or Carowinds, not northern rust belt , no?
  8. HOLY TOLEDO Batman, I don't believe there is one parking spot left looking at the webcam!!
  9. Anyone else find it odd that CF has had a construction webcam for all of it's previously announced rides/coasters yet CW has decided against one? Whats the backstory on this, if any?
  10. Anyone know if CF/CW put a construction cam up for this new DM? We here in the south are still patiently waiting for the new Carowinds coaster cam to go live. Prolly after the 8/30 announcement as the placeholder still seems to exist.
  11. "Plan on bringing Number 5 back in service once again" Purely conjecture but what if #5 is referring to the fact that SOB was (un-officially) the 5th coaster the park built if you take into consideration that Racer is One of Two coasters. IOW... Racer #1-#2 Scooby Doo #3 (I know, old school name) Beast #4 SOB #5 Just throwing it out there, but could we be seeing an SOB ground-up RMC?
  12. I'm not sure where you're getting your information but that's not what Universal does for their big roller coasters. In fact, what Universal does is even WORSE than this policy at Cedar Point and I'd like to hope that no park ever ever ever adopts what Universal does. I honestly don't go to Universal as often as I used to because of their insulting loose articles policy where everyone is treated like a criminal. In order to ride a coaster like Hulk, you have to go through TWO METAL DETECTORS at their park! One to get into their park. One to get in line for the roller coaster. Sorry, you've lost me as a customer at the second metal detector. I guess I was thinking only about Popeye & Bluto's waterproof center storage area, but I forgot about that annoying metal doctor business on the coasters. Wouldn't this idea work for SV and TT though?
  13. I like Universal's idea. Simply incorporate clear plastic sleeves that velco closed on wall in front of each seat for folks to drop their phones in after boarding and done. No bins to be added, no guests w/o their phones while waiting in line and item stays securely in bag while riding. Don't know what the costs would be compared to adding bins, other solutions e.t.c. though.
  14. Not sure if it was the specific train I was on back on June 3rd, but rode in very back right seat and felt "terrible" vibration throughout the entire circuit. Tried to re-ride in middle left and felt same thing so not sure where some folks are getting that this ride is smooth. IIR, it was running smooth opening year but I have been riding every year since opened and this is the first year I noticed the vibration.
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